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C Jul 28, 2019

I will start from the beginning.I traded my Sedona, because they said they wanted it, for a 2013 Sportage in Nov.2014. the first time I brought it in for service my rims had a lock nut on them but I didn't get the tool when I got the car.I asked if they would give me the tool, should have come with the car.They wanted too charge me $120, I said no thanks.I continued too get my Kia serviced regularly, oil change, tire rotation, etc until Feb2018 when I got breaks all around, 4 tires, 4 wheel alignment and oil change, $2000 worth I also asked for the lug nut tool again, figured I spent enough, he said ok.Fast forward to May 2019, and I still did not get my lug nut tool. I asked Jessica Preston if ball joints were covered in my warranty, she said they were so I made an appointment too bring it in.When I brought it in Mike told me the warranty had expired and proceeded to charge me $135 for diagnostics.I'm senior citizen on a pension didn't even try too help me, he said pay or no car.I had too borrow money, , took quite a while, I had my daughter and great grand daughter with me.My question is why should I pay for a Kia employee mistake because if she had given me the right info I wouldn't have been there.I tried to get the owners e-mail but nobody would give it too me.I think I'm entitled to a complete refund.Thankyou

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    I hope I get an answer and be happy with the result.Thank you

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