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Qantas Airways Ltd

10 Bourke Road
New South Wales
Australia - 2020

Customer Support Phone Numbers

131 313(Australia) 13 5
1800 227 4500(USA, Canada & Mexico) 0 1
1800 556 135(Ireland) 0 1
800 122 0337(Argentina) 0 0
800 892 3346(Brazil) 0 0
1800 1611 0267(Philippines) 0 0
+44 845 774 7767(United Kingdom) 2 0
+64 800 808 767(New Zealand) 0 0
+43 15 877 771(Austria) 0 0
+32 27 006 781(Belgium) 0 0
+45 43 314 976(Denmark) 0 0
+33 157 329 283(France) 0 0
+49 692 9957 1421(Germany) 0 0
+972 37 952 133(Israel) 0 0
+31 202 035 425(Netherlands) 0 1
+47 23 024 649(Norway) 0 0
+7 495 641 5121(Russia and CIS) 0 0
+34 915 421 572(Spain & Portugal) 0 0
+46 859 366 382(Sweden) 0 0
+41 445 111 237(Switzerland & Italy) 0 0
+90 212 251 1315(Turkey) 0 0
+86 216 145 0188(China) 0 0
+852 22 988 111(Hong Kong) 0 0
+91 226 111 1818(India) 1 0
+81 368 330 700(Japan) 1 1
+60 327 133 911(Malaysia) 0 0
+966 114 772 228(Saudi Arabia) 0 0
+65 64 157 373(Singapore) 0 0
+27 214 273 128(South Africa) 1 0
+82 27 776 871(South Korea) 0 0
+886 225 092 000(Taiwan) 0 0
+66 26 326 611(Thailand) 0 0
+84 283 910 5373(Vietnam) 0 0
+971 43 898 111(UAE) 0 0
+56 228 179 500(Chile) 0 0

Qantas Airways Complaints & Reviews

Qantas Airways / Premium economy

Apr 20, 2019

My flight QF4 from Honolulu to Sydney on the 18th April had no working tv screen (entertainment unit) for the majority of my flight, 10 hours. After numerous attempts to reset my unit and also resetting the whole flight units, mine together with my wife's did not work. Others were affected...

Qantas Airways / qantas customer service

Apr 15, 2019

Shocked and appalled at the service my Dad received yesterday through his whole Qantas experience! He paid for business class and paid extra for assistance as he has early on set dementia and recently suffered a stroke. He may not look like he needed wheelchair assistance but he certainly...

Qantas Airways / sms customer service error

Apr 4, 2019

My husband, Andrew Hopkins was booked on a flight from Sydney to Armidale by a third party. The flight was booked for Thursday 21 March We phoned Qantas to have the booking changed. We were referred to the sms service. We changed the booking via the sms service to Saturday 23 March at...

Qantas Airways / change to flight

Jan 1, 2019

In November 2018, I purchased 2 tickets to Japan for 10/2/19 to the 22/2/19 online at the Qantas website. After numerous checks by myself and my friend to ensure of the correct times, dates, the tickets were purchased. Only to find out that now the return ticket for the (21st-22nd February...

Qantas Airways / flex fares - lost money due to unreasonable waiting times to change flights

Dec 17, 2018

We are a business that spend a lot of money with Qantas. It is most frustrating and costly to our business that Qantas does not allow online flight changes once the first leg of a trip has been taken. Our staff often have to change their flights as business takes longer/earlier than expected...

Qantas Airways / staff

Nov 24, 2018

This is a warning about a pilot and his messing with my girlfriend. We have been together for 4 months and before this she and I were on Tinder - that is how we met. She was seeing for a few dates a guy called Charles Hessmann, and since we have been together he has been stalking her and...

Qantas Airways / flight attendants

Nov 14, 2018

The flight attendants on our flight were rude, unprofessional people. Its a complete joke. The entire flight was ruined because of these rude people. What kind of airline company would hire people like this. Says alot about Australians. Really. All asian airlines that we have flown with...

Qantas Airways / staff

Oct 14, 2018

I am having trouble contacting Qantas directly so I am writing in regards to a very concerning interaction I have had with pilot Charles Hessmann. Last week at an Auckland NZ bar I was approached by a very drunk and possibly drugged man, who introduced himself as Charles Hessmann. He wa...

Qantas Airways / poor and rude customer service by flight and ground staff

Sep 28, 2018

Recently my husband and I flew to Dallas on 3rd September 2018 on reservation code jv3ltg, seats 58j and 58 k, which I payed extra $150 to book, little did I know at this time was that seat 58k by the window was Brocken and did not recline at all., and the tv jack was also Brocken as had...

Qantas Airways / dreamliner to perth & singapore to heathrow service.

Sep 24, 2018

This is a letter I sent to QANTAS London on 26 August 2018 . I have not had a reply, could you expedite this or deal with it please. 106 Redcliffe Apartments Caswell Bay Swansea SA3 3BT 25 August 2018 QANTAS 401 King Street Hammersmith London W6 9NJ cc. Mike...

Qantas Airways / sr2015699 - qantas frequent flyer member services

Sep 22, 2018

‎1.‎ More than 20 years I'm with Flight point ‎ ‎2.‎ When I joint Qantas 4103899 Qantas Advertised on each statement that my ‎points are for life time which never Expire. ‎ ‎3.‎ Never was Compulsory time given to buy an item to collect points.‎ ‎4.‎ If there $1 for = one point, why Woolworth...

Qantas Airways / rude ground staff and trouble getting wheel chair for elderly passenger.

Sep 19, 2018

Today I witnessed how bad some Qantas staff are getting. My wife and I were taking 2 relatives to catch a flight to Sydney from Perth, a connecting flight to the US, and both requiring wheel chairs which were booked with Qantas. One was an elderly cancer patient and was having difficulty...

Qantas Airways / denial of flight credit points on qf7 on 28/8/2018_booking ref: vntmqn`

Sep 13, 2018

On 28 th August 2018 I took the aeroplane, details are above, from Sydney International Airport to Fort Worth Airport, Dallas. Halfway through the trip the Captain announced that we have to return back to Sydney because of a mechanical problem that could well jeopardize safety. After...

Qantas Airways / refund of credit for ones flight

Aug 19, 2018

Qantas has said it cannot redeem the credits that were allocated to us post a traumatic accident that caused me to have to stay longer in Sth Africa unless it is used on an international flight and then on at the last phone call only if it is used to/from Johannesburg. The qantas staff...

Qantas Airways / misleading statements in terms and conditions on their website and information given by call centre staff not accurate

Aug 16, 2018

We have made an online ticket booking via your online website by choosing the option "Book Now, Pay Later" We have decided to take up this option as our travelling date would be in early December ie exact date 12 December 2018. We were totally impressed with the option provided by Qantas and...

Qantas Airways / a staff member

Aug 9, 2018

Hi On the 8th of August I flew into Brisbane on Emirates first class from Nice, my connecting flight was with QF 1752 booking ref: V3WNYI to Cairns at 9.50am on the Wednesday morning. As I am a Gold card holder with Emirates I have extra luggage allowance so when I checked in at Nice all...

Qantas Airways / delayed flight / missed connection flight

Jul 29, 2018

Re Qantas Airways Booking Reference JIWG6Q ebookers Booking Reference 4MP6Y4 Please note due the 1.5 hrs delay by quantas for the schedule below I missed my connecting flight to Udon Thani and had to book a hotel at the airport and rebook another flight the next day and incurred charge...

Qantas Airways / customer service

Jul 18, 2018

I am a very loyal Qantas Gold customer but have been astounded by the very poor frontline customer service which is not only due to the apparent lack of training of these staff but exacerbated by Qantas policy. Below is an overview starting from the most recent. 1. I booked a flight from...

Qantas Airways / customer service and sales staff

Jun 14, 2018

Qantas has the worst customer service anyone could imagine. I cant believe how incompetent & how badly Qantas treat its Platinum Frequent fliers ...They stuff up the bookings their staff make, keep me on the phone for 4 hours back and forth and then book the wrong flights, the wrong fare...

Qantas Airways / qantas frequent flyer program

Jun 14, 2018

I have had numerous issues with qantas frequent flyer programme over the last 12 months: I have been unable to log into check my ff points. Despite numerous phone calls and attempts at logging in to check these points, I have been unsuccessful. Luckily, on yet another attempt, I finally...

Qantas Airways / frequent flyer programme

Jun 5, 2018

My complaint is about the Qantas Frequent Flyer programme, the unexpected cancellation of my 93, 788 frequent flyer points, and the programme representative I spoke with this morning UK Time, who terminated the call without notice when I asked to speak with a supervisor. I did this when it...

Qantas Airways / qantas staff

May 18, 2018

To who it may concern I would like to make a complaint about several of your staff members Lead member Russell Cord-Udy Russell came on a tour with my company (Bums On Seats Tours) Adelaide SA He booked with other staff members for a trip to the Barossa may 4th 2018 thru (Viator) I...

Qantas Airways / booking reference obkq5l — additional ticket charges

Apr 26, 2018

Recently when reviewing our travel arrangements for our trip to Japan in July/Aug.2018 my wife realised that she had booked a return connecting flight from Cairns to Townsville on the incorrect date. Unperturbed she methodically accessed the Qantas booking system and made the necessary...

Qantas Airways / food

Apr 15, 2018

When I boarded my flight from Sydney to Melbourne, we receive food in the aircraft, so I thought ... however the only food offered was a chicken toastie, being a vegetarian and being offered a apple instead is not enough. As commented by the passenger beside me being vegetarian is not a...

Qantas Airways / complimentary dessert

Mar 31, 2018

My husband and I prefer flying Qantas and have been doing so for many years. The beautiful creamy ice cream as desserts used to be a bit of a highlight of our trips. But o dear, someone at Qantas decided they to save money and changed to a cheap ice pop warm day kiddies dessert! What a...

Qantas / international flights to cambodia; flight connection and delays

Mar 28, 2018

I am so very disappointed with Qantas Since August I have travelled to Cambodia via Bangkok with Qantas Each time I had delays over 1 to 11/2 hours out of Sydney. This meant I missed my connecting flight it was put in a different scheduled flight than what was on my ticket My bags were...

Qantas Airways / non-cooperation (no help with missing connecting, flight) damaged suitcase

Mar 25, 2018

Dear Sir/Madam: I am writing to share my very unsatisfactory experience with Qantas. I flew SEA-LAX-MEL-Canberra-Brisbane-LAX-SEA. SEA-LAX (AA-6078) March 16, LAX-MEL (QF-96, Business) March 16, MEL-CBR (QF-0804) March 20, CBR-BNE (QF-1550), March 20, BNE-LAX (QF-15, Business), March 24...

Qantas Airways / "lost" baggage and poor customer service

Mar 24, 2018

I left Cleveland, Ohio for a 3 1/2 week vacation to NZ on Feb. 9th . Flew from Cleveland to Texas, Texas to Sydney and Sydney to Wellington. A 5 hour flight delay in Sydney with a full plane was the beginning of the problems . No one in Sydney could get their story straight as to why the...

Qantas Airways / online seat booking

Mar 12, 2018

We have tried repeatedly to select seats for our flights on the 15th March (Sydney to Dubai) and 16th March (Dubai LONDON Heathrow) Your website does not accept the choices. We have tried different browsers. The site is not functioning correctly. Also the pathways for exposing and...

Qantas Airways / missing baggage

Feb 14, 2018

We were travelling from Hong Kong to Christchurch departing 14th February 2018 flight ref QF98 Connecting in Brisbane and then to Christchurch on QF135. The first flight was delayed an hour which cut our connection time short. When we got to Christchurch airport our luggage didn't arrive...

Qantas Airways / qantas disgrace

Dec 6, 2017

Hard to know exactly which part of my four sector trip from Auck to Bangkok return ( 1 Emirates leg / 3 Qantas ) was the worst... as everything Qantas promised was poor to say the least . Booked everything business class - If Emirates were a 10 Qantas was barely a two... Every sector with...

Qantas Airways / inflexible approach to problem-solving re gold frequent flyer membership

Nov 28, 2017

As of 30 Sept 2017 I lost my Gold Frequent Flyer Membership despite trying to negotiate to retain this membership. I had fulfilled all other commitments and had 570 status credits, just 30 short of the 600 required. I had a flight cancelled (beyond my control) and the QANTAS voucher wa...

Qantas Airways / the incompetence of the frequent flyer support staff

Nov 22, 2017

For the last 7 weeks I have been trying to get conformation sent to Qatar Airlines that Qantas have not credited my QFF with flights i have taken from Qatar to Melbourne and back also Qatar to Sydney and back because of code booking. Qatar Airlines are willing to credit my Privilage...

Qantas Airways / frequent flyer 2199821

Nov 19, 2017

20 November 2017 @ approx: 1.17 pm call time 35min: 37 seconds I had a couple of queries on my Frequent Flyer Activity Statement spoke to the call centre (female) did the personal check all OK, could not help with a particular query regarding a transaction dated 01 Oct 2017. She proceeded to...

Qantas Airways / not given the seating paid for.

Nov 13, 2017

My wife and I flew to Los Angeles 9/10/17 QF 15 Ex Brisbane paid $140.00 for seating near the exit for us both (incl return flight QF 16 6/11/17). When checked in the helpful staff member confirmed we were seated at exit. When we boarded were seated in the Centre opposite the toilet wall...

Qantas Airways / international flight change

Nov 10, 2017

Hi, I call the NZ Qantas contact number to change the departure city of our bookings and spent an hour trying to achieve this with no luck. We are travelling return from Auckland to Singapore, via Sydney and wanted to change our departure and arrival city to Wellington. We were advised there...

Qantas Airways / meals on flight between sydney and london

Nov 1, 2017

My family of four, including two children, travelled from Sydney to London on 15 September. We sat somewhere around row 75 and by the time the meal cart got to us they had run out of main meals and we were offered tabouli as a substitute! This was a long haul flight and they couldn't feed...

Emerates/Qantas? / plane and food

Oct 26, 2017

On17july 17 we had booked for a flight from Singapore to perth with Emerates.Going to emirate's they told use to go to the Qantas canter ad they airport, we booked for Emirates because to have more space to sit, but we where put in a plane with so small seats that we hardly could move...

Qantas Airways / food

Oct 20, 2017

When I think of Australia, I think of wonderful food and service. I have traveled via Qantas several times between New Zealand and the Philippines, and each time there were things on the menu that you had run out of by the time I was served- like a salad or cheese and crackers - so what do...

Qantas Airline / moved from business to economy class and need compensation

Oct 19, 2017

My name is Mazhar Farooq, I was travelling from Charlotte North Carolina to Melbourne Australia on Quants airline in business class on July 21 2017. Given below are ticket details: Passengers: MAZHAR FAROOQ Agency Record Locator: NO77W6 AIR Friday, 21JUL 2017 Qantas Airways Flight Number: 96...