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closing accounts for no reason

I had a credit card with providian bank which was then transferred to wamu... And then chase took over wamu.

I tried to charge $89 yesterday and was embarrassed to find out it was declined. I checked online and was over $1, 000 below my limit and my payment wasn't due yet so I contacted chase.

That's when I found out my account had been cancelled in july! The reason? I was using up too much credit on my credit cards. So even though i'd never ever been late on any credit card nor had I ever gone over my limits on any credit card, chase canceled me.

I looked further online and saw a slew of complaints about this - mostly chase and amex. It's insane - why cancel people who have never missed (Or was late on) a payment?!

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    Patricia Ann Williams Mar 15, 2010

    My name is Patricia Ann Williams: I had providian, then wa-mu and now chase. Last year chase closed an account with a credit limit of $10, 300. This year, I paid the account off($5005) dollars. I received a letter last week telling me they were closing another account with a credit limit of $7400.00. I Paid both of these accounts off in January of 2010. chase is not making any interest from me; so they closed the accounts. Called but got a lot of bull... The truth of the matter is my credit score is higher now than when I received these credit cards. Due to the closing of these accounts; I am sure my credit score will plummage. It's a domino effect: The government implements laws to help the consumer, but in reality it hurts the consumer. Obama don't have to buy his own shoes strings and has no idea what is going on regarding these credit card companies. They are ruthless and will probably continue these unjust practices. I am retired and on disability.
    The government is a lot of talk and that's all.
    I am very disappointed; but things will go on as usual(it's all a game) and the consumers suffer.
    This is just wrong!!!

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  • Pa
    Patricia Ann Williams Mar 15, 2010

    My name is Patricia Ann Willams: I had providian, then wa-mu and now chase. Last year chase closed an account with a credit limit of $10.300.00. This year; I paid the account off ($5005.00). I received a letter last week telling me they were closing another account with a credit limit of $7400.00. I paid both of these accounts off in January of 2010. chase is not making any interest from me; so they closed the accounts. Called chase, but just got a lot of bull... The truth of the matter is my credit score is higher now than when I received these credit cards. Due to the closing of these accounts; I am sure my credit score will plummage. The government implements laws to supposely help the consumers; but in reality it hurts the consumers. Obama doesn't have to buy his own shoe strings and has no ideal what is going on with these credit card companies. What's the point of having credit card companies tell you how much it will cost you if you only pay the minimum. People are out of work and have no health insurance. Its a domino effect: The government come down on the credit card companies and the consumers get the backlash of what the government has done. These credit card companies are ruthless and will probably continue to be so. The government is a lot of talk and that is all.

    I am very disappointed; but things will go on as usual(it's all a vicious game) and the consumers suffer. This is just wrong...

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    Hossien Sep 13, 2012

    Our chase checking account was restricted without any notice as well. We had this account for 13 years (started when it was Washington Mutual bank). I was an loyal  customer in every way, direct deposit two pay checks, home mortgage with chase, credit cards, ATM cards and the whole deal. All of the sudden they decided to close my account. When asked why, both by phone and going to their branch, I was told they can not tell me why. I will spread the news on face book sites and all my friends and family that Chase sucks big time.

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questionable banking ethics

We used to bank with wamu until chase bought it out. Chase bank is wwwwaaayyyy too big to be a "people's" bank. We are blown off with every complaint from holding all small checks for sometimes 48 hours to process all large checks through first (Which go through like freight trains) , to holding "pending" deposits of payroll checks that have been deposited to the account for close to 10 years for the reason of, "it's a larger check than usual". (I got a raise for work performance if it's really any of their business). This bank is working under questionable business ethics.

  • Jd
    J.D.eSquire Mar 31, 2014

    THAT isn't questionable in my opinion. Most would agree its just theft.

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surprise interest rates

Chase took over my account from Washington Mutual. Since the first statement I go my interest rate increase...

mortgage crooks

My husband and I had our mortgage with WaMU. We filed chapter 7 bankruptcy since my husbands business failed and we were paying and over $3000.00 mortgage. We bankrupted our second mortgage, working with a bankruptcy attorney. I went on Chases website, downloaded and filled out a Loan Modification package. After three months of calling and getting no response, I finally got thru to our loan rep. She told me Congratulations that we had qualified for a Trial Payment Plan. We have been faithfully paying our first mortgage of over $2300.00. With their Trial Payment Plan, I was told we had to pay three mortgages of $2100.00 and then if we did that, our mortgage would be reaccessed and modified to fit our current income. Well the 2100.00 was better than the 2300.00 so we thought we were getting somewhere. After three weeks of not receiving any paperwork, I called my loan rep and guess what. She does not work in that dept anymore and I was given a new name. This one likes to email so I stated emailing. Well first I was told that their systems were being updated and she could not help me unitl that was done. In the meantime my husband and I received a notice from Chase that they are suing us for not paying our mortgage for three months. I immediately got on the phone and had my bank (n0t Chase) fax me copies of the cancelled checks. The did and guess what- Chase's stamp is on the back of all three. They have cashed our mortgage payments and our now using our mortgage money to sue us. I faxed the attorneys a letter along with our cancelled checks. Have not heard a word back from them. I emailed our loan mod girl and told her what was going on. She said she knew nothing about the lawsuit and had turned my email over to their legal dept. She also told me our paperwork was with an outside vendor who does their mailing for them and she would have to follow up. What a joke. I advise all AMERICAN'S to boycott this bank. One hand does not know what the other is doing. If we don't come together they are going to rip us off blind, which is what they are already doing.

  • Ni
    nietschke Nov 20, 2009

    I agree - had home equity loan on mother in law's house - she died - sold house and can't pay off loan even though there is lien on house - can;t get rid of lien because no one knows how to at Chase - hoired lawyer - he can't even find source of lien -


    Want to file a class action suit against Chase and Wamu? [email protected]

    I have called Chase more than 20 times in the past week - robots

    Write to me at [email protected]

    Have even called Attorney General's office in Illinois, Ohio, Missouri - NO ONE WILL HELP ME FIND OUT HOW TO GET RID OF LIEN...

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  • Al
    Allegory42 Feb 04, 2011

    We also went through a "loan modification" program with Chase (after being told by one of their employees that our priorities were in the wrong place as we valued paying the electric and feeding our kids over keeping up on our payments). We were given the trial payments, and when the three months were up had heard nothing. Phone calls lead to being told to continue to make the modified payments until told otherwise. From October until MAY we made these payments, then were told our modification was approved... of course, the payment was the same one we could not afford before the trial period! We had a choice: accept the modification and make the payments, or lose the house. According to their underwriters, my husband's GROSS pay "clearly indicated that we could afford the payment." Sure. If we only eat mac and cheese. Thy are charging us 8.8% interest for a fifteen year refinance. The have several departments in CA and others in CO and none of them know what the others are doing. It's theivery, plain and simple.

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  • Ju
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    Your Home and your Mortgage will likely be the largest purchase you will ever make. Its never been more important to be educated on the facts about a lender before its to late. The lender you work with can positively or negatively effect every part of your and your families life forever.

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  • Ch
    chaseiscrooked Dec 31, 2013

    After being ill and getting behind on my mtg, I sent 2 loan mod pkgs to Chase and our "loan rep", if she even existed, would never return any phone calls or emails (in fact, my emails came back "deleted/not read"). After speaking with someone else, Chase claimed they never got the 1st pkg (which took approx 2 days for me to prepare), then a few mo later, they mysteriously found the pkg, but claimed the docs were now too old and I would have to re-do. Guess what, no response on the 2nd pkg either. Even faxed them both Fed Ex receipts. What a scam!!! Now, they are sending me pkgs to do another one, right. I suspect that all that time and expense on my part to prepare these pkgs went straight into a shredder at Chase. But after reading up on consumer complaints and comments, sounds like I may have dodged a bullet by not getting their "loan mod"!! My 2nd & biggest gripe with Chase is that I made (2) house pmts online, and, even though I have a receipt showing when I made the pmts, they were in "suspension" for 9 days before they posted to my acct, so that I had to pay another $57 late fee, even though I made the pmt (5) days before the due date, and was then current. Chase is so unethical and crooked, it wreaks!! They teach their "customer service" dept to play dumb when you call. I called (3) times on the same day and asked the same questions, WHY hasn't my pmt been posted and when WILL it be posted? I got (3) completely different answers from ea, just some nonsense about online pmts taking several days to "show up, " something about the pmt was in "suspension" while "verifying funds and pmt amts", and "call back later to see if your pmt posted". What?? Why should I have to keep calling them to get my money posted? Why do they even have online pmts? I realized later that I had actually OVERPAID, because they were charging me double late fees and the pmt system online will not let you change it to pay the correct amt, only the amt they have figured. I pay the late fees, but they never come off the acct. Then my stmts say "unapplied funds" and its the amt I've overpaid, but online and on the statement, they don't account for the overpmt. I am current on my loan and should have a credit toward the next pmt, but don't. Meanwhile, they had thousands of dollars of mine riding in limbo somewhere and no one can explain why. Every other bill/bank I pay online shows up that day or a day later. Why does Chase take days or weeks??? Now I'm fighting to get my late fees back/credited. Expect anything from Chase. They're greedy one-sided crooks. They will not address issues or problems with the way they do things. One of the most frustrating and backwards cos I've ever dealt with. Everything they do is a lie and a scam. Ridiculous!!

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late fee

I have recently closed my credit card due to the unsatisfactory service and a late fee accessed on my account which I believe should not have been charged.

I usually make all my payments early and more than the minimum payment amount required. My statement with due date 8-3-09 did not have any disclosure of a payment increase. The statement with due date of 9-3-09 only indicated:

Please note you have a new payment due date that has been
extended to give you more time to pay. The new payment due
date is reflected on this statement. If you prefer to select
a payment due date that better meets your needs,
please call Customer Service.

On 8-10-09 I made my usual budgeted amount of $100 to the account.

On 8-14-09 I sent an email via the secure mail asking why my payment had increased to $127.00 from $52.00 the past month. I was prompted to send this email as I had no notification of such a change to date.

On 9-3-09 I was assessed a late fee of $39.00 for being late, even though I had made the payment on 8-10-09, and no explanation as to why the mailed statement had an increase minimum payment increase.

On 9-5-09 I contacted the credit card 800 number only to received a very blunt explanation of “you were late and I cannot do anything about the late fee.” I found this individual rude and inflexible when trying to present my point. After being told I was “talking in circles” I asked to speak with a supervisor. I was transferred to Sherry J in Springfield, MO. While she was much more professional and I have no complaint other than she indicated that the only way she could refund the late fee was if it was a bank error.

So I closed my account and will continue to close my accounts with Chase at which time I am financially able.

I received no notice of the increased payment amount, if I had an additional $27.00 on 8-10-09 to avoid the $39.late fee charge on 9-3-09 wouldn’t be the issue. I had already made the payment the day after the statement was cut. It wasn’t a matter of money or intentional payment shortage I had already paid the monthly payment. The inability of the bank I have used for many years and have maintained my commitments in a favorable manner---cannot lend itself to refunding a $39.00 fee. If this is what Chase Bank has come to, I’ll find a local bank.

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overcharged greatly

I am an original Washington Mutual customer & Chase bank finds any way they can to charge you fees. They will put a hold on your payroll check if it not a direct deposit, There ATM machines have different cut off times when WaMu was 9pm PST, They run the largest check or debit 1st to get more NSF fees from the consumer, they charge an $12.50 fee if you balance is negative for 5 or more day even negative balance is only the NFS/Banks fees, There online transfer cut off time is 8pm EST when WaMu was 9pm PST & there customer service reps don't know there heads from a hole in the ground, there are reading from a script & the accents are so heavy you can understand them & they are sure of the ATM & online banking cut off times. I have come to this conclusion that Chase wants to use my & your money to make money, but Chase pays the consumer/us with fees for the use of our money. There is something quite wrong with this type of banking relationship.

  • Yi
    Yiever Aug 16, 2009

    I found out about the increase in the minimum payment rate from 2% to 5% only just today. Chase told me that they sent a letter in June, but I never received it. On a $20, 000 balance, this is almost a $600 per month increase, which is incredible.

    It would have been nice to have received some advance notice. It would have been better to have the minimum payment increased gradually over time. We're now stuck with figuring out where to come up with the additional money after only just having returned from a vacation.

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  • Mi
    Misty10311 May 08, 2012

    I woke up this morning with a negative $500.00 because they put my pending charges in a position where it would domino effect and caused me 5 NSFs. If anyone knows of or plans on filing a lawsuit please notify me. [email protected] I am closing my account and the can kiss my ### about getting there money!!

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car loan

Chase auto finance sucks!!! My husband and I financed a 2006 chrysler 300 in 2005. We got hit with 18% interest. We have been paying since 2005, so it is some ridiculous amount when it finally gets paid off. Well for one my husband had got sick a few times in 2008, so we were late on our payments. Chase literally called us, this is no exageration at least 5 times a day. Everyday. Sundays and holidays. Ok fast foward to last month. My husband works for the state in pa. Starting in june he was told the government was not going to pass the budget in july so the state employees would not be paid. So he was not able to make june's payment. So july he does not get a paycheck. Chase is steady calling... We explained to the lady at chase that we have had the contract since 05. We have been late only 3 times if even that in almost 4 years. My husband explained about the budget thing with the state, she said she would talk to the supervisor. So nothing happened and then one day I asked my husband where he parked the car... It was repossesed!!... We were able to get it back for 3 months of back pay. And fees and all that. So $1960 later we are ready to get our car back. Now there is a big run around about where our personal belongings are, and they had to make a key to get in the car... Ha! An extra $225... Hey they could have knocked on our door they could have had a key! So now we owe the auction $225... And we have no idea what happened to our belongings...1 big hassle... Suppose we could not come up with the $1960 they would have sold it at auction! To top it off the value of the car is paid for! We are just paying interest!

Moral of the story: yes it was stupid of us not to have emergency $ but when chase says they are gonna repossess your car take them seriously. And if they don't say they will, they will!!! I guess they don't want people hiding their cars?

Chase sucks!! I can't wait to be out of this contract with this over priced loan and high interest.

  • Li
    Linda Betts Oct 13, 2009

    I just posted my complaint regarding Chase Auto a few minutes ago before noticing that one of this wesites sponsors is "Chase". What kind of scam is this?

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late fees, customer service terrible, finance charges

From the day chase took over wamu it was a nightmare for me.
On may 27th, 2009 I wrote a letter to chase that went something like this.

To whom it may concern:

I am writing to you on behalf of _in regards to the business credit card account we have with you. It was brought to my attention on friday, may 22nd, 2009 over a phone call that I received that we had missed april's payment and that we had another payment due may26th, 2009. I immediately made a payment over the phone, but had some concerns as to why I never received a statement in the mail or a notification of any kind. The customer service representative was very rude and could not give me any answer.

I went online to look up our account and found that chase had automatically enrolled me in "paperless notification" when they took over my old account I previously had with wamu. I found this very upsetting for several reasons. First, if I was switched to paperless statement, why was I not notified by mail that this was taking place? Second, why was I not notified that I had a payment that was due? And lastly, how can the switch take place without my authorization? I can not make a payment if I am unaware of the payment that is due.

If you look back to our account with wamu you can see I was always on time with my payments. This was not my fault, but the fault of chase for switching me to a paperless statement without authorization and I am requesting that the $39.00 late fee be reversed.

I have updated the account to receive future statements per us mail so this should not be an issue from here on out.



Then the rest of the nightmare continued.

On may 28th, 2009 I decided to cancel my credit card with chase as they had not only charged me a late fee of $39.00, the customer service was downright out rude, the fax number they gave me to send information was incorrect, I talked to 4 different representatives and got 4 different answers, I was told they do not reverse fees, and on top of it all they had also increased my annual percentage rate from 8.99% to 29.99%. Yes that is not a error in my typing.

I paid the card off in full on may 28th, 2009 and wrote a letter that went something like this.

To whom it may concern:

I have paid off this account in full and will no longer be doing business with chase.

Due to the unacceptable rudeness for your customer service representatives, incorrect information on how to fax something to chase, which lead me on a wild goose chase all day, and being switched to paperless statements without my consent, costing me a $39.00 late fee, along with a lot of frustration and most of all my valuable time is the end of doing business with you.

I know credit card companies are into the bullying phase of the credit crunch, but I did not deserve to be treated like that? Your customer service people are so rude it is almost unbelievable. I will make sure to let others I know aware of the way I was treated and in my opinion they should never do business with a chase bank or credit
Card company.

I have requested that this account be closed immediately, please make sure that it is.


In june I received my next months statement thinking that I was free and clear of ever dealing with chase again, now let me remind you I paid the card off on may 28th, 2009 and this statement had a finance charge of $73.04 for the balance due between may 26th payment and may 28th the day I paid it off. $73.04 for 2 days!!

I called again and was told there was nothing they could do about it, once again by a very rude customer service representative, so I paid the $73.04 that was due by june 26th, 2009 on june 10th, 2009.

You are not going to believe this, but when I received my july statement my effective annual percentage rate went from the 29.99% to 60.36%. Is this even legal? There was also a $1.00 finance charge included on this statement. I immediately got on the phone again and was disconnected twice before I could even talk to anyone. Once again there is absolutely nothing they can do about the $1.00 finance charge so they told me if I paid it over the phone that would be the last payment I would have to make, so I did make the payment over the phone on july 8th, 2009.

Over done with so I thought. I received my next statement for august and this time there was a $13.95 processing fee for making the $1.00 payment over the phone and another $1.00 finance fee on top of that for a total of $14.95.

I was not going to get off the phone until this was reversed. I spoke to 1o customer representatives before someone finally said he would take care of it for me. I have been checking online and it looks like the charges were taken off, but I have not received my september statement as of yet.

This account was closed as of may 28th, 2009, yet I still have a total credit limit of $5000.00. Will chase ever get it together? No company should be able to do business like this.



  • Jl
    JLP...EL PASO Oct 26, 2009


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  • Ji
    Jim in California Nov 11, 2009

    Just tonight, November 11 (Veterans Day, and I am a Vietnam veteran) I received a notice from Chase (online--they took over WAMU, where we never had a problem) that I owed over $220, part of it being a $39.00 late fee because they said I made the payment late...(not so, it was two days early)...and they added a finance charge of $66 and some change. My God, how can these people call themselves legitimate businessmen? They had also upped my interest rate to 29.99 percent earlier. How on earth can we even manage to pay with such creeps? Where is the law?

    Tomorrow I'm going to call them and try to straighten out the mess, but given that Linda's story sounds plausible and true, I doubt if I get anywhere. I guess a lawsuit may be the answer.

    Jim in California

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  • Valerie Jun 03, 2016

    No April fool's day joke. Very horrendous customer services. The 2 women I spoke to were aggressively rude, wouldn't let me talk and then said I was wrong. *They* kept saying, you aren't letting me talk. They would jump right in before I could explain what I was seeing on my bill and telling me the dates listed on my bill weren't the actual dates. Whatever.

    Basically, I sent in a credit card payment (always paid in full and on time) and it appears they tried to put it through on a Sunday, when my credit union is closed. They then charged me a $39 fee for returned payment on the same day they put the check through again and received full payment. This all happened about a week before the payment was actually due.
    When I called to find out about it, I was talked to snidely, condescendingly and laughed at. They said they would put me on hold but basically put me on mute and left me there for several minutes. I was talking with my husband about what our credit union account said and the CS person tried to take that info and use it against me. Thing is, the credit union never lists a bounced check or charges us a fee for a bounced check nor did they contact us about a bounced check. All of which they do. We've had it happen before when they've had to take money out of our savings to cover the checking.

    I did, finally, get that $39 fee waived. But I worked hard to get that fee removed and was upset and had knots in my stomach by the time I was done. Why couldn't they have just done it when I first called instead of treating me so poorly?
    I hung up and called back immediately asking to speak with a supervisor (I did not get one the first time around) and closed the account. She ridiculously said that if I were to re-open the account at a later time it would be based on my credit at the time. I laughed and said that I will NEVER deal with Chase in any circumstances. From reading complaints out here, seems their auto and home financial services are staffed by the same inept pool of hired workers. I wonder if they get points and a bonus based on those points for how rudely they are to people. Amazing. Maybe there is a class, How to Be Rude, 101.

    I am actually afraid to deal with them after reading the complaints out here. And I will monitor my credit score (which is excellent) to make sure they don't mess with it.

    I've dealt with several other credit card companies in the past and have never been treated so poorly. I also have a Bank of America card which was a back up card and will solely use that one from now on. You should only have one credit card anyway. Easier to keep track of.

    Now, in a couple of months, I will request my free credit report to double check they weren't completely evil. I just can't trust my hard earned, excellent credit record to be ruined by people who can't even be nice. If my home mortgage ever gets transferred to them, I will immediately refinance. I can't imagine having to deal with this low level of service on something as important as my house!

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  • Li
    Lisa Jun 03, 2016

    I obtained a CHASE credit card through Circuit City, Winston Salem NC, with a 0% interest if account was paid off by 10/29/08 (17 months after account was opened).This was great, I was so excited!!! My minimum monthly payment was only $10.00. Every month I paid 3-6 times the amount of my monthly minimum with plans to pay off the account before the promotional 0% interest ending date. Well, did I get a real slap in the face when I called on 10/20/08 to pay off my balance of $272.07 and they tell me, "oh, your promotion actually ended 9/04/08 (with NO notice to me) so now you owe $560.85 thats the $272.07 plus 415.20% APR". WTH!!! So for the last 8 days I have been trying to dispute this and each time I'm told, "Sorry, thats just the way our contract rolls". Yesterday I decided to check them out with the BBB of Delaware, guess what? I found that over 7 thousand complaints have been filed with the BBB of Deleware alone. Today, I get an email from the BBB of DE confirming they have forwarded my complaint to CHASE Headquarters for a resolution, it is now 12PM on the final day of my "0% financing promotion" and I still haven't heard anything. Oh and BTW, I tried to just go ahead and pay the $272.07 and was told it will only be accepted as a "payment" towards the $560.85 "remaining Balance" on an $840.00 purchase, thats been being paid on for the last 17 months. Geezs, if I make it through this with my sanity, "I swear to GOD, I will never do business with CHASE again or anyone or thing thats is affiliated with CHASE BANK.

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malicious hidden charges

I applied for a credit card with chase back in 2007. I only used this credit card one time! The amount that I had spent was $180. I did't receive a bill in the mail until about 3 months later and it was $700 dollars. Today I tried to cash a personal check that was written to me by a WAMU customer but now a CHASE customer. They told me that there is a $6 fee for cashing the check. I thought as long as you went to the bank of the person who writes you the check this is free. Why am I being charged a fee because I am not a CHASE customer. Shouldn't this be illegal? DON'T DO BUISNESS WITH CHASE THEY ARE CROOKS!!!

  • Sc
    scottyg66 Sep 01, 2009

    So you didn't pay your credit card bill even though you knew you used it? The check thing sucks, but just go to your own bank and you won't get charged is usually how it works.

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  • Lo
    Lor954 Sep 01, 2009

    If you charged $180 and the bill said you charged $700, then maybe someone at the store where you made the purchase used your card numbers to charge more things.

    The first thing to do is to call Chase and file a complaint in writing that you did not make $700 in purchases.

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horrible situation

I went into a chase branch and deposited $370 with an actual human teller. I have to do this because I have an out of state account so they have to send the deposit to Kentucky si it usually takes 24-48 hours tops.

A few days later I called because the deposit was not showing and they said they had no record of the deposit. Of course I could not find the receipt. I spoke with the manager and he did whatever research he did and there were no deposits for that amount that day or that week. Without a receipt they cannot help me. I said check the security cameras He said he needs to know the EXACT time i was in the bank I don't know the EXACT time i said just check from 4 to 5 Nope he needs the EXACT time. Meanwhile i'm racking up overdraft fees and selling my soul to get cash to cover my debit charges. 25 years banking I have never had this happen!?!?!

  • 1f
    1furiousperson Jan 14, 2010

    I have been with WaMU -now Chase bank for 21 years. Over the past 5 yrs they have stolen significant amounts of money from my checking account. First not sending out the forms for disputing charges from other companies, one was Fashion Rock in Florida for over $1000.00 for an event I cancelled and NEVER signed registration papers! They withdrew money twice and overdrew my account overf a thousand dollars. The bank never sent the papers I called for 3 different times and closed the dispute for not receiving them from me! Now Chase owns WAMU and I am sheer out of luck right? Now this past summer I had some company I Never knew about taking $29 a month out for abut 4 months, to my dismay with a dying mother and other family illnesses including my own, my account became overdrawn form this scamming company...I found the problem immediately and took in CASH, depositing more than enough to cover everything, making sure the teller clarified to me that the account was current and not in deficit. 3 times I did this with cash deposits with a human teller who told me all was well with my account but the bank was reorganizing my early morning deposits to be applied after midnight each time AFTER putting through other transactions first! They out and out deceived me in person. By doing this they accumulated nearly $900 or more out of my checking account, according to my investigation of my account and deposits. I complained inside the bank and they told me they weren't responsible! They said they could only give me 2 $35 fees back. I went through supervisors and everything to make them apply those deposits FIRST thing at the moment they were accepted but they have refused. I have the receipts and the TIME they were deposited and can identify the tellers who took my cash deposits. Not surprisingly, the World news and local news then came out about these banks reordering the deposits and debits so they could get overdraft fees, and they have stopped some of the corruption and theft, but they still owe me nearly a thousand dollars in overdrafts. I am exhausted with big business and corporations who are stealing from it's citizens in every facet on a daily basis and at night while we sleep. To harrass and drown our people is the primary goal. They wou;ldn't exist without us and our patronage in the first place! I need Americans to start standing up together and fighting this evil and skull-duggary. Please contact me!

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  • 1f
    1furiousperson Jan 14, 2010

    Sorry for the misspelled words due to my speed and fury over re-living being robbed.

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misappropriation of mortgage payment and threats of foreclosure as a result

I have all the receipts confirming that I have made all my mortgage payments to Chase and my bank statement...

erroneous fees and late charges

As I have purchased several items on Amazon I thought it would be convenience to get one of their credit...


I had 6.48 in my checking account. Using my card I spent 4.81 and had 1.83 change which I later transferred to my savings account. The bank charged me a $34.00 insuffucient funds fee. They say I was short 16 cents. They state that the 4.81 I spent was not processed until after I transfered the 1.81 to my savings account, leaving my checking account with insufficient funds to pay the 4.81. Although the 4.81 was shown to be paid instantly on my account long before I transfered the my online account is showing I made the purchase 5 DAYS LATER then I actually did. They have manipulated my account records in order to charge me the fee!!!

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    bunny Sep 15, 2008

    9/15/08 Chase bank attached a $1.00 charge to my statement I just viewed on the internet. I suggest you check your account to make sure you have not been screwed also. They did issue me a credit upon not being able to determine WHY my account had been charged FOR NO REASON. I GUESS THEY HOPE YOU WON'T UNDERSTAND & WON'T TAKE THE TIME TO QUIZ THEM ABOUT IT. BA$TARD$

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    ada johnson Sep 15, 2008

    do not buy anything from these peoples, i order 4 poster at 2.oo dollar a piece, and so far has been charged 38.90 twice, and 40..60 twice, and i wont to no why, and how to stop these crooks from stealing from peoples.

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    Crier Dec 07, 2008

    Doesn't seem right that we should have to "police" our accounts against unauthorized fees and charges BUT we do. Don't look to CHASE claims to assist you if this happens either!!

    Please read on --


    On August 8, 2008 I purchased some DVDs from Columbia House, the order came to $35.84. The order was shipped missing an item after many emails and phone calls to them I finally got my remaining item but they charged me an additional three times for that one item. After another round of calls and emails I finally chalked it up to a bad experience that I would learn a lesson from.

    On October 11.2008 I logged into my checking account to find that I had two pending charges of $99.76 from Columbia House! I immediately called Chase Bank’s toll free number where I spoke to a wonderful supervisor Pat, whom advised that as they were still pending she had been able to reverse them. As a caution she advised that they could submit again as long as they had my card number and provided me the number to the Chase Claims Department.

    Immediately I began trying to contact Columbia House via their email process on their website - to this day they have NEVER responded to the dozens of emails that I have sent regarding this issue. Calls are answered by someone not qualified to handle the matter, so a supervisor will need to return your call and that NEVER happens either.

    I tried to remove my card information from their site, which the site does not allow you to do! You also can not remove the check mark in the box allowing them to use that information for any future shipments and charges! In frustration I changed the billing information on the card to Big Bird, 123 Sesame Street, New York NY 10001

    On October 14, 2008 they again debited my checking account for $99.76 which resulted in CHASE Bank charging me $75.00 and $32.00 for insufficient funds fees.

    I contacted CHASE Bank filed a claim and closed that debit card (as they would not file the claim other wise). I provided them with screen shots showing no purchases, no shipments, no pending orders since the August fiasco and was advised by Angel that CHASE Bank would be crediting back the charge and any related insufficient funds fees.

    Initially they did credit back the $99.76 and the $75.00 for insufficient funds. CHASE refused to credit the $32.00 as Donnell advised me because a previous request had been made (the $75.00) within a 12-month period.

    On November 20, 2008 CHASE bank reversed themselves and took the $99.76 and the $75.00 from my checking account. I contacted CHASE Claims Department on 11.21.2008 and was advised by Judy that she would re-open the claim and I would receive that information shortly. Several hours later there was still no information received. Again I contacted CHASE claims where upon Andre advised me that I would need to speak with a supervisor whom was currently on another call and would need to call me back.

    To date there has been no communication from Judy or Andre’s supervisor, maybe CHASE has Columbia House train the employees in their Claims Department!

    Thanks to Grinches at COLUMBIA HOUSE and CHASE BANK there will be no Christmas in our household this year. The theft of over $200.00 from my account by these two supposedly reputable companies has ended any possibility of a celebration of any kind in my household


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    Made_Bati Nov 06, 2009

    I also have a chase account so does my fiance and they charge him 172 dollars in fees. if you are of for one cent they will charge you a large fee. I am planning to close my account that is ridiculous charges and you have a limit to use the ATM to take out your own money is your money why a limit and why so many charges in fees.

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  • Lm
    LMBl Nov 11, 2010

    I recently lost my job, and called Chase to close my money market account because I knew that I would not be able to maintain the minimum balance and did not wish to incur fees. The customer service agent, whose name I did not get - shame on me - assured me that if I transferred $25 per quarter into the account there would be NO fees. She lied. Since, I have been hit with two weekly fees of $12. I contacted chase via their email because I am currently overseas to ask 2 questions: what is the number I can call to close this account while I'm overseas, and two - why did you lie? My first response neglected to give me the number, and backed off one fee but told me there would be more. I realize I'm not a big, wealthy customer, but every $ counts for me right now, and they apparently are only concerned about their own profits.

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    lossoflife Dec 29, 2011

    So a year ago chase f***ed my life bad. So starting to get my life together and trying to get my credit back on track i was paying off my bills monthly and one month i was going to to be short $30 dollars on what i had in the bank. So knowing this i watched my account closely. I knew i was going to have a late fee but just one and i got paid in a few days and it was direct deposit. So that Saturday everything was out of my account not pending but taken. the only thing pending was my one charge that was going to over draft me. Sunday same thing. Now I look at my account a few time those days and still the same every time. MONDAY they flipped everything and the week before going to get gas, a stick of gum, getting a drink. Things that cost nickle and dimes where on the bottom and the larger purchases where first. i was over drawn 6 times and 6 times they charged me the max over draft fees. Sorry to say i cried, I don't have money like that at all. Which mean everything i was doing to get my life together got f***ed also. I went down there to beg for help the manager who took one off and said that's all she can do then just stared at me like i should be happy. Even after telling me that's how they do it. they go in your account and take the larger things out just in case, regardless of they way or date of purchase. Oh but then tell me in two weeks they will no longer be doing that. so i like a normal person ask why they can't do it now. i am willing to pay the over draft fees for the one thing i should be over drafted for but 6 times at $36 dollars a pop, really . plus the other 6 items. Well since then i have not been able to fix my credit and i am a way worse place since then and now my husband has lost his job, i lost my second job, and we have since lost our home. and every time a bill collector call i wish i could pay but with what.

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innappropriate fees

While I've heard over and over about your poor services and how your company is doing processes to harm your customers and just out right steal from customers I never thought I'd have the quality of service I have experienced from a fortune 500 company like yours. Your company needs to remember who the customer is and that it is the AMERICAN customers that have made your company as large as it is and treating them as you are and continue to will make loyal customers like myself take our business to someone who cares about the customer who pays their bills. Dave Ramsey has nothing good to say about your company and others like it as you randomly choose to increase interest rates, charge fees that are excessive and false which leads to my problem as I analyzed my bills and astronomical fees your business has charged me I discovered many that were false and incorrect which is why I'm contacting you about the service I received and why I closed 4 accounts and transferred our retirement funds to another provider.

From 5/13/2009 till 7/14 your bank charged me $850 in fees over the measly 2 months. To start I noticed a fee charged on 5-13 for returned check for a pay off to my credit card at CapitalOne. I actually made the payment through your online bill pay and the payment was paid but for some reason it showed the payment paid and then hit me for a return check fee on the same charge. I'm not sure how this happened but that's not possible for something paid through the online payment plan which also generated a charge from CapitalOne for $29 that you owe.

Then your process is to pay checks from the largest to the smallest so that once you take the largest payment if the funds are negative you can then charge fees on more checks as the lower ones charging $34 per check causing a chain reaction. When contacting the employees at my local branch they stated they do this so the "important ones like cars and rent get paid first". Well you and I both know this is false what processing them in this manner does is give the higher probability to getting more fees and this is unacceptable.

The next set of major fees in question that I don't feel responsible for were the charges on 6/29/09-6/30/09 totaling $340 in fees for $119.92 in checks making even Money Tree a better deal than your bank, they call that loan sharking in most states and illegal. all of these charges were made on 6-24 and 6-25 and you chose to process the $190 Wal-Mart check that was charged on the 28th prior to all of the others causing a snowball affect and to totally burry us financially.

I then contacted your support to deal with the issue and discovered the representative didn't speak English and could understand a word coming out of my mouth just adding insult to injury. After about 30 minutes of trying to explain how your company just ripped me off and getting nowhere I asked for someone who speaks English as a first language and is located in the states so the representative sent me to another rep that again didn't speak any better English which I was blatantly told I could not have an American representative that understands English. With all the phishing scams out there of foreign countries trying to get bank information for Americans you have the nerve to put a 3rd world nation in charge of my money and having access to all my information for identity theft and to assist in stealing my money, this is unacceptable. I then told the representative that I could see I was getting nowhere with any of them as they don't understand a word I'm saying and that they needed to close all accounts immediately and not to allow for any more fees or charges from his point on.

As soon as I got off the phone I shot an email to your executive office and explained my issue and again that you were "FIRED" and needed to close all accounts and not allow for another charge, fee, check, deposit, etc into any account and that when I get poor customer service from any business when I call I will not continue to use them. Tis is why I do not shop at Lowes, WalMart, Amazon, or any other business that seems to forget who butters their bread and treats their customers like any of you do.

After about 4 days I got a call from the executive office and they left a message on my voicemail so I again returned the call and again told the representative from the executive office that treating customers the way your business has decided to treat us we will continue to "FIRE" you and again close my accounts so no further charges, fees, checks, deposits or anything will go through the accounts.

Imagine my surprise as I watched over the next couple of weeks on an account that was not suppose to be having any activity rip me off for another $170 in fees when I had told 3 people now that this account was to have no more activity. What's worst I even received a fee on Jul 10, 2009 that registered a fee for Jul 9th when the charge went through. The great part about this was on the 10th at 1am we signed in to the account to see if the account was still open so that my paycheck would get rejected but noticed it was still open and my paycheck was deposited. at 1am both the wife and I saw the account actually showed a deposit and no other checks or anything so imagine our surprise the next morning when we discovered not only the deposit that went in but also an additional check and of course your great $34 fee for a check and you dated the processing of the check the previous day even though at 1am that check was not listed anywhere.

Finally after 7/14 I went in to the bank and explained I wanted the accounts closed for the 4th time and the representative stated they couldn't close it that day but would close it the following day (Saturday) as long as it was still positive and cash out funds currently in the account. When I explained why I was leaving Chase after being a customer of that branch and WAMU for 10 years I got no response or even so much as an apology for the poor service your business provides since taking over WAMU who believed in providing good customer service and even took the time to utilize mystery shoppers to verify great service.

I believe your bank owes me a total $573 in fees due to your processes and service I have received from your company and believe if I discover any kind of identity theft against myself your company will be responsible for it since the overseas agents are more likely candidates so I am in the process of getting all my credit reports and will continue to monitor them for changes. These fees are your way of legally stealing my money and I will take legal action if this is not taken care of as I feel the majority of the fees would not have happened if you truly had the customers best interest at heart.

My account was
[protected] (closed finally)

  • Si
    sietzsounds Sep 23, 2009

    I 100% agree... this exact thing happens to me frequently and I'm getting set to fight it.

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  • Ja
    Jaybiz Oct 01, 2009

    I am beginning to file lawsuit again Chase as well for overdraft fraud and misleading me on multiple occasions. Let's band together and file a joint suit! We need to unite.

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  • Ch
    CherylD Oct 01, 2009

    I bank with Chase and HATE IT! Does anyone else have the problem of having direct deposit and seeing the deposit in their account on the morning it is supposed to be there with no other pending debits and as the day progresses they list all debits and checks before the deposit so it shows a negative balance? I am waiting for the day they try to charge me an overdraft fee. My direct deposit is always there at 12:01 am on the correct day, but somehow by the end of the day they show the balance as negative or very low because theykeep the deposit listed after the debits, even though it was the first thing listed in the morning. It was like this when they were still WAMU also. And don't get me started on the foreign country you have to call to have them attempt to tell you about your account that has AMERICAN MONEY in it!! I just had to vent that!

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  • Va
    valentino Oct 05, 2009

    I am having the same problem with them now... 17 overdrafts in the past 8 months all while having a positive balance. A fraud charge in april and by sept i got my first piece of mail from them saying there is nothing they can do due to me not sending any information back to them. I had called 3 times asking for the papers I needed and never recieving them. I now have my acct frozen due to 2 more fraud charges. I froze my acct and started a claim. Its been one week so I though I would call and see what is going on since now my savings acct has been emptied and in the neg. now. Come to find out there was no claim started!! I finally asked them to email the papers to me. Shortly later I get an email with an encrypted file. I forwarded the email to a branch manager at a nearby branch, she couldnt open it either. Finally she got ahold of someone and ended up faxing the papers to me. I have never had so much frustration with a bank. I am now nearing 2, 000 dollars lost to chase. The feedback I have gotten back is" its ok that you have lost money, we all do" and " I am sorry to hear that but there is nothing we can do right now".

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  • To
    totemowl Oct 12, 2009

    JP Morgan is a Nazi bank and their logo is similar to the Nazii swatzikia:

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  • Fr
    frustratingCustomer Jun 12, 2010

    The lost 2 checks and different person give me different kind of excuse and answer, their attitude is condescending and rude. (Collection center - Corretta and Serman oaks location Nasrin. ) AFter 2 months of frustration they finally give me back my money and yet no apologies has been made. I am taking my money somewhere else.

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  • Fr
    frustratingCustomer Jun 12, 2010

    Also when I cash those 2 checks (10K - not small amount), there is hidden transaction fee per check 77$+56$ which is in addition to the 45$. they keep blaming the other end, and even after the other bank provides prove that Chase made a mistake, there is still no apologies giving me all kinds of wrong information, the whole experience was upsetting and even though I am a customer still being treated like worst then a janitor working for them.

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  • St
    Stoonddel Jun 16, 2010

    I have been a loyal chase client for over 10 years. I've had a chase credit card for 20 years. I missed 1 credit card paymnet = when i was out of work, I just received a letter threatning legal action.

    I have my banking, IRA and mortgage (no delinquent payments) with chase. I guess its time to revisit my bank and switch to a customer friendly bank.

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  • Wa
    Washbear Sep 28, 2010

    Even its Executive Offie at P.O. Box 19020, Houston, Texas 77224 is very unkind and not helpful when asking about my Debit Card being closed due to some Computer Issue with Aldi Grocery Store. Its Fraud Dept. treated me like SCAM, never informed me of the closure, and they have been delaying sending our replaqcement card(s). Their Tel. No. is 800-242-7399.

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authorize charges

I authorized a one time charge of $4.95 on my debit card. Since then they have charged $58.01 on my debit...

credit card cancellation

Chase canceled my credit card, which was an account that was transferred from Washington Mutual. In the notice they said that it was because they checked with Experian and I had too many high accounts. The thing is that I had a payment protection in this card and that was covering all my monthly payments and the credit card had around 50% of credit in use. They just sent me the letter saying it was canceled and at the bottom it had the already widely known wamuclosure1 that many people are mentioning.

To me, this seems like they have targeted a very specific area of credit card holders without giving any option except paying all the account at once.

Very bad on Chase and I hope the Consumer Protection Bureau takes a stand on this.

  • Ga
    Gary Cook Feb 03, 2010

    I, too am a VICTIM of Chase's predatory, unscrupulous, and downright criminal practices. I suffered Sudden Cardiac arrest on June 2, 2008. I had a WaMu credit card that had an excellent history of on time payment, low balance, and high credit line with a low apr. I also had the WaMu credit protection plan. I was out of work, due to the heart condition, and filed for my SSDI, and also started the claim with all my credit card accts that had payment protection on them. Chase continually gave me the run around, sending endless forms, even duplicating letters and forms, then once I was "approved", closed the acct, and then stated that because of the date of my letter from Social Security approving my disability, that my claim would be under "Chase's"
    "payment protection" plan. The WaMu plan would have paid off any balance remaining as of the date of the disability.Chase only "waives" payments for 24 months, yet still accrues interest, which they more than doubled, again citing a mysterious Experian report. Then to top all of that, they suddenly stop the "protection plan" and started sending me bills showing "past due" and adding in "late fees" and on and on. I am looking for more of these instances to show a pattern, and start a class action suit. Contact me if this has happened with you as well. My e mail is
    [email protected]
    Gary Cook
    Princeton KY

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chase housing assisting department complaints - loan modification requests

I have been trying to work on a loan modification with Chase mortgage for over 120 days. I was finally told that I made too much money to modify the loan. I have had so many issues with these people and each time I think I am getting somewhere, the next time I call I must start over each time. We are not behind and have been borrowing money to stay afloat and to keep things in order. I was told that a loan modification would be best for our situation because the lack of income, however, they stated that because of the assistance I have received and the fact that I am not behind, that they believed we should keep making the payments.

Just as we think we are in the clear then we are struggling again, Taxes in the State of Indiana are behind by three years and I have told the bank that we wanted to start an escrow to ease the pain of paying the two payments, however, I don't make enough to qualify for the bank to handle the payments, however, I would be able to do both if this darn bank was to modify our loan, decrease the interest rate and include the escrow. I know, you're probably saying, if my credit was better, then I should have gotten a better interest rate. Unforetunately, when you are self-employed you must suffer the pain of higher interest rates despite the fact your credit is perfect (high 800). We were told that we were at high risk for working for ourselves, which cracks me up, because when you work for yourself for the past 10 years and you are 100% commission, you either work or you starve. You see they think because you have a job and you are an employee, you are guaranteed on income... wow, aren't they wrong, considering that a large amount of employees (around $875, 000) have been laid off since our economy has tank. Now is just me or are these banks trying to cut off the hand that feeds them. Really, what is the objective, please someone educate me!

We are a family of nine and only my wife currently works because of a disability that I suffer from which was caused by a military service connected injury. You would think that there was some help or a bit of consideration for the service I have dedicated to this country. Oh no, their underwriters only look at what is best for the bank and not their customers.

Thanks for the time and any help would work. I am working on a second request for the Loan Modification.

  • Jg
    jgunning Nov 07, 2009

    I am interested in filing a formal compliant agaimst Chase Bank, formerly WAMU regarding their loan modification program. I have been waiting since 4-09, and I am at a point of now not paying my mortgage.
    If anyone can give me any infromation that will help, please let me know.

    [email protected]

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  • Ac
    Ace77 Jan 06, 2010

    I applied on March 20, 2009 and I STILL have not received an answer. I ended up having to submit all of my information 3 TIMES!! The last time was August 2009. Finally spoke to one person who seemed to have a clue and told me the information was never passed on to the right department, but he personally would make sure this time it did. It finally did, it's been in underwriting ever since awaiting a decision. They said they did an appraisal on my house in Nov. 2009 and that it's normally a couple days after that they make a decision. Well, it's going on 2 months now, and every time I call they just tell me it's still in underwriting awaiting a decision, they don't know what's taking it so long.

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  • Uf
    ufo1818 Jan 06, 2010

    We also applied for loan modification in September 09 and was put on 3 month trail plan that lowered the payment by $100 a month, we made those payments as well as Decembers. But we are getting letters saying from Chase that we are 4 payments behind and now a notice of default. I went online to and printed out our payment history showing payments made and received by Chase, I then called Chase to find out what was going on. The rather rude lady on the other end said your 4 months behind on payments I told her I printed out our payment history showing we made the payments. So I asked her can you tell me what you show for our last payment she said 12/30/09 and the time before that Nov 09, then Oct 09 well you get the picture. So with a stearn voice I asked then how are we 4 months behind and she said because those payments went into a suspence account ok I said so we are not behind on payments then and she said that money will not be credited to your account until the loan modification has been approved or disapproved. Which according to her could be another 2 or 3 months but heres the fun part since the money is held in the suspence account they veiw this as a none payment which put our house in default plus they reported this to the credit agencys. At this point I am considering some type of legal action all we were trying to do was to go from an 8% intrest down to the currant levels, we purchased this house in 07 for $379, 000 and we have a balance of 290, 00 our home value 199, 000. We are not tryin to get out of our loan just a better rate and now the house is in default this sucks.

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  • Ac
    Ace77 Jan 07, 2010

    Wow, that is downright scary!! So it sounds like in ADDITION to making the modified payment, they expect you to make the OLD payments on top of it?? That is just ridiculous! And nothing against you by any means, but how in the heck did you get a decision by applying in Sept. when I applied in March and STILL have no decision? There have been a few other posts on here with situations just like yours. What a joke!!

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  • Sa
    sagia Feb 08, 2010

    i too am a chase customer, i have been trying to remodify my loan since march of 2009, i too have the same scarry story. i call at least once a week, and have been getting the run around ever since, i have sent my business bank accounts and personal for 12 months and they make me sign the forms every month. they have forms to get my last 3 years of tax returns, i have faxed and mailed at least 400 pages of bank statement s and forms and NO ONE can tell me whats going on??? they just keep telling me to send the trial payments which by the way go to NOWHERE it dosen't go to any portion of my mortgage. they one day knocked on my neighbors door and asked to let them into my home while i was at work to appraise it and my neighbor let them in he thought i knew about this and no one ever called me or told me. SCARRY but true. i am at 8.75% on my mortgage and have been waiting over one year, for someone from the modification dept to help me, my last conversation yesterday this woman told me if i wasnt misssing documents i would have been done a long time ago, but the sad truth is i have given them EVERYTHING they asked for, they just keeping stringing me along and asking to redate forms etc, and now i am just digging deeper with them i am behing almost 60, 0000 dollars and i know i can never repay this.i am just paying rent until they forclose me and all the money i put into my home over the last 10 years i will never see again!i will be in on a suit!

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  • Ju
    JudiK Mar 12, 2010

    It amazes me that all of our stories are so similar. We started the loan mod process with Chase(then WAMU) in March 2009. We were going to try and refinance but were told there were no fees with loan mod and we shouldn't have a problem qualifying. the paperwork arrived on our door shortly thereafter. Filled the many forms out and sent it back very hopeful that our 8.22% interest rate could be lowered. Received packet back with new payment amount and we were thrilled since our payment went from $2700 to $1700. Finally we could breathe again! We made the first three payments as required and then made three more and in the meantime resubmitted the same paperwork numerous times. Where the paperwork went is still a mystery! After making six payments we received a call saying our income had risen by 27% so our payment had to go up. i still don't know where the increase came from. They put us on a new trial payment of $2160. Now we were getting very apprehensive because we also received a letter stating we were about $20, 000 behind. Where were all our payments going? I checked our credit and it has been destroyed. They are reporting that we are 10 months behind! We made every single payment they requested and gave them every piece of documentation they asked for but we are getting screwed! They finally sent us paperwork congratulating us for getting the loan modification but then we realized by the time they added in all we were behind because of them that our payment only dropped about $40 from our original payment of $2700. So our credit is ruined and we are in no better financial shape. We spoke with an attorney and decided to do a short sale on our home. It is currently listed and hopefully it will sell before Chase decides to foreclose. Our attorney advised us to stop making our payments which we have done. We already moved into a rental because we were afraid Chase would sell the house from under us. We can't believe our own US Govt is allowing these underhanded scams to go on. Someone needs to be made aware. I will be writing letters and seeking advice from our attorney. We never wanted charity-all we ever wanted was a rate that was fair, just 5% so we could actually have a life!

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  • Ja
    jabon Oct 16, 2010

    Wow, that is sheer scary!! So it sounds equivalent in Improver to making the varied commerce, they look you to tidy the OLD payments on top of it?? That is honorable ridiculous! And null against you by any agency, but how in the heck did you get a option by applying in Sept. when I applied in Dominion and Noneffervescent love no conclusion? There feature been a few additional posts on here with situations fitting equivalent yours.
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  • Michael Bennet
    United State Senator of Colorado

    2300 15th St., Suite 450
    Denver, Colorado 80202

    Dear Senator,

    We hope you will be able to read this letter. We represent thousands of Colorado residents that have hope in The Affordable Homes Program. In theory, when President Obama explained the program, it sounded really hopeful in this economy. But we are not sure if these were just words or someone who is supposed to be implementing this program is not fulfilling their duties.

    Our case is one of many we hear about in which the program did not work. In July of 2009, we sent all of the required paperwork to the Program Making Home Affordable Chase Bank in order to take advantage of the program. Nothing was said to us as far as the timeline of when we would hear back with some sort of results. Since then, we have been on the phone with Chase Bank representatives (they call them specialists) with zero results. We get a different story each time.

    Last November (2009), finally someone told us that they have not received any of our documentation and there was no record in the bank….Right then and there she has arranged for a quick interview and said we qualified for the program. She has said that we were ready to enter a trial period of three months (we make 8 payments on time of trial Nov thru June #1) but we had to resubmit all of the paperwork that has already been previously submitted by us.
    On December of 2009, We received a letter said the our trail payment has not been received. We did paid by phone on December 10th, we kept receiving this type of letter and if you see we did paid on time all the trial period.(copies attached #2).
    We have kept calling every week or two to check on the status of the process with no resolution. In the meantime, they kept asking us for copies of our 2009 tax returns even thought they had a signed authorization to check with IRS. We have faxed those taxes at least 10 times to the Bank and each time we called to check with the bank and got confirmations of receipt from the people on the phone(copies attached #3).
    The time has passed by, we kept calling every week. In May 26th of 2010 we received a letter that we didn’t get in the program Home Affordable Modification because we didn’t provide them with the documents that there request in the time frame. (!!!)(????). (copies attached #4).
    Mr. Senator, you have no idea what the level of my family’s frustration is. We called again and spoke with another “ specialist” - Mike, who said that he doesn’t understand why the denial letter was received by us because he saw in his “system” we are in the program. That was very exciting. Mike made my day. Several days later, at the end of June, we finally got the contract.
    They were going to reduce our payment from $1064 to $818.82 The contract explained that for seven years, the payments were going to be fixed at $818.82 and subsequently would go up but not to the original level of payment.(No copies of the contract, we send the all package sign and we never received our copies back)
    We were telling our friends that the program works, and that it was worth keeping up communication with the Bank no matter how frustrating the process was. Each time I called, it took me up to an hour to get through to someone.
    On July 15th, The bank cashed the check of $ 818.82 that we send with the contract, the call a quick payment(copies attached #5) and they advised us that our “first payment” was to be August 5th. We signed the direct deposit for the new contract ($ 818.82) It was established in the contract.
    We kept calling the entire time to check on the contract status as we never received a copy of the new contract from the bank. Each time we called, we were told, we were approved: “please do not worry about this, you are in the program” now your first payment is going to be September 5th.
    The problem arose when our funds were not taken out of our account for the mortgage payment ($ 818.82).
    October 1st, no money was taken out either, we called and checked - once again were told: “no worries”.
    On September 7th there was an envelope received by us - turned out, Mr. Senator, there was a same contract with different numbers (copies attached #6). Now our payments were going to go up from $1068.66 (original payment) to $1071. We called once again; they told us that there was a mistake in their “system”. We call Chase and asked whether we had a choice, they said no. What a joke!( Our economic situation was and still the same) We didn’t sign the second contract.
    Chase kept sending us bills for $1067.99 (the trial amount), each time we paid on time November, December (copies attached #7).
    On December 9th of 2010, the day of our 32nd wedding anniversary, we got 8 certified letters and others 8 letters in the regular mail (copies attached #8), said that we were in default because we failed to pay the required monthly payment since 03/01/2010. And if we don’t, pay within 32 days of this notice, Chase will accelerate the maturity of the loan. We are attaching copies of all the payments in 2010(copies attached #9) only 3 payments are Missing: August, September and October, this are the payments that Chase was supposed to take from our account, but the took July’s payment (direct deposit $818.82) as per their initial instructions.
    Mr. Senator, this is our last hope to have justice. We are not the only people in this boat. But we feel that it is our duty to inform you what American Families are going through on a daily basis.
    As you know the banks are hiring people with no experience and they give no training at all. And we the people are paying all the consequences.
    We are so tired of all this“game”the Chase as be playing with us for almost 2 years. Please Help Us!! All this process has been a torture, the stress is killing us, we don’t know if tomorrow we going to have our house. 'We Don't Want To Give Up! All this time we did everything Chase told us to do, we send all the papers every time the ask for it, we didn't miss any payments in this long period of the trial. We Don't Know What Else To Do?
    Since this is a really long story, we can send you a power of attorney for our Chase account so you can see the entire detail.
    We know that they have all the “records”, as each time we called, we asked to confirmed the notes from the previous conversation and you will also find all of the document and the two contracts that they sent us.
    The American dream Mr. Senator became an American nightmare.
    Fortunato Del Moral Margaret Del Moral
    (720) 220-4007
    [email protected]
    PD. On December 11th, we got another 4 certified letters and others 4 letters in the regular mail.(copies attached #10)

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credit card payment cancellation

On Friday, July 3, 2009, I logged into the website to make a payment on my credit card. While I was there, I decided to set up a payment for July 9th for a 2nd card that was formally through Circuit City. After making the online payments and logging out of their website, I realized I had forgotten to change the date for the 2nd card to July 9th; so, I logged back in within about 10 minutes of making the payment. Their website has a feature that allows their customers to delete pending payments. I had never used the feature before. I checked and saw that my payments were still pending so I pressed the delete button for the card I needed to change the date on. It gave me an error message:
"We were unable to process your change. An error has occurred while processing your request. Please note the time and report this error to customer service. (6881)"

So... I followed the instructions and called Chase Bank customer service. I explained what had happened to the agent and he assured me that he could cancel the payment for me over the phone. I was relieved...until Monday, July 6th, when a check of my bank account showed that the payment had posted anyway. I called Chase bank customer service again. The customer service agent didn't know how to handle my situation, so she transferred me to another department that handles payments. The woman in that department said they could not cancel my payment, didn't know why the first customer service agent had told me that they could cancel the payment, and (here's the kicker) if I didn't like it, I was more than welcome to consult a lawyer. Unfortunately, at that point of the conversation, I screamed a couple of expletives at the rep and she hung up on me. I had to deal with overdraft fees and overdraft protection fees of about $40 because the first customer service rep obviously didn't know how to do their job.

I've got some customer service experience under my belt and I was trained to work with the customer to the best of my ability. The last thing that I would have ever done to a customer would be to tell them to get a lawyer when it was obvious the mistake was made by one of my employees. If Chase Bank would like a good customer service representative to come work for them, they are more than welcome to contact me.

  • La
    lalanu Mar 04, 2011

    Contact the bank manager - hopefully they will find it in their heart along with good business practice to refund any/all monies. Let us know if this helps, as I feel like you that Chase is an unethical business!

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excessive bank fees

The nature of this complaint is the banks unwillingness to work with me and their excessive bank fees of...

contract abuse

As a small business we were confronted with a persuasive sales man for beating our current credit card merchant carrier. We wanted a guarantee for penalties and fees of cancellation if contract would be accepted. Contract was signed and we would review once copies were emailed by sales rep. after review there were No guarantee of penalties. So we sent in a cancellation on the same day of signature. The company accepted and all went well. Then we began to get monthly charges of fees from Chase Paymentech/ Payment Systems, We called and were credited amounts and assured all was good. 8 months later we get debited for cancellation fees through a 3rd party. We did a fraud investigation to find the excessive charges of over $1800.00 . After investigating we found Check Gateway made the charges for Merchant Processing Systems which in deeper, we found Payment Systems as the recipient. After contacting Chase in Texas we were redirected back to Payment Systems and after various hours of emails and calls, communicated with a manager. The manager frankly stated the contract was cancelled therefore cancellation charges (my main reason for not accepting the contract and canceling) . She told me I would have to resolve this with legal counsel. Currently we are now looking for legal counsel. It appears this company has to figure organized means of deception to make money. They are leaching onto a Chase name and Chase accepts them as a 3rd party, waiver of yet no responsibility upon deceptive resort of these companies. There has to be a means of nailing these predatory companies!

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