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I am a long time customer of KFC in Squamish B.C. The service of this restaurant is very bad. The drive thru is almost always closed, crates put on the road before the order guide. Always out of chicken one hour before closing. Manager always there but she doesn't seem to care about customer service. I wonder how clean this place is? Possible need intervention of a provincial food inspector.

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Oct 28, 2017 1:31 pm EDT
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We were disappointed with our KFC order in Cassville MO. on 10/13/17 order#347938. We were camping in the Roaring River Camp Ground and went into Cassville and placed an order for $21.72. When we returned to the campground to eat our KFC meal much to our dismay the chicken tasted horrible "greasy" possibly over cooked. I called the manager at [protected] to complain. Manager said that KFC was going out of business in Cassville and cooperate wouldn't buy any new grease. Manager said she was using old grease until they went out of business. Manager didn't offer us a refund and I wanted to convey how disappointed I am with the KFC brand. We are not complainers and have eaten at KFC's across the country. We spent our money on a KFC meal that day and we are very unhappy with the quality of our order. We fed our order to the Raccoons that night and had no complaints! Unhappy Customer, Ken Ingalls

May 16, 2016 2:08 pm EDT

Jul 03, 2009 2:14 am EDT

Dear Sir/Madam

As your regular customer I was very disappointed in the service which I received from your employee at Oshakati Yetu oulet.(Namibia).
In short at about 19:00 I visited your shop to buy for me a streetwise two. An arrogant young gentleman with the name of Spider or Striker assisted me and I asked him whether he can give me a drumstick and a breast.
The gentleman informed me that he can’t give me what I request and can only serve the pieces which are on your advertising boards.
An argument erupted between the two of us and I request the gentleman to provide me with a written document who said that he must only serve those pieces which is displayed on your boards.
He blatantly refused but in the meantime the young lady who was preparing the boxes put for me the pieces which I request and placed the box on the counter. Still your arrogant employee continues to ask me whether I can’t see what’s displayed on your notice boards.
At that moment I informed him that I am the one who’s paying for my meal and will decide on what I want to eat. Gentleman continues referring me to the board and at that time I made a payment with N$100 note.
At that time he request change from the other cashier and I exactly don’t know what happen but I could only overheard him when he told the other cashier who was also a male person to hurry up so that I can leave the shop.
I than asked him whether it’s his business for him to tell me to leave and at that time I asked the other cashier who’s the managed on duty. He than showed me a lady who was standing next to him and I informed to talk with her staff so that he can change his attitude towards customers.
Your staff spoiled the good service which I was always receiving from your personnel and in future I will thing twice before visiting one of your outlets.

Mar 09, 2009 10:42 am EDT
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Visited the KFC at Montrose next to the N3 Highway this week! What a shock! Rude staff to say the least! Only filled the meals halfway and when we confronted them they said that that was the new KFC policy! Being attentive to the problem we watched them as they worked and was shocked to see how they are ripping people off by giving them to little of everything and somethings not at all! (was a surprise to them that a meal meant chips and colddrink should be included! We've come to the conclusion (eating our fair share of kentucky fried chicken) that in South Africa you cannot get ant worse service than at KFC!

Nov 09, 2009 8:15 am EST
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Good Day,

It has come to my attention that KFC in Mangaung has no respect whatsoever to the customers, you never receive the service you are paying for, in many ways we have to wait while the are also not friendly. In recentr month after it was opened, we decided not to buy in KFC's that are based in Town, but to our fault we decided to support KFC in Township, but the sevice always bad, either they don't have what you want, or they don't even cook the chicken well...list can go on. Please do not take this as complain but more of concern from a support customer to KFC. Please, make something about the service & quick.

Mar 05, 2010 4:40 pm EST

Today I went to KFC which is located in Cairo – Egypt in Nasr City Area, 28 Mostafa El Nahas St.
I began to order and there wasn’t any problem until I was shocked that the guy who prepares the delivery meals is taking the pieces after its fallen from him on the ground and put it again in the boxes to go, moreover I found a customer who was complaining about a piece filled with blood which means not fried or cleaned well and telling the supervisor about it and what shocked me that the supervisor took the piece in silence and didn’t take any action and gave him another piece to shut him up. Now it’s my turn to take my order, the orders screen was off and the cashier guy was telling the kitchen about the order and remembering them about it every while!surprisingly I found the supervisor telling me after waiting for around 25 min. that there isn’t any bread for the sandwiches I ordered in the branch for the time being … I was so angry that after waiting that long, he discovered suddenly that there wasn’t any bread to make sandwiches . Moreover, I called the customer service to tell them about my upsetting, their solution was letting the supervisor of the branch calls me and what made me more angry that he called me laughing at my complain.
I don’t think that this is a proffesional way of handling problems or solving it.

Mar 08, 2010 9:18 pm EST

On two separate occasions I visited your store #TB23222and was given unacceptable service. The food was not what I ordered and when questioned my answer from an employee was " not my problem".
The store has not had the Grilled Chicken as advertised and the green beans that I bought were unedible they were very spicey and tasted as if they were sitting in water for days.
Also your store advertised a new product called Boneless filet, when I ordered it, the cashier took my order and after 30 minuetes someone else told me we no longer have this tonight, If I wanted to wait it would take an additional 20 min. ?

I will think twice before going to this particular store again. When speaking to the manager she was not at all helpful, all I got from her was the oven does not work and we only have one cook.

Please forward a response to this e-mail to [email protected] Thank you Peggy Dennehy

May 24, 2010 10:53 pm EDT

I frequent this KFC at least twice a week to purchase (2) Five Fiery Grilled wings meal with coleslaw . I know that the preparation time is normally 12 minutes. Sometimes I will call ahead, However on today May 24th after leaving a doctors appt. I stopped at this location and ordered my usual ( 2) five fiery grilled wings and was told it would be 15 minutes. I was okay with that and did not mind waiting since I had not called ahead. My receipt (after paying for my order) was time stamped 4:01. When I received my order it was 4:50. I was told on one occassion 5 more minutes. After maybe 15 more minutes I received my order. I frequent this location because it is near my sisters home and she is the one that I am getting the meals for. However I think that I should have been told if there was a problem and I would have gone to another location. My sister was sitting in the car all this time. This is unacceptable

Sep 06, 2011 3:27 am EDT

Went to store # 025753 on 9/4/11, wanted to order a 12 piece chix strip meal which would inclued 2 lg sides. was told that they only had 8 strips and that it would take 10-12 mintues to make more. Was told that they had boneless filets and they cost 1.99 each. We ended up getting a 6 piece strip and 4 filets, had to buy the sides for extra money.Bought a three piece meal also. The total bill came up to 32.48 I think that was a little much for the amount we bought. Then we waited and waited and waited some more. sat on a bench and watch cars go thru the drive thru. I counted 12 cars while we sat there. We placed our order at 2:43 we did not get our food till 3:05 that meant we sat there for over 20 mintues! Very poor service I could have gone thru the drive thru and gotten my order sooner, whats up with that. the people who come into your business have to wait? the amount of time that we waited I could have gotten the full order of of 12 piece meal and not had to pay the extra for the sides. Very disapointed in the whole thing

Aug 23, 2010 7:19 am EDT

Im curious that how cum KFC customer service became so bad!
My fren and I were went to KFC with happy mode, somehow my mood was destroyed by a Staff who named Fazila who working at Shah Alam Bukit Jelutong...

Tat day I was ordered 1 set meal for my lunch...and the drink i ordered is Pepsi, but then he served me a cup of sirap(red colour)..
By the time I reliased, I walked to the counter and asked for a change...
The staff FAZILA was refused to change for me with showing a ''irritate'' face to me!

Between, Im a customer who pay for it ...I have such right to ask for the change, why the staff never ever take care of customer's need?

Never ever have such bad exprience service in KFC!
plz provide training for them to improve thier attitude of serving customer!

May 24, 2012 2:18 am EDT
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The serice of Ketucky is terrible, as a weekly family treat we collect kentucky on a weekly basis which is now on a every second month basis just to see if the service and product is better. We have now stopped using Kentucky, 35 Year customer gone.
Walvis bay is the worst, No kiddy meals for over a year, No Hawaian Twister for years, as above I once ordered a street wise two and was so discusted at the product, The staff member in charge said 'Well thats what you get in a streetwise two" I threw the box back into the kitchen and stormed out, Once I had calmed down I phoned the manageress who just screamed at me because I had the ordasity to throw the meal at her staff.
Tonight I tried again but walked out as the staff had not prepared for the 17h00 daily invasion. The branch was in a terrible dirty state.
I am very disgusted with KFC. walvis bay KFC should be closed down by the health inspectors. My email [email protected] . Captain Hans Moeller

Nov 09, 2009 8:56 am EST

Serves you right for eating that crap anyway

Oct 16, 2008 3:26 pm EDT

Having had a bad day when my 8 year old child got her nose broke at lunch time at school we decided to take her out for tea to cheer her up so drove to kfc at teesside park stockton-on-tees uk. got there went inside and orderd a mini fillet burger, a popcorn chicken and two boneless box's and drinks.the girl behind the counter said the fillet wont be ready for 15 minuets do you wnt to wait we said no we would just have a regular fillet she then said we have no buns is it ok in a wrap ok we replied it then took her 15 minuets to work out how much money we owed her then she aked what you waiting for and gave us our fillet "wrap" and popcorn chicken. we then stood a further 20 minuets wondering whats going on she then said what you waiting for i said our boneless boxes "oh yeah ha, ha, " as she laughed us not laughing by this time. she got our boxes and when she passed them to me they felt light so i looked inside to find chips and NO CHICKEN i said what is this she replied you didnt want your mini fillet. what i said weres the chicken from our boneless boxes? . by this time 45 minuets later i said forget it i want my money back have your food back and let me go to macdonalds. we got our money back and went to macdonalds. i have never spent 45 minuets in a fast food resturant and not even eaten i will not go to another kfc again

Aug 09, 2007 8:41 am EDT

Kfc does not care about their customers. this is from the counter people all the way up to the top of the corporation. I was traveling one day and ordered take out. when we stopped to eat, items were missing. I contacted the area supervisor by email and when i didn't get a reply after 10 days i sent a second email. The supervisor told me that coupons would be sent to make up for the error. three weeks later still no satisfaction. A third email was sent this one was responded with "i am sending you a second set of coupons", two weeks later still no coupons. A fourth email now sent to yum brands (the parent company of kfc) no response. Email # 5 was sent to the district manager, my email stating that i think the supervisor lied when she claimed to send me coupons twice. The district manager now replies with a long email saying how my comment was inappropriate and how much money i was costing kfc. Email # 6 was sent to yum brands about the way they treat customers and still no reply. I am going to assume that this is the way the always handle customer concerns.

Jul 22, 2007 7:58 pm EDT

I live in Niceville Florida. We have one KFC restaurant in this town. And it is terrible! You offer all this new food on the tv commercials, and post all kinds of signs on the restaurant itself, but never carry any of the new products. For instance right now we tried to get the boneless teriyaki wings, and honey bar-b-que and they never got them in. One of the employees told us that the franchise manager said they were too $$$to sell so they dip regular wings in the sauce and try to pass them off as the boneless. This has not been the first time they have done this, and most city residents are getting tired of the false advertisement. KFC is now history to us. Coulld someone please investigate this establishment? Kfc was our dinner spot at least twice a week! It is on john sims pkwy, in niceville, Fla. 32578
jWould be best if they dont know you are coming, this way they cannot cover there crap up! Please inquire for this very dis-gruntled ex-customer


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