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Over 6000 Norwegians are waiting for the eNiro, and the deliveries are disgraceful. KIA Norway promised 50 cars for may and June, and this is sadly the pace that seems to be the standard. Tesla model 3 is delivered by the thousands and are stealing customers from Kia and other EV manufacturers. We who have reserved the eNiro get no good explanation on why this is the case. If this is in fact your policy, to deliberately hold back production, the customers deserve to know so. There is alot of frustration among the 6000 people waiting. Are we really supposed to wait years for a new car from the fifth largest car manufacturer. You need to start informing your customers in a hole different way, and most importantly increase deliveries before you loose the market for EVs entirely. We demand that this message finds its way to the appropriate executives at Kia.

6000 frustrated eNiro fans.
Ketil Lien

May 19, 2019
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  • Si
      May 19, 2019
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    Let me express my sincerest support to the posting made by Ketil Lien re. completely unacceptable supplies of both e-Niro and e-Soul to Norway. We know we are small country with a small poulation. We do however, rank among the largest byers of elecric cars in absolute figures. If KIA had lived up to our expectations, we would have been even larger.
    Not only do we not get cars that we have been queuing up for over the past couple of years, we completely lack information regarding future deliveries (50 !!! cars during the coming two months, while 6000 potential customers have reserved a car!), we have no information of if and when we can expect trailing possibilities.

    There is a definite surge in this market and the only manufacturer that seems to be interested in filling this is Tesla. Pity, because people do not easily forget having been made to look foolish, exactly like in Korea.

    Yours not so truly any more

    Sigmund Hansen

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