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JPMorgan Chase Bank Complaints & Reviews

Chase Card Services - Wilmington, De / consumer robbery

Chase Card services of PO Box 1529 Wilmington De. 19850 I have been a Chase card holder for 8 years and never made one late payment. I very rarely carried any balance. I always paid it in full. This also being during my 3 deployments to support Iraqi freedom. I have recently retired from the...

Chase Home Finance / having to repay payments

Even though I have Western Union Receipts, Chase has not applied those payments to my account. To keep them from foreclosing we are having to repay these payment. I have overnighted copies of these receipts to them. They are saying that these payments were applied to other months. Non of...

Chase Auto Finance / this situation is unfair!

In January your collections area repossessed car not because I was not making an attempt to pay my loan I just could not make the full payment. I had called and informed them that I had loss may job. The first person I spoke with concerning this matter was very helpful and polite after...

Chase Manhattan Bank / sexual harassment cover up!

My nightmare began on or about February 6, 1996, I had just been terminated from Chase Manhattan Bank, in retaliation for complaining about unlawful sexual harassment. Immediately after the bank terminated me, I called Joshua Friedman. (Law Offices of Joshua Friedman 375 Park Avenue New...

Chase Auto Finance / claiming money owed after car turned in

This company is filled with ignorant and basically unethical people!!! My lease was up in January of 2007. I called the End of Term Dept and asked if I could drop off my car at the local Chrysler dealer up the road. Gentleman told me yes and said I had until 1/18/2007. In March of 2007...

Chase Manhatten Bank / rip-offs and poor customer service

I have a debit account or 'pay card' account that is through Chase Manhatten bank. I accidentally ran my pay card negative $6 and change-How this can even happen is beyond me (apparently allowing an account to run negative is a huge source of revenue). OK fine-I should have...

Chase Bank / unsolicited credit card offers

United Mileage Plus + Chase Bank I am a United Mileage Plus member. I receive unwanted and unsolicited credit card offers from Chase Card Services every month. I have entered my SSN on the “no credit card offers” list, I have telephoned both Chase and United, I have emailed both...

Chase Manhattan Mortgage / wrongful foreclosure

Starting In May of 2005, Chase added a hazard insurance in the amount of 7770.00 dollars (a rip off in itself) and then increased my payment by a 1000 dollars a month. My insurance agent sent the policy to them time after time after time... after 7 months, they said they would credit me...

Chase Bank Credit Card / deceptive trade practices

I have been a long term customer of Chase Bank both with business and personal accounts. My account was setup to auto pay each month. October 2006 I made a purchase that went over my credit limit but was approved by Chase, who then promptly changed (without notice) the interest rate from...

Chase Auto Finance / incompetence or fraud?

I leased a vehicle through Chase Auto Finance. At the end of the lease an employee of mine purchase the car from chase. She returned the plates and I never thought about it again. Several months later I received a bill for 270 dollars on taxes that Chase had paid to the city for taxes. I...

Chase Bank Credit Account / don't bank with chase!

I opened a Chase Credit account. I responded to an offer on tv made my Time/Life for a worship CD. I made it clear to the person on the phone that I DID NOT want to sign up for an ongoing, monthly CD club and if this is what that was please disregard the entire call. I was assured I could...

Chase Card Member Services / these people are mean!

Chase Card Member Services PO BOX 15548 Wilmington, DE 19886-5548 800-945-2000 (Customer Service) CONSUMER BEWARE: When you get E-mails from Chase, they have the appearance of mortgage refinance advertisement, not like some of the other card companies that make you clearly aware that you...

Chase Credit Card / horrible customer service!

After reading other Chase Credit Card complaints, I am glad I'm not alone, but at the same time, it's sad that Chase has not woken up to their horrible customer service. I'm going to get out of my credit card as soon as I can use or transfer my airline miles. The poor...

Chase Bp Credit Cards / scummy business practices

I am complaining about the “new” BP Card that I was coerced / mislead into getting which replaced the traditional gas card. The new card is a Credit Card full of fees. After 1 late pmt (over Xmas) when mail was late, they reported us to the credit bureaus. This is scummy...

Chase Auto Finance / dishonest business practices!

Division of Chase Manhattan Represent themselves as being Headquartered in Phoenix Arizona. Business Type - Automotive Leasing/ Finance Company. Where to begin? Chase Auto basically are what has been commonly referred to as "thieves". This company although they were prepaid on a lease some...

Chase Manhattan Bank / illegal billing and overdraft fees!

Today, because of activity on my account, the four transactions overdrew my checking account by $30.00. Chase immediately seized on the moment and charged another $140 in overdraft fees, making the total balance a negative $170. I live on a very fixed income, and that $140 is my car...

Chase Manhattan Bank / resolving issues with chase manhattan bank

I also suffered problems with Chase regarding unwarranted interest hikes, insufficient explanations, and unhelpful representatives. However, by contacting the Better Business Bureau, I was able to achieve favorable resolutions with Chase. Complaints can be filed on BBB's website and...

Chase Manhattan Mortgage Corporation / dishonest mortgage foreclosure

Due to both of us losing our job at the same time, we were forced to file bankruptcy in 2005. Thanks to God's providence, we were able to "save" our home, or so we thought. After the bankruptcy was discharged, the mortgage company, Chase Manhattan Mortgage Bank, began sending me...

Chase Home Finance / chase keeps insisting that I owe them this money, and I do not

The Business is Chase Manhattan, The Chase Home Finance Department that holds the Mortgage to my Home, It all began when my one of the agents with my insurance Provider accidently cancelled my insurnace by one digit , It was suppose to be another persons account they were cancelling, but...

Chase Manhattan Bank / ruining my credit

In July 2005 Chase claimed I was 30days late on my payment increasing my interest rate to 27%, my bank payment history showed I made a payment for the month of July also in April 2006 I made a payment of two thousand at the time I had a balance of over four thousand, on my May 2006...

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