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McDonald's - Job discrimination and defamation of charter!

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I worked at this McDonalds for about the last past maybe 2 or 3 months It might not be that long. I myself being an Evangelist who is severing a Mighty God don't have to lie to hold a job where I am not working but 7 or 6 hours a week I love working at Mcdonalds. I through I was doing the manager of the Restaurant a favor. I told him how they were ripping the store off by stealing the Mcchicken, nuggets, grillchicken, apples pies chocolate chips cookies and all kinds of food. I was off from work on 1/31/08 to speak at my church.When I go back to work on 2/1/08, I was called a snith and that no snitches can wurk there. Yes I throught I was doing the right thing by tell the manager but i was taken off the schedule because the crew member and the lady are friends and she went back and told the lady what I said about the stealing I talked to the Area manager or what ever title he has no one called me back, after I talked to him. She Dorine told me that the schedule did not put me on there because she said that she have that time but my application is a legal contract I told them the hours I can work I was working them. The lady told me on the 1st. That she seen snitches go and come.The lady Dorine she was taking things also food and what ever. If you don't want me working there don't discredit me. I am a honest person and the manager at mcdonalds he Hosrs knows this Twice I was given to much money back and twice I gave the money back to the manager so the cashier draw would not be short.I am a child Of GOD I don;t have to lie or go along with people that steal in order to keep my job. I have been nursing for about 28 years now I work part*time because I got into a car accident a man run a redlight and hit my car. I wanted to work at McDonalds and I always wanted to work at McDonalds. I had the chance to work for a place that I always wanted to work. I was lat once I missed work once but I let Hosea know that days before i adopted my 3 child they are all siblings. I will not be treated like nothing because I told the manager about the stealing that why the lady made the statement she seen snitches go and come because the managers are doing the stealing with the crew. U want my schedule back for the hours I told them and sign my application for. I need to here from this company. My next step is Human Right Division. I through I was doing the right thing. Will I do this again yes! I must do the right things to satisfy my Savior Jesus christ I must stand for what is right. I know people don't understand but this what I must do being a Child of God. Thank You And may God Bless all of You who take on our complaints.

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