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I was just called a man by your attendant. When I didnt laugh because I'm offended, she became upset and irritated with me. She purposely yelled through the loudspeaker that my card was declined (it wasnt, the next station, Valero was able to run it no problem). I do not appreciate her attitude and would hate to believe this is condoned in your employees.

Aug 13, 2019
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  •   Aug 13, 2019

    First of all, my debit and credit cards have been declined at one business then approved at the next one. Recently it happened for a nine dollar charge. I pulled up my bank account on my phone to show over a thousand dollars there. I called the bank and they said that no attempt was put through. I had the bank talk to the manager of the store to confirm funds but they cannot allow them to go through . I was angered and embarrassed about this issue and called the store manager. She said it happens all the time and their machine was broken.

    As far as being called a man, I don’t know how you appear. Short hair? Don’t take it so hard as it’s just the words of a jerk.

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  •   Aug 14, 2019

    So you are transgender I take it? K.

    Forgive me for saying this but this is what bugs many non transgender people about transgender people...

    You really should "own" the gender you decide on being each day. If it's not obvious we won't know. You can't call yourself female without boobies. You confuse the rest us when you want to portray a man yet your face is dripping with contouring and eyeliner.

    Why would you laugh at her calling you a dude??? She's irritated because you snapped into 50's portrayal of a staunchly librarian and she's at a loss with how to get out of this "paging Al Sharpton" mess.

    Now into the card crap. Sometimes machines don't like one card but like the next card. Sometimes one card is declined in one machine but accepted at the next one. Sometimes there's crud on your card or in the machine reader. Sometimes you have to punch in numbers or throw the card in a clean, unused plastic bag and run it through the reader.

    And she yelled this info at you because of your "we are not amused" Queen Victoria portrayal and because she's forced to speak into those ridiculous microphones. Those things never work. It's like "speak into the clown's mouth".

    Calm down.

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