Kentucky Fried Chicken [KFC]not product but service

M Sep 04, 2018

I am complaining about the HORRIBLE SERVICE at our local kfc in Pocomoke City MD. I waited in line at drive thru for 20 min and still did not get my order I then called the number from the line and after 18 rings someone answered and I said I had called and was still in line waiting for my order 3 cars had gotten out of line and left others were complaining I could hear from the cars this is NOT​ a one time deal but always I was telling this story and 3 other people were telling the same thing it is just crazy that it would be like this when we want something from there we shouldn't feel like we need to take a Xanax before going just to take care of the stress of going . please check into this the management or something is wrong very!!! wrong. Thank you Joyce Taylor

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