Kentucky Fried Chicken [KFC] / young man that is working for kfc is stealling an using it to terrorrize me a 61 year old women

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first off I am elderly, an now an now going on my 3rd year in the place I live in, the young man that is terrorizing me work's for the KFC off of Nalana here in McAllen TX. he is stilling product that he works around from there! such as spices, bar be cue chicken! the he brings the to my place an plants the in huge quantities around in my home an becomes A regular Dennis The Menace, from the time I have lived here many many time he has broken in my house, when I would leave, he spread spices all over my house, he puts them up in my air ducks, he put them all over my carpet an couch, an an were else he can he takes Bar Be Que sauce in large amounts with chicken an put large amounts in my oven, an then he puts in in my floor where my water heater is an he also has brook my microwave I had to replace it, also A coffee pot an not only that he has sliced up my tent in the back yard that I used for storage an stole many things out of my home an out of my tent I have reported this to the police A lot of things, an he has stocked me as well! do to the fact he is stilling out of one of your resistant I thought you would like to know all of this His name is Luke, you might want to take inventory just to see how much is missing, this young man has actually cased me A home invasion he even contaminates my food, an my tobacco an stills both of that also! the young man live in back of me! all because he tried to sell me marijuana an bars I turned him in for this! this boy is going to cry the sadist song to get out of what ever in gets in to just to get out of it, do not believe him, he is real good At it, this young man sound be told to take the train, first send someone from corporate do take account of inventory that is missing, I am giving you heads up who your thrift is! cheek it out! Deborah Klipstine

Apr 19, 2019
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  •   Apr 19, 2019

    Jeez learn how to spell. You sound like a lunatic who allows someone to break into your apartment.

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  •   Apr 23, 2019

    Oh my shi77in God this is hysterical.

    Put down the speed.

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  • Om
      Apr 23, 2019

    I think your tinfoil hat is too tight lady!

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