KFCemployment/work environment

Z Jul 15, 2019

I would like to complain about the work environment at my current place of employment. I've already submitted a hostile work environment claim. For two days in a row I have been verbally harrassed by one of my co-workers ( Said individual was not performing any required tasks in regards of his position) when he was asked to help, his words were "you're not my [censored]ing mom") The situation was directly reported to my supervisor. Her answer was to change MY schedule and also go through a transfer process for me. He has yet to receive any type correctional action. This is one of many issues at this location. We also have a manager that is constantly shutting himself in the office in order to video chat/swap inappropriate pictures with his said underage significant other. Again, this was reported directly to my manager. Her response was "He's okay; he is just laid back" How many situations is it going to take to make your company realize all of the illegal activity that goes on at this location? She also threatens several employees when it comes to earned vacation time. She has fired some employees, and others have quit and she has refused to pay out earned vacation time. You have a lawsuit on your hands. Now, I've studied the criminal justice system for 2 years, have the Degree to prove it and from my educational experience, 75% of her choices and actions are illegal. Now, again until you fix the underlying issue, I will continue to fight this. No one. Absolutley none deserves to work in such a hostile environment. It's sad that you've become a company that only cares about the next buck that's being made.

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