KFCpoor service

R Jul 13, 2019

went to kfc on fri july 12th at 3;30 pm after an all day of treatments and appts for boyfriend who has cancer. decided to grab food to go home. ordered the 20.00 fill up with an extra mac n cheese. preceeded to wait 15 min along with 3 otheer customers that were ahead of me, when we aske what waqs the hold up, they said fryer wasnt working, one customer asked why he wasnt told that when he ordered, they replied they didnt know til they went to cook more, i preceeded to wait another 15 m9n til i recieved my in a hurry to get my boyfriend home i did not check my bag.once i got home and got him settled i went to fix him some food to find that i had 2 potatoes, 1 gravy 1 cole slaw in bag, NO nucket of chicken, No biscuits and no extra mac n cheese. so i called number on my reciept and talked to heather and told her what i received and did not receive, she replied do you want to come back and pick it up, i replied i lived a half hour away and you dont want be coming back out there now, i was not in the best of moods, so she said i could pick up when i was in town again so will see on monday what happens when i go back in town again ths is the worst experience i have ever had . have never had this kind of service here before. ty ronda martin

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