KIA Motors Corporationkia sportage

P Aug 02, 2018

To whom it may concern. I purchased a Kia Sportage due to the fact I have always respected the company and quality of vehicles. My Kia has a tad over 130, 000 miles and is in great physically looking condition. I was driving down the highway and it started clunking horribly and died completely. Always have been serviced on a regular basis I was shocked. I was able to roll into a nearby driveway thank heavens safely. After being towed to a shop, I was told I need a completely new engine at a cost of over 3400 dollars and that was a used Motor with 90, 000 miles on it! Didn't seem practical in any way. Therefore I have a vehicle out of warranty obviously sitting in our driveway that must be sent to a junkyard or such for a measly 300 plus dollars after we pay to tow it their. I am utterly disappointed as this vehicle should not be dead when it looks like a worthy vehicle. I am saddened by the quality and have multiple people ask me what happened. Being from a small community you may think it doesn't matter in the big scope of your business. But I beg to differ. I value companies who have vehicles on the road much longer than 130, 000 miles. This is a disgrace to your company on quality of product. Having a long warranty of 100, 000 miles shouldn't be defined as it will be dead soon thereafter. Please take this letter to heart and not shuffle it under some paperwork to be shredded. We miss driving what we thought was a quality vehicle we used to brag about. Devastated and can't return to another Kia vehicle that will end with the same results. Devastated in Nauvoo, Illinois. I would appreciate some type of explanation on why . We simply don't understand.

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