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I have this shopee delivery, the delivery date as per shopee status was september 13, 2019 and the currier was j&t express. On that day I did not received any delivery from them instead they called me september 14, 2019, 3:30pm and I told them if they can deliver it on monday september 16, 2019 because the address im using was company address and we have half day office only every saturday and the delivery man said ok. But when monday came there was no delivery of my shoppe so by tuesday sept. 17 I click shopee guarantee. By sept 18 a delivery of the same currier texted me, ian malibo, if im available for delivery the day after, sept. 19, and I replied yes but sept 20, 21, 23, 24 came I did received any delivery so I communicated to supplier and they said maybe the currier already cancelled it because the put on status failure to deliver due to force majoured... And advive me to re order. But sept 27 they attempt to deliver it and the reason of delivery man was it happened that it was put in bunch of delivery that they did not so it right away. I did received it since I already order it oto other supplier and already was received it. What im getting angry at was they keep on attempting to deliver it again amd again from sept 27 until today october 1... And they even insisting to me to cancel it... Its not my fault why force me to cancel it. And worse is they keep on calling me which already a disturbance to my work and keep on insisting to me to cancal it. The delivery is being rude the same time with their office... They dont even answer when I called them then the delivery man was rude the way they talk. Hoping you can give immediate action regarding this matter. This is my first time to encounter such lousy incompetent currier.

J&T Express
J&T Express

Sep 30, 2019

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