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Chase Bank / JPMorgan Chase Bank Complaints & Reviews

Chase Bank / JPMorgan Chase Bank / horrible customer service

nru on Mar 20, 2018
I am a client and went in October to get my dormant account activated, the personal banker had no courtesy to even say hello, I sat down and he said it is all good. Went to branch again in march to make a deposit and they said your acct is dormant and I am not sure how they did but made...

Chase Bank / JPMorgan Chase Bank / credit card charges due to fraud/scam

Baba T on Mar 18, 2018
On 11/2/17 there was a charge to Western Union to a supposed business that I was paying a fee. It was a scam and fraud. I have complained to several companies to resolve including Western Union. They refuse to pay. My bank should back me up on fraud charges with these types of companies. I...

Jpmorgan Chase / customer service

lorraine elkins on Mar 17, 2018
my online account wouldn't open. I called at least 3 or 4 times and did not receive help they wanted my secret ATM code which I gave them and now they can get into my bank account and I cant. no security except to keep a customer out of an online bank account to pay a bill and no customer...

Chase Bank / JPMorgan Chase Bank / checking account fees

KaitlinK on Mar 14, 2018
I understand chase is a large corporation and they care more about the business side than the personal lives of the little people who actually bank with them but I am very disappointed and upset at the way business is handled. We were charged 3 overdraft fees even though we deposited cash...

Chase Bank / JPMorgan Chase Bank / credit card

stevelnyc on Mar 9, 2018
I took up a Chase Bank interest-free promotion offer that I received in the mail and paid to have my old credit card account balance transferred to Chase. It was my clear understanding that transfer and new purchases were treated the same and both were included in interest-free 1 year...

Chase Bank / JPMorgan Chase Bank / chase mortgage banking — worst ever!!!

sglawson on Mar 9, 2018
This letter is a formal complaint regarding my current situation with Chase Mortgage Division. As the Seller I have been treated horrible, and after 67 days our home still has not closed and we still have no closing date. Working with Chase Mortgage has been a nightmare. Our pre-qualified buyer and...

Chase Bank / JPMorgan Chase Bank / unauthorized amount charged by merchant

gdonner54 on Mar 2, 2018
On 1/23 I reviewed my bank summary and noticed a charge of 119.95. I had no idea what the charge was for. I called the merchant speaking to a XAVIER, after considerable time on the phone he told me it was for a purchase for face cream. I told him I would never ever have made such an...

Chase Bank / JPMorgan Chase Bank / atm sacramento airport

Eva obar on Feb 28, 2018
I used the sacramento airport chase atm, to withdraw money, well ot aaid it could not dispense funds, yet charged me for the 500$. My bank card, b od a filed a complaint for me, but said it could be weeks before i get my money back. My bls arnt going to wait for weeks, i cant believe thi...

Chase Bank / JPMorgan Chase Bank / customer support - online banking

don't even know where to begin with the lack of support and horrible experience I have dealt with from chase support team regarding a deposit that was inadvertently transferred to the incorrect Chase account. My daughter and I contacted chase to cancel this transfer and we were transferred...

Chase Bank / JPMorgan Chase Bank / overdraft

mkbatman1963 on Feb 27, 2018
Does it really matter to complain? In most cases nobody has the power to change anything but here goes. I lost my job recently and fortunately found another starting next week. I'm like most of us paycheck to paycheck. I'm on fumes at moment so every dollar counts and have just enough for...

Chase Bank / JPMorgan Chase Bank / closing checking account that was just opened

KBrown24 on Feb 15, 2018
My wife and I an getting ready for a divorce and she took the majority of money that was in our joint account to an account she had opened some time ago. Since I am caring for our 3 year old son, I went and opened a new checking account and moved what money remained in the joint account...

Chase Bank / JPMorgan Chase Bank / chase, closing checking accounts with no reason

A bad bank on Jan 25, 2018
No call, no email, no warning. Just all of a sudden my bank account was close by chase. I called the customer service and went to a local bank and no one can say why. The funny thing is they said they have the right to just close the checking account as much as I have the right to close my...

JP Morgan Chase / fraudulent debit card - refusal to refund money

LeighVC on Jan 23, 2018
A fraudulent transaction was used through Paypal with my debit card from Chase Banks on 11/21/17. I was notified by ebay that a fraudulent transaction occurred via email. This alerted me to check my bank account. I was charged $463.34 through a fraudulent paypal purchase. I immediately...

Chase Bank / JPMorgan Chase Bank / chase credit card

MissMusical on Jan 18, 2018
A couple of years ago, I ran into some issues financially and worked out a payment plan with Chase which they INSISTED had to be put on a payment program in-house with them. I gave them my banking information and everything went smoothly for just over a year...then the nightmare began...

Chase Bank / JPMorgan Chase Bank / Telephone banking sector - retail bank account

Andreas Keller on Jan 12, 2018
I reside in Argentina, and just received an Account Certification Form dated June 2017 asking me to certify that my account is active or that the account would be closed. My account is in Chase and amount on deposit: USD 3, 868.61 I contacted several layers of Chase's telephone banking sector...

Chase Auto Finance / harassment

acsmith1972 on Jan 6, 2018
I have to be honest, sometimes I get the right person on the phone and they seem to have a clue and aren't rude, but most of the time I get the bad ones who insult you. I'm fully aware that I'm behind of my own fault. I have a lot of bills and I'm not great with keeping up with everything...

Chase Bank / JPMorgan Chase Bank / needs a full reconveyance from washington mutual

tuduynguyen on Dec 28, 2017
My house was posted on a bond. Washington Mutual is the trustee. The District Court sent me a letter and the deed stated that it is cleared and I need a full reconveyance from Washington Mutual to record. I took the District Court letter and the deed to a Chase Bank in Simi Valley for help...

Chase Bank / JPMorgan Chase Bank / validated unauthorized charges and other charges from a scam company called spotfn

NagaJolokia on Dec 12, 2017
I provided all the evidence that SpotFN was a scam company and even had the contact information and website of a former broker of theirs, who publicly revealed all of their scam, to help with my case. The supervisor of the dispute department actually requested that I get in touch with a...

Chase Bank / fraudulent charges on a lost debit card

Hootie0203 on Dec 11, 2017
My son made a cash deposit of $125 at an ATM on Dearborn in Chicago and must have lost his debit card there or somewhere soon after. Supposedly, Chase claims my son called them - no voice records as it was all done electronically - and claims that he deposited $2000 in cash. Thi...

Chase Bank / JPMorgan Chase Bank / business checking

Kvancamp on Dec 11, 2017
I have had an business account for 20 years the bank shut down our debit cards with no notice. Now they are saying that I have to open a whole new account with new numbers because it was set up wrong ITS BEEN 20 YEARS I HAVE HAD THIS ACCOUNT! They should allow me to keep my account number!...


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