Kentucky Fried Chicken [KFC]poor service

2 Aug 12, 2018

This evening I took my wife to the store listed below.
I have had mixed service at this store in the past to include
The store being locked well before posted operating hours.
Availability of product varies greatly. Most of this has been through the
Drive through operation.
This evening we went into the store and ordered two of the $5 fill up
Packages. The young lady informed us that the original chicken would
Be available in 6 minutes. When we asked about the crunchy she said it would be
12 to 15 minutes. We waited for the the original.
As we waited I watched the staff being lead by a supervisor that seemed very frustrated
And was running around trying to do things that the other staff who were standing around not
Doing any thing. I observed a line developing at the drive through. My observation was that the
Cashier who was working this station could not remember the orders and had to continue asking the
Kitchen what was going out next.
As the business slowed then a music player in the kitchen area was turned up and a RAP song was played
Not the best music to enjoy a meal by but as we were the only customers in the seating area I guess the staff
Felt it was OK. Nothing was said by the shift supervisor so I can only assume your corporate model condones
This atmosphere.
Next came people changing shift. New staff arrived and went to the back of the store. Then one of the staff
Who was getting had a female visitor. She parked in the Hdcp spot and left the car running while she came
In to tell here significant other that she was there to pick him up. Not a major thing but when your staff came to
Front and greeted her with the F-bomb pound enough to be heard throughout the store. Shift manager was on her cell phone
At the time so nothing was said to your staff. Friend hung around leaning on the counter and did not order any product
Lastly the shift supervisor the began running back and forth trying to talk to some one called her grandfather on the business
Line and then taking another call from the grandmother that she was coming in to order chicken.
This went on for three or four minutes. The grandmother arrived and then occupied the staff trying to order food
All in all I have to say that there was no sence of professionalism that I have seen in other KFC stores.
I would suggest that the owner or some of your corporate advisors check this store out as I am sure that this store is
Not representing your franchise in a professional manner
All of this happened around 3PM Sunday the 12th of August, 2018

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