Kia Soulpaint chipping on hood

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Back in may I noticed my kia soul had paint chipping all over the hood, so I took it to the dealer they said they would have to have a kia rep look at mid june that rep came to the dealer to take a look, he said it looked like I drove behind a salt truck, now I have about 200 little paint chips about the same size, this is not the result of driving behind a salt truck, faulty paint job. Almost two months later the rep told the dealer to tell me to let my insurence company fix it. They are trying to get out of paying for the paint job, why did it take so long to tell me to scam my insurence company, I will not do this, my insurence company will be notified of kias plan. This is how kia operates, this will not stop here, all I want is for kia to make it right.


  • Knew someone had the same thing with a car many years ago. the hood and lower doors fade right out. what year is it? probably less than 3 yrs? if it's newer it's a crappy paint job. how many cars go years without being washed until they fade, and then you get a few that end up looking like yours after 2 years. "oh, it's salt, it's stone chips, you must have been behind..." yeah, I followed a salt truck for 20, 000 miles. here's your sign. why isn't the windshield cracked? I can't tell you how to fight it, but maybe take it to someone who knows body work/paint and get an expert opinion (free estimate, ask for the cause, may be worth it to even pay?) before your insurance covers it. hi brenda.

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  • So
    Soul~Stryss Jul 27, 2010

    I have a kia soul. I strongly feel the paint job could've been done better. i, like you, also have chips yet I don't like anywhere close to salt, etc. my car is washed and detailed gently once every other week at least.
    I went to the dealer and they gave me a paint pen to attempt to cover the knicks up. it just made it worse. one chip is sooooo deep that I can see the steel of the hood. i've seen a small few on the forum, and make similar complaints. nothing yet on the forum.
    You need to get on these forums and post a complaints so others who have this prob will also post. I know for fact that corporate kia watches these forums to get idea's and to see what they're doing wrong. last year a complaint was made by many people on the forum in reference to panel being scratched where the seatbelt is. kia contacted those people, claimed it was a "re-call" and had the panels replaced.
    It wouldn't hurt. there are alot of individuals out there with the same problem. corporate kia will be prone to listed if more of us complain as a group and not a lot of separate individuals.

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  • These kias are made where?

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  • Be
    Betty Lamb Aug 26, 2010

    I bought a kia spectra 09 in nov of 2009. when at the dealership in town here, I noticed that there was a funny spot on the hood, but didn`t think much of it. i`m so sorry now. there are all of these spots everywhere on the car. I love the way it drives, but by next year at this time I will have a bucket of rust. the problem seemed to get worse when I took it out on the open road. I also was told that it was the color white, bird poop, tree sap, or from the sun. what a joke on us all who work hard and think that we are buying something decent. kia should be run out of the country.

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  • Je
    Jeanette C Aug 27, 2010

    Molten red is the worst one for chipping. have not seen one yet that wasnt a chipped up mess. mine looks like it is 20 years old and driven on gravel roads at high speed the entire 20. I live nowhere near dirt or gravel and have always taken car of any car I had. I trade every 2 years but this red kia soul is now ready for the scrap yard after a few short months. I am taking offers on it right now.

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  • Me
    Megill Sep 12, 2010

    I own a 2010 kia soul + and my car is covered in small paint chips. and the least little bump causes paint damage. I love my soul for comfort ride and gas milage however the paint issue is a true turn off. I have never had a car where the paint damage and chip so easliy. if only kia would do someting to fix this problem I would whole heartly recommend this car to everyone. my fear is that my nice new car will look like a pile of junk wihin a year some of the chip spots appear to have the look of surface rust starting. I agree kia needs to re paint these cars free of charge.

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  • St
    strangecraft Jan 06, 2011

    I have the same problem with my 2010 kia soul. I love it, but the chipping paint and soft plastic inside the car is a real let down.

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  • Ta
    Tally2011 Apr 15, 2011

    I have a molten kia soul 2011. 3 months after I bought it we noticed lots of piant chips! right now I am trying to get the dealer in janesville, wi to fix it. they have had for 1 week already and have not decided what to do about it. I also have been having problems with the windshield chipping. I have read multiple other complaints about the same problems and I will sue under the lemon law if they do not fix it. I plan on taking other people's complaints to court with me as evidence. so please post if you have had the same problems. thanks.

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  • Bi
    bigman6foot9 Apr 27, 2011

    I live in south korea, where the car is made in gwangju. I also have the same problem on my soul where the paint is chipped all over the car, they also told me it was from the salt truck which is too funny they do not put anything on the roads in winter and I do not drive in the snow due to such bad drivers here in korea. kia is a sub par company and are only interested in making the dollar just like american companies. they refuse to fix anything and they also will never admit when they did something wrong. so I feel the only way you will get a repair from kia is to file suit.

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  • St
    stratg6 May 02, 2011

    Interesting I have a kia sorento 2011 and the hood rightside by the passenger side wiper is chipped away and now it is rusting they the dealer says it must be some kind of stone chip but no damage any where else

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  • Tr
    Trwhitt33 May 14, 2011

    I just purchased a 2011 kia soul (molten red) 3 weeks ago and after 4 days, I took it back to the dealer. I thought it was damage they had done when putting on the sealant so I raised a fuss about the knicks and paint chips and eventually they repainted my front bumper and touched up the hood. not even 2 days later I see more paint chips and another knick on the bumper! I am pissed that I will have to pay on this car for the next 6 years and already i'm super worried about rust and the car is not even a month old. what do I do??

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  • Ch
    chas5427 Sep 16, 2011

    Just bought a 2011 kia soul. have had it about 2 months and already am noticing a lot of small chips to the paint job on the hood and lower body. have added a hood deflector and splash guards hoping that will reduce the damage. but, it is obvious that the paint is highly susceptible to chipping. this car already has more chips in it than the 2003 focus that I traded in.

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  • Si
    sicktomystomach24 Oct 23, 2011

    I purchased a brand new kia rondo in march of 2010. my wife noticed in september 2011 all over the car white spots, at first thinking it to be dirt but upon further inspection paint chips. counted and stopped at over 450 chips. on the hood, on both fenders on all 4 doors, on the panels below the doors, on the pillars on each side of the windshield, on the roof, on both pillars on each side of the windshield, on the panel behind the back doors at the edge the paint is completely chipped away for about a 4-5 inch strip, in all wheel wells, I have chips in unusual places such as the edge of the hood facing the windshield (must be magic rocks) chips inside the handle well on the back door, again the odds for stone chips to hit at these locations and cause chips would be like hitting lotto, not once but many times as i've been told by a reputable paint and body shop. had kia look at it immediately and they set up appointment for the kia rep to come look at it on the 15th of september. I was provided with a car loaner by kia. the appointment was cancelled until the following day. word was that the warranty would not pick up the repair cost because the kia rep said it was stone chips. I asked about the many chips and the unusual locations and was told I must have used an ice scraper on these locations. I called kia and spoke to a case manager and oponed a case. kia rep which is the only one that covers my whole area would be again coming for a further look at my vehicle. when I questioned this saying if he evaluated this the first time what makes me think he's going to change his mind. my case manager said after speaking with this rep that he had to cut appointment short due to an energency and didn't have time to look over car thoroughly. interesting since when I spoke with the service consultand at the dealership he said the rep was there for 4 hours. the next appointment 5 weeks later. I patiently wait and this time on october 19th I take time off from work to be there. I find that the rep had cancelled the appointment, but received no call as late as the 18th. I called kia trying to confirm appointment finally at 3:15 in the afternoon after calling kia they confirmed appointment and advised me to be at dealership at 10:00 am because the rep was coming there solely for me. arrived 9:40a m and waited over an hour for the rep to arrive. just as well since the evaluation was the same, stone chips!!!, but as an act of good faith he said he would paint the hood and... before he could finish I questioned why it wasn't fully covered, and how could I receive the amount of stone chips and in the peculiar locations, and I couldn't possibly be satisfied with what would amount to a discount off of the required full paint job that me car would need. he quickly changed his demeanor and said that I guess than we're done here. taken aback by this I asked what he intended to offer, and he refused to elaborate all the while being smug about it. many times asking and many times refusing to finish with his offer as if this was some kind of game. a heck of a way to treat a customer who purchased 2 brand new kia cars within the last 18 months at a cost of over $36, 000. after a line of questioning and not receiving any answers I asked how he could state something as rediculous as I used an ice scraper on the difficult to reach spots. the kia rep replied I never made that statement, in fact he said this is the first time i'm seeing your car. really!!! so an evaluation was made the first time to deny the warranty, and you're the only one who has the authority to look at and make this decision. how did that happen??? I asked the service manager he shrugged his shoulders. no answer, no offer we're done here it's time for you to leave. I do not drive over rough terain, I do not drive over construction sites, I was not pelted with salt from a salter while driving too closely, I did not drive behind construction vehicles and was not hit with a barrage of debris. my wife and I have babied these 2 brand new cars. regular car washes, adequate spacing behind other vehicles on the road. these are our first new cars and took great pride and care in new car ownership. car vpaints are supposed to be the most sophisticated paint you can buy. it is made to withstand extreme weather and road conditions. what good is a warranty if it's not worth the paper it's printed on??? I will not stop until someone listens. consumer affairs, small claims court, wnep news fight back, etc. disgraceful to receive this treatment and response.

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  • Bi
    bigman6foot9 Oct 24, 2011

    In Korea if the new reporters get the information and do a story on the company they do a complete 360 and fix the problems looks like you will have to do the same and then file a law suit take lots of pics and have independent inspectors look at the car let them determine it is a sub-par paint job then sue the ### out of them.

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  • Pe
    Persechino Jun 17, 2012

    I bought a kia soul in dec. 2012, new. it is chipping badly especially along the lower areas and some on top. also several glass chips are noticable. car dealer said not their problem. I have the molten color. love the car but the paint jobs are cheap. cost to much to have it redone. got mud flaps so hope that helps some. anyone know where I can get the molten paint besides in the pen.. like a gallon? the company really should be responsible in fixing the problem. frustrated!

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  • Bi
    bigman6foot9 Jun 17, 2012

    The only answer is a class action suit, kia in south korea were the cars are made know about the bad paint but refuse to do any adjustments or repairs to the bad formula. the only action is to get it tested and then file a laws suit with a class action clause. koreans hate bad news about company if it get coverage they will change their tune about paint repair.

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  • Ro
    RondoRedRash Sep 13, 2012

    I have a 2009 rondo with the molten paint color, and this problem is terrible. there are many hundreds of white chips in my hood and sides of the car, with more new ones appearing almost daily. this is a very cheap and brittle paint, and the contrast of the red paint to the white undercoat doesn't help any. my car is highway driven almost exclusively, and they don't use rock-salt around here, they use the salt solution spray. i'm certain kia won't lift a finger to help unless there's a lawsuit. their liability is too high...

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  • Bi
    bigman6foot9 Sep 13, 2012

    Kia is korean so they only care about their country men a very racist company.

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  • Ba
    badpaint Oct 14, 2012

    Same paint problem, with my red 2010 kia soul. otherwise the car is great.

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  • At
    atfp Oct 31, 2012

    Own a 2010 kia soul molten red//have 9600 miles drives good, good
    Mileage. but thats about it paint job sucks. been to dealer ship 4x
    Today for the 4th time spk to service manager he put me on phone
    With case rep told him tired of going to dealership needs to be taken
    Care of he said rep goes to dea;ership once a mo so I have to wait
    Again /he gave me a case # what good is case # if no one listens. but
    All of us that has this problem needs to fight this one way or
    Another I am sure all of you get the picture... oh' by the way
    Said looks like rocks hit mine to me it looks like someone open fired
    On mine well hope we all have good luck in getting the right thing

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  • No
    notashamed Oct 31, 2012

    @vinnynov3... you need 2 get a life! lolol

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  • El
    Ellie P. Sep 19, 2013

    I thought I was the only one with this problem. my kia spectra is covered in chips. it's embarrassing. I cannot believe I am still paying off a car that reduces my client's respectability of me.

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  • Be
    Bettyboop88 Oct 20, 2013

    I also have the same paint problems! it's discouraging because the car looks older than the 2009 model (luisa. [email protected]) how do I get justice? I want the car fixed (paint) so when I trade it in... I can get something from it or resell.

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  • Be
    becky.c Jan 29, 2014

    Same problem with paint chipping on my 2011 kia forte. I bought it used about a year ago from a local kia dealership. did not notice any chip marks when I bought it. a few weeks later I noticed some white marks on hood and trunk. looked closer and saw they were chips. now see more as time goes by. I swear they must have camouflaged them some way. those didnt just appear overnight. I did buy the black paint pen, but havent used it yet. probably won't because that would look just as bad with as many chips as are on my car. now im afraid of the possibility of rusting that some of you mentioned. would gladly agree to being included in a class action suit. but I don't want a repaint by kia. would make no sense cause we already know how poor that paint is. monetary settlement is the logical solution so I can have my car painted by someone of my choice. i've got 6 more years of payments on this baby and certainly don't want rusting from chipping of a crappy paint to be the thing that ruins my car. they are so confident they have a great car and can back it up with the 10 year/100, 000 mile warranty. that's a huge selling point for this car buyer. but if I had known about the poor quality of paint, I would not have bought it.

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  • Ka
    katbird26 Mar 31, 2014

    2012 kia soul molten red full of chips... kia rep to look at tommorrow..4/1/14.. hoping they fix.

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  • Lj
    ljw01 May 10, 2014

    We bought a new 2013 kia soul exclaim in june 2013 10 months old and the paint is chipping in front of the back wheels and hood went to kia dealer where we bought it and was told to we would have to deal with kia consumer affairs analyst which they told us the paint had a 36, 000 mile warrenty on it the car had 10 yrs 100, 000 mile warrenty but they said it was do to weather and environmental factors and would not cover it. I would like to see a class action law suit againest them since I have to pay 5yrs on it hate to see it in 2yrs what its going to look like in 2 yrs

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  • Bo
    Booie Jul 09, 2014

    I have a kia sorento 2014 22, 000.00 mile on it and the original owner that has paint chips on it. the hood, both front quarter panel's, both doors and roof. I had it looked at by an auto repair man and he said manufacture defect. I will be taking it to my kia dealer and I better not hear them words. I only drive it in the winter and no I have not driven by any salt tricks.

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  • Ty
    Tymz Dec 30, 2014

    I have kia optima 2005.
    The paint on the front panel under the hood started chipping after a year.
    I thought it was only my car, until I saw another car with the same kind of chipping.
    I reported to dealers but they said it us out of warranty, nothing can be done.
    Lousy workmanship!

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  • Bo
    Booie Jan 02, 2015

    I have a 2014 sorento that has the same issue but not just on the hood... I even have paint coming off the roof. of course they say it is rock chips to get out of it. however the dealer painted my hood and that seems to be holding up. so it is safe to say kia has bad paint but is not taking responsibility for it. I will not be buying another kia unless they correct this.

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  • Mi
    Michele Ryan Buhl Sep 28, 2015

    Is there a lemon law for paint jobs? I agree with all of the posts on the paint job. only have had my soul for 6 weeks and reported to the dealer about the paint chips. the chips are on various areas of the car. when I asked if they would continue to peel, they said they might. also, we paid for the $1200, sealer, that was sold to us as a protective coating that would pay for itself in resale. now they say the coating wasn't meant to help with paint chips said the same thing, "get a paint pen". also I posted on the kia dealer facebook page, and my comment disappeared right away.
    Kept telling me they were all rock chips. really? frustrated and ready to return it under a lemon law.

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  • Bo
    Booie Sep 29, 2015

    I feel your pain. My hope that is someday a lawyer see all these complaints about the paint and contacts us. I would live to participate.

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  • Ra
    Randy Blunk Oct 03, 2015

    I am experiencing the same run around with my Soul. I recently went to my local dealer to have a regional rep look at my paint and I also was trying to show him a small 'crease' in the hood of m car that is in the identical place on my wife's 2015 Soul (mine is a 2014). He claimed he could not see it and that I could contact my insurance to have my chips fixed. I told him that the car is only been driven one winter and the amount of paint that is gone (and yes, my model has the splash guards on it) is excessive. I told him I don't drive fast in the snow, so how can there be this much damage. They now want to measure the thickness of my paint which I think is a waste of my time. I have inspected other used Souls on the dealer lot with much less miles on them than mine and they have little or no damage in the same area (in front of the rear wheel wells). The only difference is these other cars have NO splash guards. I feel kind of let down as my wife had her car about a month and we had to take it back and have the entire front bumper re painted because of a defect I found. It seems this company has poor quality control and I told the rep that Kia has some serious paint issues and that I feel quite let down after spending 20 k on this car. Don't get me wrong, the ride, power and comfort are great, but the cosmetic durability is terrible..

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  • An
    Angie Murray Apr 13, 2016

    I just bought a 2016 KIA Soul at end of October and it chipping on hood and on both sides of car body where it flares out for tires. Chipped right down to primer. I love the car, but this is a total turn off. By the time I finish paying for it there will be nothing but rust left.

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  • Sc
    Scott1117 Jul 03, 2016

    Same issue, 2011 Soul in molten red. love the car but started get chips on the hood right away, took it back to Ricart for here in Columbus Ohio, they contacted Kia and the rep said it was salt. We do salt the roads here so I let it drop. Now 5 years later it's terrible and its only the hood and not the area above them bumper and below the grill. I would think salt wold affect both area similarly. KIA Paint Sucks.

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  • Ma
    mauilaui Sep 03, 2018

    My wife's 2014 Sorento has a big chip of paint missing over the windshield. Nothing hit it. She noticed it after I took it through a hand car wash the other day. This car has NEVER been through an automatic carwash with spinning brushes. Once enough owners complain, they'll probably finally do a study and find that the primer that they use is defective.

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