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My daughter, a teacher, bought a pair of paints in September. We tried to return the pants today SIMPLY for another size, same pants, same price, just another size. The purchased pants had a price tag still on them, but since it was 32 days past the return policy, the store refused to make the swap. We have been loyal, faithful shoppers for years but because of this new policy we will NEVER shop at K-Mart again. Additionally I will tell everyone in my social circle, as will my daughter, about the ridiculousness of this new policy. What is the harm in returning 1 part of pants for the EXACT other type of pants because the size was wrong? It makes NO SENSE. Do you really want to lose customers over a policy such as this?


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      Oct 22, 2017

    I wouldn't necessarily disagree with you, unless there was reoccurring abuse of the return allowance. However, I can also appreciate the reason for K-Mart's policy.

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      Oct 25, 2017

    A thirty day return policy is truly more than enough time for your daughter to have looked at them and try them on. The longer a customer waits to return an item, the more likely the item has been worn, damaged, or altered. These changes are not always visible right away. I don't see why the pants weren't tried on in the store, let alone for almost two months.

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