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JPMorgan Chase Bank Complaints & Reviews

Chase Auto Finance / Auto Lease End Charges

eragbag on Jul 23, 2017
Don't lease any car that finances their leases through Chase Auto Finance. Months after returning the car you get a bill for "excess wear and tear". They supply no evidence to substantiate their claim. The car is no longer available for inspection. They will give you a runaround...bouncing...

JPMorgan Chase Bank / Customer Service

Jchandler90 on Jul 23, 2017
I do not have an account with Chase. And after what happened, I'll never get an account with Chase and all my friends and family who had a Chase account. Closed it. I went to Chase Bank off highway 360 and Post And Paddock in Arlington, Texas. It was last Thursday at about 5:30pm. I went...

JPMorgan Chase Bank / check holding

Charity Lopez on Jul 21, 2017
I was never once informed when i opened an account that my paycheck would be held for 24 hours. After being repeatedly lied to that every bank does this I stated that i would be back tomorrow to withdraw the total sum and close my account asap. Horrible staff cant even own up to how they...

JPMorgan Chase Bank / My Account being Overdrafted do to chase Error.

Taneya on Jul 21, 2017
On July third I deposited a department of board of education check into my account Chase cleared it and 3 to 2 Days Later they said the check has been returned and I asked do they have any reason why the check was returned they didn't have an answer for me they keep telling me to check...

JPMorgan Chase Bank / wrong financial information given to me about my account.

Chaudhry Masood on Jul 19, 2017
On 7/14/17 in deposited a money order of $989. I was told I can take out $200 right now and the rest of the money will be cleared to use after 24 hrs. I rejected to take $200 on the spot and insisted to wait until all of the money is available to use. So on 7/15/17 to 7/17/17 I checked...

JPMorgan Chase Bank / disputed charge

Phillip L. Lucas on Jul 16, 2017
01/13/2017 disputed charges from Directv due to breach of contract. Informed Chase card member services before charge came through. Chase informed me to wait until the charge showed up. I had to dispute charge twice with proof. Was told we did not return equipment. We proved all equipment...

JPMorgan Chase Bank / closing an ira account without notifying the customer

jrmontecino on Jul 10, 2017
In Jan 0f 2017 I went to Chase to open an IRA as I would be receiving a large sum of money from the City of San Bernardino/PARS retirement. The City took much longer than anticipated and I did not get the check until July. Upon receiving the check. I took it to the bank to deposit it in my...

JPMorgan Chase Bank / service and bank manager attitude

Jerry & Co on Jul 9, 2017
I open a Checking account and a student account on May 4th, 2017. I was promise $500 on condition we would open a savings account and monthly direct deposit of wages into checking account. As of July 6th, my promised by the Bank officer that he needs approval of his Bank Manager. When I...

JPMorgan Chase Bank / stood in lobby for 10 mins

Samantha Cisneros on Jul 5, 2017
Stood in the lobby for 10 mins before I made contact with a teller. That was after a banker walked passed me and said nothing and failed to ask if I needed anything. Another banker sitting in office directly facing where I was standing and said nothing. When I asked if I could get some...

JPMorgan Chase Bank / closing an account

Joanne Hunt on Jul 4, 2017
Living in the UK since 2010 and have been trying to close out my account since Mar 2017, numerous letters, faxes and telephone conversations and still no closer to closing out. Nobody want's to take ownership. If I can't answer security questions then I can't close the account! Online...

JPMorgan Chase Bank / claim on charges to your account.

I am very unhappy with the claim department that helps with claims that are charge to your account. I got running around all morning with this bank and product supposed I bought. But never got product. Got charge 89.95 and 85.95 on beauty product that I never order or got at my house. Bank...

JPMorgan Chase Bank / customer abuse

Christine Lindquist on Jul 3, 2017
On November 13, 2016 our dad, Terry Lindquist, died. This was a huge loss to our family. Within the first month after his death, our mom experienced increased confusion and difficulty managing every day activities. Unpaid bills began to accumulate and I offered to help her sort out her...

JPMorgan Chase Bank / banking system offline nationwide

Sydney Peritz on Jul 3, 2017
I went online to check my balance and the system is offline. Not for maintenance, but completely unavailable with no known reason. The automated phone service is also shut down except for reporting lost or stolen debit cards. I called my personal branch, which is open because it's a...

JPMorgan Chase Bank / corp / business bank account

Stephen Th on Jun 30, 2017
We have been long time personal and corporate customers of Chase until our corporate account was randomly closed today just before July 4th weekend. No letter received other than a new debit card for the account 15 days before, the usual marketing peddling credit products we don't need, no...

JPMorgan Chase Bank / checking & savings account monthly statements mailed to me

Felix Garza on Jun 28, 2017
Hi, my name is Felix C. Garza & I am a Chase bank customer. I have a checking account, savings account, debit card & a Chase Visa credit card. I do most of my banking & pay most of my bills using Chase bank's online banking services. I check my checking account, savings account & my Chase...

JPMorgan Chase Bank / home loan

Busdrvr805 on Jun 27, 2017
Chase stole my home after giving me a predatory loan. I put down 58, 000 as a down payment. My loan payment was supposed to be $1400 taxes and insurance included, but instead I received a $3000 a month interest only loan. They gave me 2 sets of documents. I complained and tried to get my...

JPMorgan Chase Bank / small business customer service

Daniel Coryell on Jun 26, 2017
I have been mistreated by Chase personal. First by Mr. Michael Luong at the Castro Valley, CA branch were I opened my business account. Mr. Luong was hard to contact, did not keep his promise to help me, and when finally contacted was rude, arrogant, and disrespectful. I contacted hi...

JPMorgan Chase Bank / auto finance department.

Erin Berriel on Jun 23, 2017
I have been trying to transfer the registration of my car to New Jersey from New York for one year. The most recent attempt began in early March 2017 and to this date - June 23 2017 my title has not been sent to NJ DMV. I have called multiple times and asked for supervisors with no...

JPMorgan Chase Bank / poor customer service

Jaimey on Jun 19, 2017
I was so disappointed with the customer service that l've experienced at Chase 102 Robles way, , Vallejo branch. You have a very rude, arrogant, sarcastic and unprofessional personal banker namely Mr. Cornelio Santos, I went there for business not for someone else giving me a lecture and...

JPMorgan Chase Bank / account #1973899070

D Guy on Jun 19, 2017
For the last few months Chase and I have been in contact regarding my desire to mortgage release. I have faxed numerous documents at your request, my time and money could have been saved if your decision to sell my mortgage to another company had been made months ago. I only wanted thi...

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