Kentucky Fried Chicken [KFC]hi!


Hi! I come from China and I just moved to San Diego, CA this summer. The reason why I send you this e-mail today is just I am your best customer. I love having meals in your restaurants since I was 5. And it is always very good to eating food that you fried to me and my family in China. But I think there are some differences flavors or some resources you use in the US compare to KFCs in China. From my perspective, all of your restaurants in China cook chicken use less oil and better chicken than in America. And there are some kinds of food only provided in China but not here. This makes me a little bit disappointed and I think you are always my favorite so I just want to ask you could you please put less soil when you are cooking chicken and may be you can cook some kinds of food that are popular in Chinese KFC? Thank you so much! I am always you best fan in this world!

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