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I have been a loyal consumer of Kohl's for ten years, both in-store shopping and online orders. Without my knowledge or permission, Kohl's put a fraud alert on my account. I am currently working in Wyoming where there are no Kohl's stores whatsoever. When I tried to place my Christmas order online, as I do each year, I was informed that I can no longer use my card online due to the fraud alert initiated by Kohl's for unknown reasons. I spent hours on multiple calls to customer service to correct this. I had to repeat my account number six times to the employee on the phone, who kept confusing my account number with my phone number. (Perhaps Kohl's should do a drug screen on its employees). The only answer I got, repeatedly, was, "I can't help you." Apparently, my best option is to cut my Kohl's charge card into tiny pieces and shop elsewhere.


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    iCarly Jul 27, 2010

    Did you consider that someone may have stolen your identity and tried to use a fake card with your name on it at the store? And way to assume someone must be on drugs for being confused. I'm sure you were confused when you found you couldn't use your card online? Were you suddenly on drugs then, too?

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