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SM City Cebu

Customer Service

1800 108 585 999(Philippines) 447 334
1800 522 0000(Australia) 43 33
1800 816 222(Malaysia) 10 12
+63 322 320 668(Philippines) 430 281
+63 858 5999(Philippines, Metro Manila) 217 139
+63 908 6522(Philippines, Business Solutions) 102 67
+1 800 338 5424(United States) 16 22
+1 888 652 2522(Canada) 4 7
+44 203 110 2522(United Kingdom) 4 11
+39 800 780 522(Italy) 0 12
+34 931 770 555(Spain, Barcelona) 2 4
+34 911 868 889(Spain, Madrid) 2 6
+673 224 4367(Brunei) 4 6
+673 224 1219(Brunei) 1 3
+671 646 5221(Guam) 3 3
+671 646 5222(Guam) 0 3
+852 800 961 522(Hong Kong) 1 2
+965 22 461 522(Kuwait) 2 6
+965 99 616 522(Kuwait) 4 5
+1 670 234 9013(Saipan, Northern Mariana Islands) 1 2
+1 670 233 5605(Saipan, Northern Mariana Islands) 0 4
+966 547 212 962(Saudi Arabia) 8 6
+65 800 101 2708(Singapore) 0 13
+886 801 127 383(Taiwan) 1 4
+971 800 035 702 444(UAE) 12 11

Complaints & Reviews


I've visited 2 LBC branches today, Balibago branch(Beside 7/11) and Dau Branch(BesidePuregold) and they...


I sent gifts for my family to cagayan de oro last 12/17/19 until now they didnt received yet .i let my mother...

LBC Express

cash on delivery service and also, the staff service is a dismal failure😡😡😡

LBC what happened?!! I paid a fee para makarating yung package ko sa customer ko. I thought it's a...

LBC Kalayaan Delivery Team


Dear LBC,

The delivery man contacted me that they will arrive soon to my address they called me and i explained the direction to reach my address and also i texted thw number who called my address but didnt came. They called me at 4:45pm i wait till 6:30pm but nothing came then i received a message that they will deliver my package tomorrow because its already 6:30pm. But I tried to track my package then it says, didn't came and as per the tracker says
"We tried to deliver your shipment but recipient is unknown at the given address. Please get in touch with us through our official customer care channels. Where càn i receive my package??? im so dissapointed

delivery of my package; cheque in a white envelope

Have you delivered my package to this address? Because I tracked my package and it says "Shipment...

cash on pick up

The staff was very inconsiderate. Staffs did not inform new customers like me that a note should atleast be...

LBC Express

late/delayed delivery of my package

tracking number: [protected]

The delivery date of my package is supposedly on december 16th but I still didn't receive any up until now. Please take an immediate action about this because I badly need the package ASAP. My wedding is on Monday and my giveaways are in that package. I asked assistance from LBC Catarman Branch but they didn't assist me about this one. They just said that it really happens because it's peak season. This isn't acceptable because we pay you for your service yet we are receiving poor service & inefficient customer service. Please take action. Thanks.

late/delayed delivery of my package

car parts po ito pinadala ko sa buyer ko

ang price 2, 500 nag bayad ako ng shipping na 355 ang TOTAL : 2, 855 Wednesdat pinadala Thursday dumating na...

LBC Express

cop refund

Mag ask lang po ako. Bakit po ganun palagi kayong offline simula nagstart akong magship sa LBC hindi ko parin...

negros occidental

Meron Po akong cash on pick up sa branch sa name ko...shelo Marie Lagansua Hindi q Po mkuha Kasi andito nku...

nintendo switch game

Bat sobrang tagal ng serbisyo nyo? Pina ship yung item dec 9 2019, ano na mgayon? Dec 19 na wala pa rin? Di...

LBC Express

cut-off time

Today, i have been to 3 LBC branches here in Pque with no success in sending out a parcel, one in Jaka plaza...

LBC Express

[Resolved] unable to deliver my order

Dear LBC,

This is my tracking number [protected]
I received an update last December 16 that my product has arrived, and on December 17 it tells me that it is ready for delivery, but on that day it didn't came and as per the tracker says
"We tried to deliver your shipment but recipient is unknown at the given address. Please get in touch with us through our official customer care channels."

with this can i just get my order delivered to another address? if you cant contact me, this is my other phone number [protected] and the address is #12 Tampoy St. Sto Niño City of Malolos, Bulacan

  • Resolution Statement

    it was solved

customer service

I went to LBC to pick-up my package. There were only 2 customers in line when I arrived. They didn't...


I've been a client of yours for quite sometime now and using your brach here in mckinley hills. The average processing time i guess is processing the service is an hour or so. Imagine wasting our time. Should another provider available which will surely be, i will definitely transfer. I have been in the service industry and your services are the worst. You guys dire need a business process improvement!! Contact me and ill give one for free!

LBC said it was delivered but the receiver said my parcel didn't arrive on his and he ddnt recve any

[protected] is my tracking tracking number 1701 Bandong Tower, Barraca St, Binondo, Manila is the...

LBC Express

the entire branch

This particular branch ALWAYS HAS A PROBLEM. Every time I visit this branch, it always has a certain problem...

fictitious delivery

This serves as our formal complain on behalf of my company AFPRSBS, Camp Aguinaldo. The document addressed...


my contact number is [protected] BDO texted me about my credit card being delivered and also they provided me...

[Resolved] tracking number is not working

My tracking number is not working. I've been been inputting the tracking number so many times but it always says "tracking no. is invalid". the tracking no. is [protected], the sender is: Eldrian R. Alzate, the receiver is: Melvin San Gabriel. I really need to track the package. Please reply to my email: [protected], hoping for a speedy reply. The picture of the receipt is attached below.

tracking number is not working

  • Resolution Statement

    i was emailed by lbc