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Chase Bank / JPMorgan Chase Bank Complaints & Reviews

Chase Credit Card / bad customer service

I have had an account with Chase for quite awhile now but I had a family emergency and when I needed help in terms of payments, I went to debt consolidation. It worked great for me until another big family emergency hit than I had to go off the debt consolidation as well. I decided to work...

Chase Bank Reagan Branch Houston / irresponsible bank

i was deceived into believing my IRA was rolled over at this bank in November, 2006. through a pathetic series of errors on their part, this was opened as an ordinary savings and i was not aware for over 6 months!! Chase refuses to own up to these errors and i will wind up paying thousand...

Chase Bank / chase id protection charge

I had my chase amazon.com credit card june 2007. When I got the card, I called a number coming along with the credit card. - maybe this call led to my purchase of the id protection, but maybe not - I don't remember exactly. But very soon (June or july) when I found the id protection charge...

Chase Bank / terrible experience!

I wrote a balance transfer check from a Citi credit card account and deposited it to my Chase account on April 15 to pay Uncle Sam and unexpected tax bill. To make a long story short, due to a processing error at Citi, the check was returned. Unfortunately, this happened twice more, again...

Chase Visa / scam and cheating!

Beware of how long it takes for Chase to post your payment. I mail my check out 10 days in advance. It has never been late but once I used a convenience check with a low interest rate, my check all of sudden did not get posted till the day after the due date. I was charged a $39 fee and my...

Chase - Bp Gas Card / fraud company!

The program that Chase offers protecting you against fraud is a fraud its self. Chase failed to contact me when they were the ones putting charges on my account for their "Fraud Protecting Program." When they first told me the about the service I said I was not interested. The refused to...

Chase Card Service / continual, harassing phone calls

I am sending a complaint on behalf of my father. He has been receiving harassing phone calls from Chase Card Service. The name the representative gave is Mike Whaley. The numbers that show up on my father's phone are 1-800-424-5004, as well as 1-210-586-0050. This representative call...

Chase Credit Card / beware and look at your statements

I just looked at my Chase credit card statement and noticed a $12.99 charge. When I called I was told that is by Privacy Guard and I needed to contact them directly. They also told me the charge has been monthly for two years! I called Privacy Guard and they told me that Chase Customer...

Chase Bank Elite Excursions / deceptive targeting

Chase Bank repeatedly sends our teenage college student checks that are apparently free money. The fine print (which a teenager is unlikely to be alert to) states that cashing this $9.25 check commits her to annual fees of $119.99 for travel discounts. Chase is effectively preying on the...

Chase Home Finance / holding of monies for home stabilization

This company has been holding funds that belong to my home stabliization company, LRE, in Brooksville FL. I endorsed it and sent it back for them to endorse and return to me so I can render the funds to the appropriate party. This division (when you can get ahold of them) pretends they are...

Chasemastercard / charges

I have many credit cards of 1000 &2000 dollars I asked Chase if they would increase my credit they said no due to credit report they only would give me 300 dollars but it ok togo over your limit and charge you 38 dollars why not just increase my limit instead of making me go over you get...

Chase Visa / harrassment

I have type 1 brittle diabetes and have been ill for over 3 months. I wrote my creditor a letter on March 8th with a good faith payment of $20. In my letter I explained my illness and lack of ability to work or pay until my Social Security application is approved. They have called my home...

Chase Credit Card / late mail and late fees

I have been a Chase credit card holder for a number of years, and for 99% of that time there was never a problem. Suddenly in October of '07 I was hit with a late fee. I contacted Chase and was able to have this fee removed. Great! I then went searching for the cause of this trouble...

Chase Bank / ridiculous return fee!

My payment to Chase had been mistakenly charged to my savings account instead of my checking, like it should have been. And so, they send me a $40.00 "return" fee... when there is really nothing they had to "return". Thats like going to a restaurant and accidentally handing the waiter the...

Chase Home Finance / chase finance representative lied to me

I originally recieved a mortgage loan from another lender a year earlier who was able to clear up my $5000.00 debt and finance me for 7.5% on my home. I later wanted to refinance for more cash out and my lender wasn't able to extend this to me, so I called around and when I recieved a...

Chase Auto Finance / false charges for car &wear and tear& after lease turn in.

In february I turned in what was my second leased jeep grand cherokee and my fifth leased car. The new car I leased is a ford. Therefore the jeep was turned over to the local jeep dealership to be sent back to chase auto finance. First problem I had with chase auto finance was that it took...

Chase Home Finance / property tax refund

On January 2, 2008, I wrote a personal check for $3200.47 to the Denton County Tax Assessor-Collector for the 2007 property taxes on my town home at 266 Legends Dr in Lewisville TX 75057. The Denton county property tax account number for this property is R0268346. This payment should not...

Chase Bank / refuses to give me my ira money

Over a year ago I completed my divorce.I was given the IRA that my ex husband did not spend, held at Chase Bank . I brought in the settlement papers and the court order to Chase Bank of Channahon Il. for this account to come to me . Chase ran me around and around, had me resubmit the paper...

Chase Bank / hidden fees

Following is a letter I wrote to Chase Bank. They have denied all responsibility. So if you are dealing with Chase Bank, JP Morgan Chase Bank or Chase Investment Services be sure that you read ALL the fine print and make a recording of all your phone calls or person-to-person meetings. I...

Chase Home Finance / crooked business practices

I have been <unsuccessfully> trying to get incorrect charges on my escrow account changed AND to have a final loss draft amount of over $17, 000 returned to me for about 7 months. The result has been hours of chasing my account by phone, hundreds of dollars in fees, and now I'm...

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