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5:39 am EDT

JetBlue Airways Change of flight already booked for months

I made several reservations almosts 3 months jetblue decided to change my flight from late afternoon to early in the morning with no explanation. Tried to call..I was put on a call back..waited for over 3 one called.

Desired outcome: I need a justifiable explanation on why the change. My reservation was done three months back.I need to use another airline but I need for jetblue to provide me with a change to the other airline by providing the funds. It TJIUHK

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9:08 pm EDT

JetBlue Airways Ticket supervisor at jfk airport

On April 19, 2022, I have booked a flight for my child and Ex-wife to travel to the Dominican Republic, I had called that same week on Saturday 4 days before the travel date, I spoke to customer service, and stated that is it possible to have a gate pass so I can hand over my 3-year-old child to my Ex, that will be in the gate, (we don't live together) the agent over the phone which I recorded stated that he will place this on the notes, there should be no inconvenience.

I arrived at the terminal 5 at JFK JetBlue and went to the unaccompanied child service and explained that I need a Gate pass to hand over the baby to the mother, ticket agent couldn't find the notes so I played the recording of the JetBlue customer rep stating all was good, to the ticket agent, the ticket agent was amazed and explained to the supervisor (Keisha)that she heard the conversation and had no issue since it was verified by the recording, Keisha automatically stated she will not issue the gate pass to take my unaccompanied child to the mother, the mother had tried 2 times to come out and pick up the child but TSA would not allow her to re-enter the terminal.

I finally had customer service corporate on the line after a 2-hour wait and (Gabriel) was on the phone and politely pleaded with the supervisor that is not an issue and these were unusual circumstances, I explained that I checked with TSA and Port Authority police if there would be an issue and they stated no as long as I have my gate pass there should be no issue, I was with my three-year-old daughter and had no way of passing her through the gate. All this was recorded on the audio call with (Gabriel) the customer service rep, Miss Kisha also accused me of being a security threat although she saw me with my 3-year-old daughter, and by showing my military and civilian credentials, I felt offended and humiliated, I had my child and also I believe this was personal with her against me, I asked her in what way am I a security threat? Ms. Kiesha never replied and refuse to give me a definitive answer.

There was a young lady that was boarding the same flight and saw all the anguish I have been put through by JetBlue and offered to help, I was backed onto the wall with no solution, I handed my daughter to a strange woman, I took all her information at the time so she can pass my daughter pass the gate to my ex-wife, thankfully she was more human and honest than the jet blue supervisor, Miss Keisha,

I should have never been placed in this position and I checked and notified JetBlue days before of my needs. The service was so awful that I will not consider taking JetBlue again, also the supervisor (Keisha)needs to be retrained or demoted, if you would like to hear the recording, I would gladly send it to you via email or whichever means you desire.


Alex Cedeno

Desired outcome: the discretion of a gate pass is understandable power for a supervisor, but seeing the circumstances and verified credentials and with clearance of TSA and The local authority this should always be considered with the gate pass.

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7:13 pm EDT
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

JetBlue Airways customer service

Jet Blue moved my flight from 5 pm to 7 am. That is a drastic time change and I'm unable to fly at 7 am. The alternative flights closer to 5 all required a 3-4 hour layover. I paid extra for my tickets so that I could choose my seat and cancel, etc. and there is no way I'd take a flight with a super long layover.

So... I bought a new flight with Delta but I still want the flight coming back to be with JetBlue. Since JetBlue only gives options to cancel both ways (I don't want that) I tried to call. I was on hold for ONE HOUR AND A HALF. I gave up after that because I have a life and can't sit listening to bad hold music all day. I tried their online chat. I stayed on my computer for HOURS. I gave up after that and they got back to me 4 hours later but my computer was closed so I didn't see it. I tried again and they literally didn't ever answer. How am I supposed to cancel my flight and get a refund when it seems that they have no one answering the phones or computers and do not offer another way of communicating?

Desired outcome: I want a refund!

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7:18 pm EDT

JetBlue Airways return flight seating confirmation.. cancelled your Error

Re: LMDFHK Gerard & Denise Barbosa

Issue: Return Flight RSW to JFK ...Flt#B6930 Departing 12:37pm

My issue is my return flight from RSW to JFK we Booked handicapped seating Row 1 ...for myself and my husband. we received confirmations on these seating.

when we went to print out the boarding pass 24 hours prior to our departure to find that your Jetblue agent never assigned our seating there fore not completing the procedure ...eventhough I was emailed my confirmation, and also the agent charging for the front seats, which I also explained that I must be sure that I am in the 1st seat and I can not fly in any other seats.

This now turning our vacation into a disaster!

I called Jet blue to advise after waiting on the phone 58 minutes to speak to a agent and explaining to the agent what happen who advised she saw the mistake, and my seats were no longer avail or even get on the flight with those seats...she advised she could put is on the 4:46 to JFK in the handicapped seating we said ok...she said the prior agent did not include the seating but she would be sure that we would be on this flight...after working with her for two hours she working with a supervisor assured us again we were confirmed...and she would charge us the additional 200 plus for the seating ...

so we thought we were confirmed to again receive a text from jet blue that the flight was cancelled...yet again!

again we called spoke to another agent waiting 59 minutes...this time again could not find the reason why this was not going thru she called a supervisor again 1 1/2 hours waiting on the phone ..relaying to me they finally fixed the problem, I asked to speak to a supervisor again waiting another 45 minutes to confirm this was confirmed and we had our seats.

after printing our boarding tickets ...we get a message the flight was delayed to 5:15 then again 6:02 ..then on the plane we had to wait till 6:30 to leave was this an enjoyable vacation NO ...

I have been a passenger with jet blue for years never a problem and this is why we choose to never fly with another airline.

We are requesting a Full Refund for this flight disaster that happen

due to your error not mine.

looking forward to hearing from you

Thank you

Denise & Gerard Barbosa



Desired outcome: Full Refund of the flight due to your Error credit our Amex please.

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11:01 pm EDT

JetBlue Airways delayed due to poor staffing

We booked a flight from JFK to TPA. The reservation #ZKYCJW, but the flight was delayed for more than 60 mins. due to poor staffing. Hence, we were late to pick up the car and were given leftover rooms since we were late to check in to our hotel destination. This is a much-needed mini-vacation, it turned out to be a stressful one. Do you think we deserved compensation? Looking forward to your response. Please email me at [protected]


Mrs. Carrera

Desired outcome: fare compensation

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6:50 pm EDT

JetBlue Airways Airport change

Original flight was cancelled (SXM to EWR) but got placed on flight to different airport (JFK). Had to pay $150 Uber to get back to original airport destination.

Desired outcome: reimbursement for Uber

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11:30 am EDT

JetBlue Airways Worst customer service/Wont agnowledge their mistake, had to purchase double ticket

This has to do with issues in regards to a code share flight on Iceland Air.

I purchased a ticket with a Mastercard while I was waiting for my Jet Blue Plus card to arrive. I was told by an agent, that when the card arrived I could call and change the form of payment.

However, once I did that, the ticket showed as refunded and it caused problems on my departure and my return. Hours on hold the day before departure, trying to find out why I couldn't check in. Again over an hour at the gate while they tried to find my ticket.

I have written several times about this with no resolution.

On the return from Iceland back to JFK, again, they could not find my ticket, it was showing as refunded and I had to purchase a new ticket in order to get home.

The agent tried to call jet blue, but with hold times well over an hour, it wasn't possible.

The ticket was refunded to the original Mastercard and then recharged to the Jet Blue credit card. The itinerary was never updated. I need a refund on the second March 10 KEF-JFK flight I purchased.

Desired outcome: I would like someone to actually read my complaint instead of automatically sending me a form letter apology. I want a refund I want Jet Blue to make an effort to keep a customer, because at this point they have lost me

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7:11 pm EDT

JetBlue Airways jetbluemastercard

I received a Jetblue master card in the mail along with all the official paperwork. I never applied for a JetBlue credit card, before receiving the card I received several emails from jetblue stating I needed to "complete registration" which I ignored. I spent almost an hour on the phone (3/14 11:12am )with Barclays (transferred 3 times )

before I had to hang up. Tonight (3/23-7pm) I called at 6:50pm and recording stating I was calling outside normal business hours which was said to be until 8pm.. It all looks shady.. I just want to cancel the card.

Desired outcome: Cancel card

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5:25 pm EDT
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

JetBlue Airways Lack of service getting a jetblue credit card

As a loyal Jet Blue customer, I applied for a Jet Blue Credit Card in October. I received the same letter, asking for the same information, from Barklay's Bank. I answered this letter twice and when I got it a third time I sent my response to the CEO of Barklay's Bank in December. When I did not hear from him I wrote a letter to the CEO of Jet Blue but have not heard from him either.

Please let me know whether you are interested in keeping me as a customer or not and if not, I will let members of my Senior Action Group, of which I am the President, know about Jet Blue's attitude towards senior citizens who fly a lot between Florida and New York/New Jersey and recommend that we fly with a more cooperative airline.

Edward Handler

Desired outcome: Receive Credit Card

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9:52 am EST

JetBlue Airways Major Flight Delays

I am on a 5:30 am flight #431 from JFK to FLL today, March 10, 2022. First we were told there was no plane for us. It took 2 hours for them to find a plane. Once on the plane we sat there, in fact still sitting on the runway. First being told delayed because of a light bulb issue, then it was a weather issue, still hearing different excuses. Meanwhile the 6:29 am, the 6:59 am and the 8:00 am flights have all take off. This is unacceptable. It’s 9:37 am and I’m still sitting on the runway hearing different excuses on a flight that was supposed to take off at 5:30 am meanwhile all flights after have taken off. What the heck is going on?!?!?! And what is Jet Blue going to do to compensate for my time and patience? Patrick OConnor

Desired outcome: Compensate me for my time and patience.

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9:39 am EST

JetBlue Airways Canceled two flight on same trip. First Flight was delayed over 8 hrs second 4.5. Stranded me and my daughter for 5 days.

Flight down to Florida delayed 8.5 hrs . We lost a whole day and rental car. Didn't get in until 2 am Tuesday morning.

Started Vacation late on Tuesday Feb 21.

Thursday Feb 23 we received notice Friday flight was canceled. No options giving. Spent 5 hours Thursday on vacation trying to find ride home.

Managed to get my husband and Daughter flight early Sat into Boston MA (car in Providence Rhode Island)

Couldn't get my youngest daughter or myself out until Monday morning.

Lost hotel as it had skyrocketed to $1000 a night so had to live out of suitcase for next 3 days somewhere else. Also had to return rental car Friday.

Wake up 5 am finally to go home to see THIS Flight has now been canceled also. Put on a 10pm flight. I contacted Jet Blue and representative said they had an earlier flight to Providence where my car was. GREAT NEWS! This was Feb 28.

Got to airport only to find out representative has booked us on MARCH 28 a month later . Our seats were gone now that were on the 10 pm flight. Called again Jet Blue had no other options-possibly Wednesday. Waited at airport 2 hrs until two seats thankful popped back up to the 10pm flight.

Got to airport to find out this flight was delayed 3 hrs. Really turned into 4.5 hrs. Finally got home Tuesday morning around 5 am.

I had run out of my medication and was having reactions as a result. Lost 2 days of work. I have had chronic anxiety since as well as stomach issues from all the stress an lack of sleep. I contacted Jet Blue 3 times. They charged for a service on the flight that was cancelled. Then they disconnected me. Called again waited 2 hrs to speak with a rep. They were so nice and said they we going to take care of me but right when we were going to finally get this resolved with a supervisor and put this whole situation behind us Jet Blue disconnected me AGAIN. Called next day. after another 2 hr wait I finally spoke to a supervisor. Unfortunately she was very rude and wouldn't even listen to me. She said it was my fault all this happened and said the $50 credit was good enough and I should be happy with that. I lost 2 days of sleep, 2 days of work. Stranded for 5 days and $50 is not anything that is anywhere close to compensation for our ordeal.

Desired outcome: I would like to compensated for my and my daughter's flight. GBZGYU confirmation.

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12:06 pm EST

JetBlue Airways member miles

I have two member miles, would like them married into one number

Barclays number is [protected] which i have yet to get my 70k points

the other number is ..[protected] which is not the number associated with my credit card but is on my Jetblue profile...please fix.

thanks in advance...

Asa B. Jarvis


Desired outcome: one number

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12:55 am EST

JetBlue Airways No refund

I am a single mother of five daughters and I have been saving a long time to celebrate my daughters sweet 16 by taking her on a Royal Caribbean cruise with one of her 16 year old friends. We had a flight scheduled to leave from JFK airport on Friday, February 18, 2022 @9:45 pm flight 1201 arriving at Fort Lauderdale airport. Our cruise was the following day leaving from the cruise port in Fort Lauderdale. Five minutes before reaching the airport we received word that my daughter AND her friend that was traveling with us was exposed to covid the day before at the high school they both attend. As much as I didn’t want to cancel their trip I decided that it was best to turn around and reschedule as to not expose people at the airport, plane as well as the cruise. And if they were to get covid it would have ruined the trip as well and god forbid they needed a hospital. Of course they were very upset as they were excited and looking forward to the cruise. They time I got back home it was very late and I also had to bring her friend home. The next morning, Saturday February 19, 2022, I contacted the cruise line to let them know the situation and no questions asked I was told they would refund my money to my original payment method. This was not the case for JetBlue. They refused to refund my money nor would they bank it. They claimed I didn’t cancel before the flight. The last thing I was thinking about was pulling over on a busy highway to call JetBlue. I was dealing with two upset children crying and the last thing from my mind was to call jet blue. I never imagined they would give me a problem given the situation. The flight just going from JFK to Fort Lauderdale cost me $1500. I saved very hard on a not so great teacher assistance salary.

Desired outcome: Refund or credit

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6:19 am EST

JetBlue Airways Treatment flight canceled

My daughter was supposed to leave Ft Lauderdale Jet Blue flight B6 460 FLL to BDL 9:30 last night. Flight delayed several times then canceled leaving families and people disabled in terminal. No voucher fo food or water, no hotel room. No contact except few snack packs. She is still there as of 6:00am Feb. 20.

Treatment is unacceptable. She has been given another ticket and that flight has now been delayed. Was told if she did not stay then she will loose money she paid for original ticket.

Someone needs to fix this. Send rep to them.

Denna Chenette passenger.

Desired outcome: Reimbursement and vouchers for food . Denna Chenette 213 Route 66Columbia Ct 06237

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2:33 pm EST

JetBlue Airways JetBlue promise to pay hotel and then NOT

My husband and I traveled from Tampa to Boston. Flight was scheduled to leave Jan 30th Sunday at 3:46pm. Mechanical problems, flight crew needing rest and flight attendant not showing up all were issues . At 3:00 am we were told it was not going to go till the next day at 3:46 pm. It actually left at 7:45 pm the next night. 28-hour delay. They gave out vouchers for hotels. They said if the hotel doesn't take it give us the voucher and receipt when you check in tomorrow, and we will cover it. We did as they said. The ticket agent put "all the info in the system " and we were told we were all set. After a week I called, and they said our flight didn't qualify for accommodations. They were trying to find a hotel for us and were on hold so long they told us to find our own. They were getting Ubers for people . Tampa apparently made no note of the issue. Anyway we have a 225.00 bill for the Marriott at the Tampa airport. Very clearly told they would pay. Very clearly not willing to.

Desired outcome: Receive a check for 225.00 to cover hotel cost that was promised.

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7:37 pm EST
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

JetBlue Airways Delayed Flights

February 13, 2022

Jet Blue Airlines

27-01 Queens Plaza

North Island City, NY 11101

RE: Delayed Flights # B6 1528 & B6 1523

To Whom It May Concern:

Hello, my name is Kamisha Evans, and I am writing this letter on behalf of myself and Mark Dewberry. We were passengers on JetBlue Airlines flight B6 1528, an International flight. Departure for Dominican Republican, Puerto Plata to John F. Kennedy, New York.

The flight was scheduled to depart at 1:56 pm on January 31st,2022, and arrive at 4:36 pm at JFK on January 31st,2022, with a connecting flight from JFK, New York, to LAX, Los Angeles. It was scheduled to depart at 8:29 pm and arrive at LAX at 11:58 pm.

However, both of our flights, B6 1528 & B6 1523, were delayed by nine hours in total.

My complaint is as follows:

Upon arriving at the airport in the Dominican Republic, there was a two-hour wait just to check-in bags. Once attended to for service, it took the customer service representative over one hour to check the bags. He found another connecting flight for JFK, New York to LAX, Los Angeles due to being delayed in the Dominican Republic to JFK, New York. Once he finally found a flight, he suggested the following day instead of checking for the last flight of the night.

Secondly, we were given a complimentary meal ticket due to a six-hour delay of $10.00 each. This amount did not cover anything on the menu for two people. Also, while checking into the flight after being delayed six times. The customer service representative had issues scanning tickets to board the flight stood there additional five minutes just for him to correct the access to enter the plane.

Lastly, being delayed for six hours with an additional three hours added due to our second flight being delayed from JFK, New York, to LAX, Los Angeles; the plane didn’t arrive until 3:04 am the next day, February 1st, 2022. The seats were uncomfortable due to the airport seating from the delayed flights, and the aircraft seating my back was in excruciating pain with a long exhausting day.

I placed a call to customer service regarding the delay on February 1st,2022, and customer relations stated that we would receive an e-mail within seven days to respond to the complaint. We hadn’t received any feedback about the delayed flights, so I placed a follow-up call about the matter and stayed on hold for over two hours while contacting the customer services line at [protected] on Wednesday, February 9th, 2022, and was never attended to; I hung up after a two-hour wait. I will attach the photo of the phone call to this e-mail.

I look forward to hearing a response regarding the complaint regarding customer service and delayed flights. Please get in touch with me at [protected] or [protected].


Kamisha Evans & Mark Dewberry

Desired outcome: I look forward to hearing a response regarding the complaint regarding customer service and delayed flights. Please get in touch with me at [protected] or [protected].

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1 comment
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fairfield, US
Mar 22, 2022 3:24 pm EDT
Verified customer This comment was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

This seems to be a recurring complaint. The airline is obviously not run properly and they do not care about their passengers.

6:30 pm EST

JetBlue Airways Travel bank leftover

I had money in a travel bank for about 3 years because they sold it to me as a great option but never told me the bad parts about it, like "YOUR MONEY MUST BE USED WITH JETBLUE OR YOU LOST THEM". After this time, I schedule a flight, and the travel bank decided to stay with a certain amount of money FOR NO REASON. While there might be customers willing to travel with these types of thieves with white collar, I will remain far away from them, and their terrible customer service. And if you thought you could use that money for bagging or in-flight purchase you are wrong, you can't use it for anything else than a flight.

Desired outcome: Refund the remaining balance to the original account where it came from.

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2:30 pm EST
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

JetBlue Airways Internet and phone problems

I attempted to book a flight on Saturday morning Feb 12th. I got all the way through the booking and got an error message. I did this 2 or 3 more times. I never received a confirmation of ticketing of any sort and still have not, however my credit card was charged twice and my miles account was charged twice.

I called the customer service number and the automatic message said to expect a 90 minute wait on the phone or you could leave your number a get a call back. I decided to do that. So about an hour or so later I received a call back. After explaining the situation, I was told I needed to be transferred to another number and was on hold for 75 minutes. When someone finally came on the line, I began explaining what had happened and the line disconnected. No one called me back to continue the call. I then called the customer service number again and was given an option for a text resolution. It has now been over two hours since then and still have not been contacted.

This is totally unacceptable and a complete change from the way Jet Blue used to operate with live customer service representatives who actually answered the phone. So disappointed and not sure how I am going to get this double ticket problem resolved at this point.

Desired outcome: To speak to a live person to resolve this without waiting on hold for hours or being hung up on.

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10:29 am EST

JetBlue Airways New Credit card problem?

I just joined a new jetblue credit card. After I tried to pay Jetblue for the trip and was blocked my credit card? What is the problem?

Desired outcome: We are from Medellin, Colombia. Jetblue # [protected]

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11:47 am EST
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

JetBlue Airways incident on flight 1852 from Cancun to JFK

Hello I was on flight 1852 Sunday 2/6 from Cancun returning to JFK in seat 4C, I was sleeping with my ear phones on when the stewardess was pushing the beverage cart down the isle and push it into my knee. I woke up screaming in pain and she barely apologized for what happen, I had to ask someone else for ice and now have to seek a doctor as the pain is getting worse. In my opinion they didn't handle it correctly they basically defended each other and not caring about the customer. I woke up Monday with swelling and excruciating pain with burning in my knee cap, I was so upset on the plane and didn't want to make a scene. If someone can please contact me with the next steps thank you

Chris Wuestenhoefer


Desired outcome: I would like to know the protocol for the next steps as I'm going to have doctor expenses etc, Thank you

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JetBlue Airways In-depth Review

Overall Rating: JetBlue Airways is a top-notch airline that consistently delivers exceptional service and value to its customers.

Customer Service: JetBlue's customer service is outstanding, with friendly and helpful staff who go above and beyond to ensure a pleasant travel experience.

Flight Experience: JetBlue offers a comfortable and enjoyable flight experience, with spacious seating, ample legroom, and modern amenities.

Pricing and Value: JetBlue provides excellent value for money, with competitive prices and a range of fare options to suit every budget.

Destinations and Routes: JetBlue offers an extensive network of destinations, both domestic and international, making it easy to travel to your desired location.

On-time Performance: JetBlue has a strong track record of on-time performance, ensuring that you arrive at your destination as scheduled.

In-flight Amenities: JetBlue offers a variety of in-flight amenities, including complimentary snacks and beverages, free Wi-Fi, and personal entertainment systems.

Loyalty Program: JetBlue's loyalty program, TrueBlue, rewards frequent flyers with exclusive benefits, such as free flights, priority boarding, and access to airport lounges.

Safety and Security: JetBlue prioritizes the safety and security of its passengers, adhering to strict safety protocols and employing highly trained staff.

Sustainability Initiatives: JetBlue is committed to sustainability and has implemented various initiatives to reduce its environmental impact, such as fuel-efficient aircraft and recycling programs.

Online Booking Process: JetBlue's online booking process is user-friendly and efficient, allowing customers to easily search for flights, compare prices, and make reservations.

Mobile App Experience: JetBlue's mobile app provides a seamless and convenient travel experience, allowing users to check-in, access boarding passes, and receive real-time flight updates.

Baggage Policy: JetBlue's baggage policy is generous, with most fares including a free carry-on bag and personal item, as well as the option to purchase additional checked baggage.

Customer Reviews and Feedback: JetBlue consistently receives positive customer reviews and feedback, highlighting its exceptional service, comfortable flights, and friendly staff.

Contact and Support Options: JetBlue offers a range of contact and support options, including a 24/7 customer support hotline, live chat, and social media channels for quick and efficient assistance.

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