KIA Motors Corporation / service/repair 2012 kia sorento

On 5/6/19 I had my Sorento towed to [censored]illo KIA of Clay (315.657.9000) for repair. Seeing I could not drive the car I had it delivered before my scheduled appointment and the rep. said he would try to fit it in. After about 2-3 weeks of not hearing from them I placed a call and was told they had discovered an after market car starter that was not wired in correctly. I okay'd the removal and rewiring.

2 weeks went by without contact so again I initiated the conversation. At this time and after being tossed around and on hold I started to become frustrated with the level of customer service. I also started to feel less confident of their professionalism. I was told that they had been running tests with KIA feedback to determine what else could be causing my car not to start properly. I was told they thought it "might" be the smart key module. I was not happy with the lack of confidence the part would fix my issue, but I wanted my car fixed so I okay'd the order and installation of a $600.00+ part.

Another 2-3 weeks went by with no word from the dealer! Again I had to call them and was told very abruptly that the part did not come in. At this time I contacted the manager. I spoke to him about the horrible customer service and lack of communication. I was never offered an apology, nor did I get the impression he really identified with the seriousness of the service or lack of I was receiving. When I asked him about a courtesy vehicle I was ignored and never offered compensation. As of 9/11/19 my car is still not fixed and I have been told by KIA that the part is still on back order with no ETA!

I want my car repaired and compensation for the thousand plus dollars I have had to pay for a rental!

I do have voicemail recordings of calls, but was unable to submit them due to the format. If you wish to have those I can provide them.

Sep 11, 2019

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