Kentucky Fried Chicken [KFC]the desire for kfc to ruin my child's teeth

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I went into KFC Al-Matrah branch today at approximately 4pm, with my two daughters and sister. We ordered two adult meals and wanted to purchase a mango juice for my two-year-old daughter who wasn't feeling too well in the heat. The manager of the KFC refused to sell it to us, and said we could purchase pepsi or water. My daughter is too young to drink pepsi and did not want water. I did not want to purchase a child meal. This is crazy logic. KFC would rather a two-year old drink pepsi and make that available to purchase without the purchase of a child's meal but not mango juice? What sort of logic is this? This sends off a terrible message and I will not be eating in KFC again. I am also going to get in touch with the Ministry of health about this, as I am a tourist in Oman and have NEVER come across such bad logic. Children should not be encouraged to drink pepsi over mango juice.


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      Jun 02, 2018

    This post made my day...

    "We ordered two adult meals..."

    The bad logic here is that the kids are seeing you stuff your face with two adult meals of unhealthy chicken.

    Seriously..."This sends off a terrible message and I will not be eating in KFC again"...

    Eating at KFC is something you shouldn't be doing anyway.


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