Jetblue Airwaystv's were not working, very little liquor only able to have one drink of vodka and they ran out

JFK to Palm Spring, Ca. October 25, 2018 (XAPYAF) Barbara & Vincent Cucchiarella
The flight going to Palm Springs most of the plane did not have tv service. When I asked for a second Vodka they didn't have anymore.

Palm Springs to JFK November 8/9 (red eye) same two passengers.
The flight was delayed after arriving at the airport schedule for departure at 10pm...didn't leave until 11:30. The plane was so hot the entire trip that my husband got very sick after we arrived home. The snack packs (i purchased two) were horrible didn't eat that. Kept complaining about the heat but it was not fixed. Yet upon landing the air vent above the seats was blowing out cold air. ? There is nothing worse then being on a plane that is hot. Your basically in a tub and the germs just multiply in the heat.
I love jetblue airlines and have never had a problem before but I had to say something because these flights were from hell.
Thank you for listening.

  • Updated by Barbara Cucchiarella, Nov 26, 2018

    We have an upcoming trip in December 8-15 to Aruba. I hope we have a better flights there and back .
    My husband has been sick ever since the flight back from Palm Springs and I know the heat in the plane contributed to his condition.

Nov 26, 2018

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