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I visited the KFC nest my home today. From my last visit there was was a survey I completed for a to go cup just purchasing any size drink. That is exactly what I did and the cashier by the name of Ana was the rudest person ever. She snatched my receipt with the code and I order a small drink and charge me for a medium. I paid her a she attempted to hand me my cup uncovered and not bagged. Through this she continued to mumble to another person making comments in Spanish. I asked for sauce and she was bothered then I ask for a bbq for the popcorn chicken again mumbled and closed her drive thru window. The saddest thing is that the other person that was Giggling I believe was a sup or manager due to her shirt being blue not like the cashier. This is why I would not complain to the store directly. Customers make establishments by frequenting them. No customers = no money if I am correct. Although KFC. Has been around since I can remember service like this tarnished the reputation in my opinion. The code I submitted for my cup was 21089 her info is on my receipt reads her name today's date and time of 11:53 am. Restaurant is C00001 ticket 1523 in Mission hills, ca. I will not be returning to your establishment after my experience.

Kentucky Fried Chicken [KFC]


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      Aug 07, 2018

    My girl didn't even know what a Go Cup was. I tried to explain. No go. Got a free drink

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