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Nov.19 lbc team singapore pick up my package, they promise me that before christmas it would arrive in palawan phils. Upto now jan.7 no sign of my package. Inside was supposed to be my gifts and cloths for our 2 boys for christmas. Yesterday I called to check, then to my supprise my 7 year old son called me a big liar. My heart was broken I could not talk anymore. How could anyone pay the damage cause to me by this situation. I hope this would not happen to others. For lbc you say hari ng padala, please live up to your motto.


  • Ro
    ROSALIE T. BOUT Apr 12, 2012

    Lbc 'express' huh?... express in what???... certainly not in delivery!!! I would rather say... express in losing an important cargo such as vital documents!!! what an outright negligence!!!... so despicable!!!

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  • 99
    999-666-999 Mar 02, 2019

    @ROSALIE T. BOUT yes I had the same experience I changed

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  • Nc
    NCKeeshonds Mar 03, 2019

    @ROSALIE T. BOUT oh get of the cross, someone else needs the wood

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  • Jo
    Joaquin Badere Jan 04, 2014

    I sent cargo lasg oct. 13 2013. lbc told me it will be delivered dec19, 2013. up to now it is still not delivered and they sent me sms that it was due to congestion in manila port. how can we verify the veracity? shall we take it from the horses mouth? the cargo was supposed to be for the christmas holiday. now it is jan 4 2014. there shoukd be a compensation for late deliveries like ups

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  • Nc
    NCKeeshonds Mar 03, 2019

    @Joaquin Badere off that cross, we need the wood

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  • St
    straightalking dude Dec 21, 2019

    @NCKeeshonds gooday 7 years leave it go

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  • Es
    Ester Faustino Feb 22, 2014

    My husband from Riyadh KSA sent package Dec 2013. But as of to date (feb 22, 2014 1:37 pm) my latest update from LBC customer care express and system .. It is in manila port dated feb 21, 2014. This is crazy ! Same alibi was given to me last feb 14, 2014!!!. How can we verify the authenticity of the information? Calling and updating about packages is very costly to us (from Bulacan) and yet, this LBC would not even give us update of the truth.It is nearly 2 months old now.

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  • An
    Andrew More Jun 24, 2014

    I have also sent boxes from hong kong - regularly - to my vacation home baguio and there has been port problems recently. google the topic "manila port estrada and truck ban" and you will see the news articles / proof. my box took two weeks longer than usual - but lbc were very good at keeping me informed of every step.

    The delays are outside their control - but due to the idiot of a mayor for manila (ex failed cowboy president!) - lbc customer service were both polite and helpful. I for one will keep using them as ove rthe last 15 years we have found them to be the best of the hong kong based carriers

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  • To all this may concern:
    I had couple of times encountered s discouraging circumstance here in tanay, rizal, [I would say some of the staff works there are like over acting, miticulous we may say they are just abiding the lbc policies] however my point was if they are really really following the proper guidelines it must enforced to us client in details the rules/regulations: for example 1. spelling of names 2. missing one names 3. mispelled of anything that they will capture in the identity [identification card/records], lbc remember you only issue one tracking or transaction number noone/nobody can not get it, if your staff has a considerable judgement or decision, beside us are frequent person who happened to be the recipient of lbc tanay or other branches should usa i'am the one sending I just present my lbc card and that's it [convenient/satisfied] here in the philippines[tanay, rizal] they do not realized person who send money has to go back to lbc office [our time difference], they will take freeway[not like here only tricycle anytime they want to go errands easy access] just to make change, so lbc would you modify your policies & be considerate, I do not know because I have my previous receipt showing they are being picky, they are not really following the strictness of what they are implying that they bestowed on me, please get there attention; incident occurred today november 8, 2014 saturday @
    Around almost 12noon, thank you for your kind attention
    Cristina p. balaguer-alonzo of tanay, rizal [contact #09175652481 landline 02-654-2037

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  • Sb
    S. Bautista Dec 18, 2014

    I certainly agree with with ms. xtina alonzo. I just been there 10minutes ago and was so disappointed on how the two customer service officers of lbc calamba branch, under brgy. uno, crossing, calamba, laguna handled my transaction. my brother who sent me money under my nickname wasn't accommodated. I said to the girl who handled my concern that the id I presented was a valid id since it's a company issued one; it's where my nickname and complete name were both indicated. gosh, can't they just tell what is valid or not... so disappointing. when I argue with another staff that my id was indeed a valid one, he asked me for another government issued one. I handed to him my sss id, and then he asked how much I was going to claim. after verification with the amount, he told me then to give them a photocopy of my ids... gosh again, they were asking the clients to go out again and provide the requirements they asked because they don't have a copier. and that guy who handled my concern sarcastically said (when I said that they should have a photocopier), he would suggest that to the management. these people are so incompetent that could't make a wise decision.

    Lbc management should do something about this kind of handling of transaction - a valid id which is not being considered. so lame!!!

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  • Le
    lesyan Dec 20, 2014

    Wtf lbc!? you give all local establishments a bad name! it is common knowledge that when you go to a local store, you can't expect good customer service because it isn't a priority during staff training. I chose not to believe that and I always give everyone the benefit of the doubt. most of the time, I smile but even when I don't, I know I am never rude. I was taught to respect everyone regardless of who they are. when i'm pissed, I never let my anger get the best of me. what happened to me with lbc cebu central hub 4 (unit 21-22, simon ent warehouse, mandaue reclamation area, mandaue city, cebu) a few hours ago was just crazy!

    My package was supposed to arrive friday last week but I was not able to receive it. I was probably out or asleep during the delivery. based on the tracking information, they tried to deliver twice (friday and saturday). so I called lbc monday and asked where it was and how many times do they attempt to deliver the item. they said 3 times. since they only tried twice, I told them I won't pick it up and they have to deliver it and the guy I talked to promised me it would be delivered the next day. but guess what? nothing! I waited by the door from noon (he said they start delivery around that time) until 8pm. I was supposed to go somewhere but I didnt because I wanted to wait for the package.

    The next day, wednesday, still no delivery so I called the number again (316 8947). no answer. thirty minutes. an hour. two hours. I must have dialed and redialed a million times during that time span but nothing. all I got was that constant ringing and sometimes in between, the busy tone - which could either mean someone else was on the line or they purposely hung up the phone. thursday and friday, I did the same thing. call and call and call and, did I mention call? this time I dialed a lot of numbers - local lbc branches, the 1-800 number, the manila number, the central hub. no one answered my call!. how many agents do you have anyway? one for all sites? seriously. you people are hard to reach!

    So I decided to just visit the hub and get it myself because apparently it was a battle I cannot win. even though you only delivered twice and I was promised three attempts. ugh! I was supposed to throw a fit and make a scene but my day started happy. I was feeling pleasant so when I got there, I did nothing else but smile and provided what they asked of me - tracking number and id. so the first thing the person asked me (translated to english) "do you have another id?" because I gave her my philhealth card. I simply said no, that was it and that I didn't know I would need anything else. she said "really? you were able to bring this id but you didnt think of bringing another?" I didnt say anything.

    When she got back she asked me a lot of questions to verify my identity and make sure the package was really for me. then she used a very sarcastic tone when she said "why weren't you able to receive it anyway?". I told her I honestly did not know because I was there the whole time since I work at home but I was probably asleep when they came. she said "so you didnt hear anyone knock?". I didnt answer.

    She asked again "why didnt you receive the item?" when I told her again and again I was probably asleep, she said "how come you're awake now?". that already pissed me off because she had no right in the first place to question me. this was a paid service so what good would it be for her to know my reasons? but I remained calm and said that it was a saturday and I didnt have to work. she said "so you're just out to enjoy the day?". I didn't answer. I thought that was the end of it but she had to ask again "maam, you're just out for today?" seriously lbc, is that how you trained your staff to "interact" with your customers? asking questions like they are investigating something.

    At some point, I got to ask why no one ever answered my calls. I told her about spending hours on the phone waiting for someone to pick up. and instead of just empathizing, she had the nerve to tell me "no, we always pick up" and that they dont have a lunch hour or breaks because they always answer the phone. that's her way of accusing me i'm lying! wtf! and I never did anything to start that nor did I provoke her. I smiled and answered nicely but she was accusing me the whole time!

    Employee name: angel tejeda, tenada, whatever!

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  • Tr
    tracking #1045619680 Dec 30, 2014

    Kayo lbc express ay isusumpa sa dios ang inyong business ay masira dahil sa mga panloloko nyo
    Amen amen amen

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  • No
    Nonong Jan 25, 2015

    Tracking number 1055551700, 1055551743, 1055551778...

    I sent my boxes last october 30, 2014 and assured me that it will take 45 to 55 days to be delivered in mindanao. my family had a reunion and everyone's expecting something to receive during xmas day. x, mas, new year had passed and no boxes arrived and delivered. on the first week of january, lbc delivered two boxes but the other one with trackinh number 1055551700 is nowhere to be found nd they don't have any idea where is it. as of now jan. 26, 2014, what they can only say is it's still in transit. please discipline or fire your warehouse team because they are a bunch of incompetent workers.

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  • Ze
    Zeny Cabrera Feb 12, 2015

    I sent my box nov 8, 2014 and until now feb 11 they havent receive it yet. Im so dissapointed with your service. Its been more than 3 months already but no appropriate measures your doing. Im not going to send box anymore thru your company.

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  • Mm
    MMMokey Jul 08, 2015

    So disappointed with LBC Express Inc. SM Bacolod branch. We have been waiting for a package containing important documents from Negros since Saturday 07/04/2015. My husband has been checking with LBC Ayala Cebu branch every day for updates only to find out today 07/08 that the package got lost along with many others because someone ransacked their storage area. "Sorry" does not even cover the hassle and time spent waiting for the item to arrive. When my husband asked the LBC personnel why they got ransacked, reply was "Di daw maiwasan mangyari ganyang mga insidente. File ka nalang ng complaint Sir, babayaran naman expenses nyo." ‪‪#‎HaringPadalaKingofNegligence‬ ‪#‎2goitsyourtimetoshine‬

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  • Wh
    where is efficiency Sep 01, 2015

    I called the LBC hotline 800 1012708 to arrange for pick up. The person told me that the box can be collected tomorrow between 0900 & 1800hrs. I requested for the time to be narrowed down to a 3hr wait but was declined.
    I called the Lucky Plaza (Singapore) office 6836 4788 & 6834 4788 but no answer. (These numbers are from the Lucky Plaza website )

    I don't see why anyone has to wait for up to nine hours for collection.
    The collection request cut off is 1630hrs the previous day. Collection is from 0900-1800hrs the following day. LBC has 16.5 hours to plan routes & collection. To give a 3hr collection wait period is more than sufficient in Singapore which has excellent road and traffic conditions. To to given a 9hr wait period is absurd. It reflects on the low standards of LBC's operational efficiency

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  • Ar
    Arsenia Pascua Garcia Dec 22, 2015

    May anomalia sa LBC. I sent 700 dollars for my mom 12/19/2016. I called my mom to have it pick up. Pagdating doon nagmukha syang tanga dahil 300 Lang daw padala ko. She texted me and said I was lying. I called costumer service. Their costumer service is useless. I was told to call the branch originator. But nobody even bother to pick up the phone. Since it was late and heavy traffic I called costumer service again. I was told that the branch will call me in the morning. Same thing I'm trying to call, nobody pick up. By 10 am no choice but to take time off and march to LBC office in Milpitas. They can't even tell me what happen to the rest of my money and how the computer transaction is different from my receipt. My mom is going dialysis every 2 times week. The money I send will pay for her treatment. The clerk even told me it wasn't his fault because the are having computer problem. Then, don't open for business until you guys fix it. Money we sent could mean comfort. But due to your mistake it could result to unnessarry suffering of the recipient. If you can't deliver don't do business.

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  • Pe
    Peter M. Cavada May 16, 2016

    Lbc express, lousy service my document with tracking no. 126159660150 was sent on sunday may 15, called 3168947 the girl told me to call 032-3168947 cant even contact this no. im in cebu and I think this no. is in manila. called her again told me to call09334531458 but just keep on ringing no one will answer its may 17 now lbc express lousy service were is my document?

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  • Pe
    Peter M. Cavada May 17, 2016

    This is a follow up to my previous complaint with tracking no. 126159660150. this document was sent thru lbc cavite on sunday may 15, 2016, just received the document today may 18, 2016 8:35 am. I told this guy when I called him on may 17 (thank you lord he answered at that time), his no. 09334531458 to give priority to this document because I was supposed to received this on may 17, he said he will deliver it 4 to 8pm cause they have to deliver 2 days of documents or letters may 16 and may 17. he went to the house at 4 pm he said he knock on the gate but my mother in-law never heard someone knock on the gate the neighbor said he was on a hurry, maybe because of the load of delivery on that 2 days backlogged. lbc express please change your it, to lbc walay claro

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  • Mi
    Michelle Bauyon May 17, 2016

    We trusted lbc to bring our quotation with deadline on may 18 11 30
    Am we brought the proposal monday may 16, 2016 and as of today 1030am the documents has not been delivered we lost 500, 000 sales because of their delay of delivery never trust ths company!!! they dont even care that we are entrusting our business to them and when I called the legaspi branch, they dont care they did not entertain my querries. I called mr. brayn at this nunber 0522040041 and begged to deliver the goods they said its not ther fault and they cannot do anything about it they did not realized the loss of sales they just dont care

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  • Ro
    Ronald Lorenzo Jul 22, 2016

    Lbc tagas staff mga bobo ang staff. gusto ko ma fired sila sa trabaho. as of april 29, 2015 na mga empleyado. kung sino man namumuno sa lbc tagas you should be ashamed of your staff. updated nga tracking site nila wow 2days ang out for delivery? wtf! ang lapit lang ng bahay ko hindi mahanap. ang they don't even called my mobile for my location tapos saka nila sasabihin na no delivery? you must be joking... ganyan pala ang staff nila mag trabaho hari ng palpak!!! you should know your staff... kawawa naman business nyo if ganun mangyayari lagi... palitan nyo staff nyo. evaluate them for their daily task. if they already fulfilled it. customer service satisfaction is a must in your kind of business...

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  • Kk
    kkkandula Jul 22, 2016

    Lost my mobile in visakhapatnam, andhra pradesh
    Company: htc 3400i (windows mobile with 2gb memory card)
    Imei: 353533011112847
    Mail id: [email protected]

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  • Du
    Dumuriput Jul 22, 2016

    Received a phone called from 9247036103 that said a lottery amount 100000 INR through random survey, and called to collect the same after providing ID documents
    they called to phone number 9866225142

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  • Pr
    preji Jul 22, 2016

    I got a message about prize money by the name of NOKIA T- WORLD UK draws 2009 offering GBP 550, 000.00 pounds. Attaching clim details E-mail ID [email protected] I want to confrome its real or fake. My mobile no 9995 471472[INDIA] My hand set is NOKIA E 51. My E- mail ID [email protected]

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  • Hi
    himanshuoberoi24 Jul 22, 2016

    Respected sir,
    Many of times I go to samsung service centre but I not satisfied. every time they change the mobile software and said your problem is solve and after then I check my mobile it, s not work properly so please sir i, beg to say that any time you have free so plz call me my no is 8979013489

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  • Ra
    Rani Bagdia Jul 22, 2016

    Someone stole my mobile phone with IMEI 357649046140102 on 14/02/2012 from a restaurant called POPTATES in Powai Hiranandani Mumbai.Last time I saw it was around 10.30 at night and while leaving the place at 11 it was not there..
    Please help me find that as it has important data.Hope you would take action.

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  • Mrs Bean Jan 12, 2019

    @Rani Bagdia You left it there. It's unfortunate but your own fault.

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  • Ma
    Manjit Phalswal Jul 22, 2016

    hi my name is Manjit Singh
    i m from New Delhi India
    i was lost my Samsung wave-3
    EMEI No. 359516/04/370935/3
    phone no is +919999353598

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  • Se
    Seena Jul 22, 2016

    On Oct 1rst, Wed morning I have recharged my phone with an amount of 333 rps. using the ICICI online banking option.
    The Transaction id is : BIL/000076499993/0103/919945469494 .

    The recharging is not done yet . Please do look into this.


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  • Vp
    v prakash Jul 22, 2016

    dear sir,
    i lost my mobile phone bearing the ime no. 35196203776265, pls trace my mobile and provide me the information and if i cannot recover my mobile in any case, i also request u to block my mobile using my ime no.
    thanking u sir

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  • Jh
    jhajeepk Jul 22, 2016

    we have already repaired my moblile 5 times in your authorised service center. but it need repair after every 15 days

    please relace the mobile as soon as possible and send us the procedure of replacement

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  • Ma
    madhavi korani Jul 22, 2016

    I have sent a parcel on on 9th nov 2009 (from CHINA) and it has still not been delivered as yet my the SPEED POST of Mumbai, India to my friend! Its more than 10 days now, while I am writing this complaint.

    The tracking no. is as follows :


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  • Mi
    Michaeltata Jul 22, 2016

    After 37 days to wait for the arrival of the packages from, I do not know what the problem is happening, because it is usually not more than three weeks have deliver to me before. And no one answers my phone

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  • Ba
    balaji.N.H Jul 22, 2016

    dear sir,
    This is to your kind information that please extend the warranty of mobile for some cost as like the home appliance. t.Take it as a request, kindly do the needful

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  • Ni
    nirav Jul 22, 2016

    I have reliance classic mobile phone & many times I get blank sms due to some problem. Actually out of 10 sms I receive 3 or 4 blank sms message. So, please suggest me what should I do? It`s really a big problem.

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  • Sh
    shaikh imam Jul 22, 2016

    Sim user name - nimra riaz ali

    Mobile no - 0341-3543695

    Mobile imei no - 352035020005120

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  • Ay
    ayeshasiddiqa Jul 22, 2016

    we have been complaining since 1 month that we want the incoming and outgoing info for this number-9900937894...we sent a mail too which charged 50rs but i have still not recieved the bill on my email...why is it so?

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  • Jo
    joran45 Jul 26, 2016

    I send the package ahead of time so that when I arrived in my hometown I am expecting that my package is there already waiting for me.Due to unknown reason no package when I arrived.

    I use air cargo for faster delivery and they promised that it will be delivered ON-TIME five to seven days to be exact the agent told me five to seven days (5 to 7 days). I called customer service several times and as expected they will expedite my package. As of this writing package NOT YET arrived.

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  • Ma
    Master Joey Apr 04, 2017

    You sent a Balikbayan box on Nov 19 and they said that it will arrive by Christmas? And you believe them...You are joking right? On top of that it's not even in Manila.. your delivery is in Palawan LOL. I'm assuming you are a newbee on balikbayan boxes. Sep-Oct -Nov are the busiest months for balikbayan boxes because most Filipinos want their boxes delivered by Dec 25. Thousands of boxes are shipped to the Philippines that you wouldn't believe all over the world during those months. A lot of times its not even carrier that's delaying the delivery but Philippine Customs, for god knows there could be a thousand reasons, why they are holding the boxes. If you are sending a box specially in the province, I would send it as far as August to arrive in December. I sent a box on September 16 from New York to Makati and it arrived Dec 10. Just imagine what more if its in Palawan.

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  • Fe
    fenat Nov 21, 2017

    To the management of lbc please take an action for this matter, we sent a important document to lbc lipa batangas last november 14, 2017 going to marikina, supposed to be it will get there 2 days only but until now our client didnt have it november 22, 2017. but when we trace it our document went to part of visayas. lbc what happened?! our client need it. please lbc management do something. thank you.

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  • Gi
    Giancarlo Tan Gazmen Aug 13, 2018

    We had a package labeled fragile, most the products are broken up, if it was handled with care it wont be in such a broken state. We are to sell this products and we cannot sell it with its current state.

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  • Al
    Aldrin De Leon Casenillo Aug 13, 2018

    Please kindly re-deliver my visa card. my current address is @793 Linampas Street Gregorio Perfecto Tondo Manila my tracking number is 173074413861

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  • Ra
    Raymond Maclang Aug 14, 2018

    Door to door ang binayaran nagdesisyon tao nyo mag-isa iwanan sa lbc branch! Anong klase serbisyo yan! Dami dahilan siguro kulang pasahod kaya tamad mga tao nyo! Yan tracking no. 161811227911 ayaw magpakilala ng tao nyo!

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  • El
    Elaiza Maming Aug 14, 2018

    hi good day my package hasn't arrive yet it was shipped last week it has tracking number 81116718642 I actually tried to track it baut it said that it has a incomplete address.please do contact me in this number 09496666857. thank you

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  • Jh
    Jhan Reena Reyes Aug 14, 2018

    If you can't locate my address please contact me in this no. 09456992662. I live at 13 Quezon Blvd. Brgy. Ermita Cebu City. My tracking no. is 173026500112. I need the package now. I am Jhan Reena A. Reyes. My package is in Cebu Delivery Team 1, it arrived there last July 20, 2018.

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