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Bank Mobile Vibe reviews & complaints

Bank Mobile Vibe complaints 72

Bank Mobile Vibe - Dispute department

October 14, 2020 My purse with bank mobile vibe card and drivers license. stolen. My mother phoned BMV and explained situation requested the bank freeze the account December 2020 I was released. I...

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Bank Mobile Vibe - Service after losing my student card, and not beinng able to oder new one.

I an an ADA student at Sacramento City College in Sacramento, CA with no cell. Just a home phone, and 64 years old. I lost my card and tried call. But without success !. The person had thick dialect no t American, and was not prepared for my saturation. Card Number5107748221779973. I am a HEADINJURIED STUDENT, and fall under ADA. This company has no format for the disable student. Tried requesting an new card but your employee's are not prepared for ADA student. This is a form of discrimination's.

Desired outcome: mailed new card, and employee training.

Sep 27, 2021

Bank Mobile Vibe - Refund

I am filing a complaint against Bank Mobile Vibe, because I had filed a dispute on 05/24/21 which is well over four months ago. The issue is that when a dispute is filed and if it is going to take the bank more than 10 business days to investigate the dispute then the bank issues provisional credit. Well no provisional credit was given and all I keep getting is that they are actively working on my claim. This dispute was filed against a charge in the amount of $24.99 to Google play credit. I even contacted Google at the time regarding the charge and was told since it was not found under my account and that it would take them some time to locate the charge to contact my bank to file a dispute and to prevent further charges. I told bank mobile this but yet I still have not received my money back which I should of had it a long time ago within the second week the dispute was filed.

Desired outcome: Refund 24.99

May 29, 2021

Bank Mobile Vibe - Scam

I had money taken out of my account for an item that I purchased. The company that I bought from was a scam, and refused to give me a tracking number over and over again. I asked for my money back and never received anything. They refuse to respond to my messages. Then after I filed a dispute the company provided a tracking number and said the item was delivered and I never received the item. The company that I bought from was a scam, and all the information they provided was fake. A different seller email and seller name and when I called the number of the seller that bank mobile send ( the denied claims paperwork) that number didnt work as well

Desired outcome: I want my funds returned

Bank Mobile Vibe - Customer Service Representative

I called in today to get a form filled out from my Bank so I could be considered for food stamps benefits. Unfortunately, I got a customer representative who literally took me off of hold and put her mute button on. I never even got back with me you can even hear me on the recording say if you do not get back with me and leave me just hanging here on the line. I am going to report this. So here I am reporting it I called at 8:22 AM and was on the phone for exactly 23 minutes. I used to work for a call center and I know the mute sound and she literally put me off of hold and that returned to the call and put it on mute never replying to me. Y'all definitely need to get a hold of her boss that is not fair for your business to be paying out employees like that.

Desired outcome: Her to call me and apologize or a call from you would suffice letting me know what you guys are going to do about this

Bank Mobile Vibe - Always ignores disputes!!!

Good Morning,
my name is Naseem Razavi, a recent guest at :

Business Name: Woodmark Hotel
1200 Carillon point
Kirkland, WA 98033

Business #: [protected]

Explanation of complaint:
The hotel has charged over $1937.67 and an additional $66.12.
Ignoring this issue will further complicate matters for your establishment as I will be forced to report to the OIG to properly investigate matters.

I have attached the actual official bill. Which also includes $500, dollars which I paid in cash upon arrival in addition to providing my credit card.
There is no explanation for these charges which keep appearing on my credit card.

Desired outcome: Full refund


Bank Mobile Vibe - Customer service at Bank Mobile via phone

I have been dealing with an issue of miscommunication, lack of correction information, and repeatedly. Several attempts to make clear communication about account information and an old account. I wa...

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Apr 28, 2020

Bank Mobile Vibe - Fraud

Someone opened a fraud bank account and Bank Mobile sent my college refund to a bank account in another state. The account is not mine and nor has it ever been. I provided all documentation to bank...

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Dec 24, 2019

Bank Mobile Vibe - increase in deposit limit

I have asked for an increase in the amount I can deposit into my own account and was denied an increase! I attempted to contact on several occasions and was not given a reasonable explanation. Any other bank account I have ever had I could go through the drive through and make a deposit no questions asked but a limit on deposits is unreasonable!

I have never heard of a bank doing this before so I will be withdrawing my money and closing my account after being a good customer for over 8 years.


Bank Mobile Vibe - bankmobile vibe

There clowns are seriously trying to play with peoples money! I disputed a charge and they decided they would give me the money back "while they investigated" and later felt the need to email me 1 second before they before they proceeded to take the money back claiming "I lose the dispute". So you mean to tell me I get no notification and you all are just going to make my account negative and take any direct deposit I have coming? Yes, you knew we were going to do this, ahem excuse me? Customer care was rude, attempted to act like my phone was all of a sudden dropping the call and also putting me on hold and coming back like a parrot from whoever else was in the room. Even a one day notice would have been respected, but 1 second is not enough time to notify me you are taking the money you gave me back after 3 months and a week before christmas! I am so done! Bankmobile is not a bank because they do not care for their customers nor do they respect them,

Oct 31, 2019

Bank Mobile Vibe - fees and such

Scammers and liars that have been scripted to prey on people who use the bank. Reading reviews online and hearing from people in general can be a 50/50 chance of truth or false conclusions. So I tried them myself as a plumber and returning student just to get another trade under my belt. Well the feedback has more truth than lies I'll tell ya! I'll be looking for a better account that helps students and tradesmen without all the hidden crap and nut jobs lying.

Oct 08, 2019

Bank Mobile Vibe - not a real company

DO NOT TRUST THIS INSTITUTION BANKMOBILEVIBE! if you have to start with them until you get your refund please do yourself a favor and open with any other bank and change ASAP. Their customer service is not just for them its a hired call center. This is your money do not trust a bank that doesnt have employees! and charges for everything. Im disgusted and feel strong ARMED !the only reason it gets one star is because my refund from school was deposited immediately. first bank card never came. I could not get a hold of anyone IN CUSTOMER SERVICE so I had to report it stolen and had to pay a 10 dollar fee. when I did get a hold of somebody they had no idea anything about the company the actual bank...because they are just a hired call center answering calls for many companies? WHAT!
they transferred me to someone who actually knew a little more but they were totally rude and completely said this is not the banks responsibility it was no fault of the bank repeatedly they said this like a machine. Leaving me to believe they also were just a hired call center.

When I ordered complimentary cxhecks and they never showed up over 3 weeks later they wanted to deny responibility there too. Do Not trust them !

Bank Mobile Vibe - motel 6

My boyfriend and I went here around 5:00 a.m. to get a room after traveling for awhile. The man/clerk at the desk was extremely rude when asking for my boyfriend's ID & needed a debit or credit card...

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Jul 05, 2019

Bank Mobile Vibe - bankmobile fees

I am considering banks after i noticed bank mobile has been taking 2.99 out my account for a few months. This is an issue because i need these funds to pay for school and you guys are taking money out every month making it almost impossible. I choose this banking because i was informed they charge no fee every month. Now i get an email saying i was charged $2.99 because i am not making $300.00 monthly deposits. Well of course i am not having $300 monthly put into my account because this is a refund card meaning money only gets deposited when i am in school and am receiving a refund. This is very disappointed you guys are a bank known for student refunds but you still find a way to charge students every month for not receiving refunds. Makes absolutely no sense and i will not be recommending this bank to anyone.

Bank Mobile Vibe - bank mobilevibe

AWFUL AWFUL AWFUL I am required to use this app by my college in order to receive my grant money. My account is locked and I need to speak with someone to unlock it. The numbers provided to not take me to a real person, and there is not an option for what I need. So until I get a number to where I can talk to a real person instead of an automated call I do not get my grant money.


Bank Mobile Vibe - your monthly withdrawing of 2 dollars has now made my account negative

You have pulled 2 dollars out of my account for no reason which has now put me in the negative on my account. If this is gonna become a problem I'll just close the account this is absolutely absurd that a bank would withdraw money from your account to make it negative just so you have to put more money in to keep it positive and keep paying them. This bank is starting to look like a scam.

Apr 02, 2019

Bank Mobile Vibe - banking

Customers bank is Ridiculous mobile alerts does not work the emails do not get sent all time they do not release the fines the same day they say they never received the funds and then I call the school and the school released it like multiple days ago more than like 3 days ago and bank mobile still doesn't have it Then when you call one person says they can't see it the other person says this pending 1 person says this many days the next person says this many days it's just ridiculous

Jan 28, 2019

Bank Mobile Vibe - bank

I've been in contact with bank mobile for over 2 weeks now for funds that were never received. I've been in contact with my school everyday and even receive proof funds were sent 2 weeks ago. Never...

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Bank Mobile Vibe - debit card

Had fraudulent transaction Xmass for 650 dollars from a phone payment giving my information. I contested right away. I got email 10 days later. No refund will be made and my account will be close...

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Jan 04, 2019

Bank Mobile Vibe - bank not releasing deposit

I rented a rental car from Hertz from Dec 31, 2018 and placed a $200 hold/deposit on the card. The car was returned on Jan 2, 2019. As of Jan 4, the funds have not been returned. Hertz released the...

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