LBC Expressdelivery

K Feb 04, 2020

I have a deliver with tracking number ‍[protected]‍. I have already demanded for its redelivery on january 30, 2020. However, 2 days after, there were no delivery, so I contacted your support again on february 1. The support guaranteed its delivery on february 1, 2020. But again, no delivery has made. I contacted support again on february 3, 2020. The support guaranteed the delivery the next day. February 4, today. No delivery were made yet. I called support again and telling me that the delivery will be processed by tomorrow. I demanded again to deliver it today as I was guaranteed by your representatives. I am sending this complain as so you can be notified that the document is badly needed. Also, there is already a demand since last week so you re already on delay. This should mean that freight cost will be shouldered by you. Lastly, you courrier did not, in good faith, deliver my item beforehand as they did not exerted all "reasonable effort" to deliver my documents which includes calling my phone number. This is already a delay on your end and I am demanding for damages (freight cost as per your terms and condition)

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