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Destroy your Kohl's charge card right away if you have one. Even though you do AutoPay setup on MyKohl's Charge webpage, they sometime don't charge your bank acount (if already setup) and inform the Credit Bureau and screw up your credit in no time. If you sign up for email notification for your payment, sometime you might not even get it and they report Credit Bureau. Which means Kohl's screw you up from credit history point of you. And they won't admit there fault and they don't tell Credit Bureau to fix your credit either.

I have stopped using Kohl's charge card, you better do that too. Never in my history i was delayed for any payment with other stores or credit card and with Kohl's it already happened 2 times around same time of the year (Sept, Oct).


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Jul 24, 2022 9:08 pm EDT

Hello, this happened to me yesterday and I am FURIOUS. 803 credit score before, and because Kohls shut off my autopay because I was at a zero balance, and decided to buy a $7 floor mat from there, thinking my autopay would cover it, they marked me late and my score went down SEVENTY points. Talked to FIVE different people there, none of whom which would help me. They all kept saying "I apologize for your inconvenience" to which I said "no, you are not sorry! You are refusing to remove this late over $9 that YOU stopped from being paid! " I will get to the bottom of this but it is HORRENDOUS that they could do this to their customer/ consumer.

Jul 12, 2022 1:19 pm EDT

Kohl's shut off my automatic payments when I paid my balance to $0 in November 2021. I just got notified of a delinquent account for about $25.

Now I've got a late payment on my credit. One late payment over many accounts over 20+ years.

Screw Kohl's. Shutting off automatic payments, I guess that's one way for Kohl's to make some money on late fees.

Jun 10, 2022 9:03 pm EDT
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Kolhs seems to have changed their auto-pay feature to two options! You can select Minimum monthly due (and conveniently rack up interest charges) OR pay off balance WTF. I use to be able to sign in to the most difficult card to pay site "KOHLS" to adjust my auto-pay through a detailed account site. Now Ive tried to log in every way possible and it just routes me to their stupid App style site with very little options. Super frustrating. Im paying off and closing. This is by far not my only complaint but I'll leave it there.

Sep 17, 2018 3:37 pm EDT

Kohl's is disgusting. I was late on a small payment that I somehow forgot, and even though I immediately paid off my balance (less than $200) and apologized in a written letter, they still won't change my credit report. One measly late charge on an otherwise excellent paying record has damaged my credit enough that my house re-fi is now at a higher interest rate. Yeah my fault ultimately I know, but it's really irritating to have an otherwise stellar reputation sullied by a tiny payment that somehow slipped through the cracks and there's no way to fix it. I cancelled the card and won't shop there again, ever. Neither will my family. We have plenty of choice and it's anything but Kohl's from now on.

Oct 28, 2017 6:13 pm EDT
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They have engineered their autopay to have a delay in order to scam people out of late fees and interest. I signed up for autopay immediately after I received my card and got a confirmation email that it was set up to pay my amount due in full on the due date. A month later, I happened to log in just to make sure it was paid, and it was showing past due with interest due. I called customer service, and it was clear that this is what she deals with all day (customers furious about this). She said that the autopay doesn't actually kick in for two billing cycles (even though that is not mentioned anywhere in the confirmation email). She offered to waive the late fee, but couldn't waive the $4.14 in interest. You do that millions of times, that is big money, as they obviously figured out when they designed it this way. Fine, Kohls, you can have my 4 bucks. That is a small price to pay to learn you are doing business with crooks. You lost thousands of dollars in purchases over the course of my lifetime by intentionally stealing my money through a misleading loophole in your system.

Oct 17, 2019 1:15 am EDT

I had a similar issue today. My account was reported delinquent for a freaking $91 and I had signed up for autopay. Kohl's conveniently disabled autopay and when I called in to reject their charges they LIED to me that I never signed up for autopay. This is disgusting and no less than highway robbery. I am not surprised they aren't doing well and heading towards a slow but definite death.

Cheat your customers, you end up closing your business. SHAME ON YOU KOHL'S. SHAME ON YOU TO EVEN CALL YOURSLEVES A BUSINESS.

I had my account cancelled right away. After 14 years of spending an average $500 per year.. I am done with this [censored] show called Kohl's.

May you go out of business quickly and swiftly.

Jul 18, 2017 8:33 pm EDT

Same [censor] happened to me. I have auto pay setup with every bill I have. The only manual payment I need to make is for my water bill. Kohls autopay did not work, and for freaking $63 they sent late payment to credit bureaus. I only knew about the payment being due after they called and left a voicemail. I had signed up for paperless billing and they sent me only one statement that included Annual Privacy Notice on the subject line. My FICO score went from 812 to 746. So, if anyone thinks I am not taking care of my finance let me assure you that is not the case. Just my credit card bills I pay off monthly is in the range of 8 - 10k. Kohl's sucks [censor], I don't even know why I went to that crappy store once and opened a store credit account.

- ash

Oct 28, 2017 3:15 pm EDT

This just happened to me too! I actually think it happened before, but I thought I had messed up. Now, I know it wasn't me! These blogs/complaints confirmed it. I called Kohl's customer service and they are reversing the late charge. I didn't get any resistance from them at all. They just did it. I'm going to try and set up Autopay again (but can't right now, it's not even showing as an option-they said wait an hour and log in again). But, I changed my billing back to paper bills to have that as a back up!

Jan 26, 2015 12:40 am EST

I work for kohls.
Hello, i have been working for kohls for a few months and I'm here to give my opinion(not kohls side, not cust side, my side as agent).

unfortunately, we dont have autopay, but what you can do online is schedule up to 6 payments for the next 180 days you have to make sure you have the confirmation number in your email or anything. There's a report sent to the credit bureau if you missed 2 payments in a row (all info is in statements, basically 60 so you can see something wrong is happening). We can only help you with your credit if the paper statement has been returning to us (post office let us know that) of if the email was not delivered, sometimes it happens the email is on the spam folder (spam is deleted automaticaly by your provider), you have and old email on your kohls acc, you moved but you did not informed us about it, sometimes address is changed by credit bureau. I as an agent, I'm always willing to help but if it is not consider a kohls fault we can not fix credit.
please take in consideration we dont deliver the mail, it is sent by us mail.

by the way, when you open your acc online the system ask you if you want to recieve email notification, they click yes thinking it says : -yes i accept the terms and conditions-, please be careful.

Late fee could be $15.00, $25.00 and $35, it does not matter if your balance is $100.00 or $3000.00.
if balance is less tham $25.00 late fee is for the same amount.

Account ease premium, it is insurance, you can call us and remove it from future statemets.

Finaly, i have never bought anything at kohls, i dont have a credit card and i think $35.00 late fee is a lot(i'm not from the us).
If you call, please dont be racist, it is not needed to be rude. i'm always willing to help and do my best with every call.
thanks for read.


I started to shop there a couple years ago. They double the prices of most everything in the store. Then say its on sale for 50% off or more off. There are a very few good deals. Then the credit card. WOW not only the $35.00 late fee which is high for such small amounts but now i have a special fee of $7.48 a month for a few hundred dollars in credit? Account ease premium they call it. What is this scam? I know i don't owe much but i would love to sue this company and expose how they rip people off. I agree rip up these cards.

Jul 01, 2010 3:28 pm EDT

Not at all. I don't feel it's their fault that your Auto-Pay doesn't go through. Yes, they should try their best to make things easy for you. But you should do your part as well. If your Auto-Pay doesn't work, take things up with your bank as well. I rather think they're at fault too.

And if you know that technology has it's problems, then you know better than to blindly trust it. That's your fault. Not theirs.

Jun 28, 2010 2:15 pm EDT
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Yes and no--when companies try and get people to sign up for auto pay-it is usually with the tag-"Never worry about having to pay your bill on time again" "For your convenience..." You see where I'm coming from. Its like advertising under the flag of look how we can make your life easier...people, busy people fall into that trap. They should check but they figure why should I have to and companies try and sell themselves with the let us take care of this for you ploy--because it sounds good, knowing that technology has its problems.

May 17, 2010 5:21 pm EDT

That's not Kohl's fault. You shouldn't blindly trust technology to do what you instruct it to. You need to keep a closer eye on your bill, to be sure the money goes through when it's scheduled to do so. Yes, AutoPay is nice. But you shouldn't just rely on it to do what you think it's gonna do.


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