Kmart Storesexchange items


Kmart Harrison, Ohio
Went in to exchange a dress my grandmother bought for my daughter. They would not let us with out receipt or reward card.. my grandmother is 83 years old and she can't get out of the house alot. They wanted her to come all way down there or they could not do it.. jermaine is supposedly the store supervisor.. he is nothing but a joke... he got really rude to me and my mother saying we were belligerent and he was going to kick us out of store.. we were ok until he started getting rude and nasty... manager came over spoke with us finally they were like do you know her telephone number on account uhh yes.. That took 2 min... now was that so hard to do ... we did not need to be so badly disrespected just fit them to finally say do u know number. min we will be calling corporate ...

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