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Qantas Airways Customer Service Contacts

131 313 (Australia)
1800 227 4500 (USA, Canada & Mexico)
1800 556 135 (Ireland)
800 122 0337 (Argentina)
800 892 3346 (Brazil)
1800 1611 0267 (Philippines)
+44 845 774 7767 (United Kingdom)
+64 800 808 767 (New Zealand)
+43 15 877 771 (Austria)
+32 27 006 781 (Belgium)
+45 43 314 976 (Denmark)
+31 202 035 425 (Netherlands)
+7 495 641 5121 (Russia and CIS)
+34 915 421 572 (Spain & Portugal)
+41 445 111 237 (Switzerland & Italy)
+852 22 988 111 (Hong Kong)
+60 327 133 911 (Malaysia)
+966 114 772 228 (Saudi Arabia)
+65 64 157 373 (Singapore)
+27 214 273 128 (South Africa)
+82 27 776 871 (South Korea)
+66 26 326 611 (Thailand)
10 Bourke Road
Mascot, New South Wales
Australia - 2020

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Qantas Airways Complaints & Reviews

Qantas AirwaysService

I cancelled ticket due to medical reasons and have not been sent a credit notice number so I can rebook the ticket, which I need to do shortly.

SInce 3/12/2020, I have been told to call back as the wait time is in excess of 2 hours. I waited for over two hours and did not get an answer.

The message on the phone states that it takes 12 weeks to get either a refund/ credit notice number (no sure which one).

Why does it take seconds to pay for a ticket and 12 weeks to get a refund?
Why does 131313 (Qantas information line) tell you to call back for days on end?
Is this the best that Qantas and Allan Joyce can do?

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    Qantas AirwaysCheck in at Mackay airport

    You can no longer checkin for a qantas/jetstar/qantaslink flight any earlier than 1hr and 30 minutes before the flight. Despite qantas suggesting you arrive earlier for your flight, or use online checkin (no good if luggage is travelling). This is because the chinese owned contractor doig the checkin will charge more. Not very happy when qantas dies not tell its frequent flyers who may choose to not be a qantas ff anymore. And the lounges are also being kept to less hours of customer service. Welk done to the chinese. Bad move for qantas. No doubt you want me to tell more and more people. Happy to assist in this way since you treat me so badly.

    Check in at Mackay airport

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      Mar 26, 2020

      Qantas Airways — Had to cancelled our flights due to current situation

      Dear Qantas customer service Department, I was due to board a flight from Sydney to San Francisco on 5...

      Mar 04, 2020

      Qantas Airways — Frequent Flyer program

      Hello there I have been a member of the Qantas Frequent Flyer program since Oct 97. At this time I was a...

      Feb 05, 2020

      Qantas Airways — pitiful refund.

      Hi, I booked 2 x one way fares to Hong Kong for 20/2/20. We were to board a Royal Caribbean cruise from Hong...

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      Feb 03, 2020

      Qantas — your poor communication and service

      We are very disappointed with Qantaslack of communication and poor service over the last couple of weeks. A...

      Qantas Airwaysunauthorized credit card charge

      QFF 1535968
      Dr Garry Ecker, 40 Chipping Rd, City Beach, WA

      On the 15th November 2019 a fee of $330.81 was charged to my Amex card which was not authorized or explained adequately.
      Labelled: Qantas points Qantas Po Sydney on my card statement.
      Amex has tried to resolve this with you but their attempts were ignored. I have tried emailing, calling but you system is inadequate and poorly directed.
      I have received no replies either. Your phone line is always too busy and I get shut out. There is no call back and your Chat line has not proven ineffective in contacting you either.
      Please advise regarding this charge

      Dr garry Ecker

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        Qantas Airwaysqantas not taking responsibility for a combined booking with emirates and qantas. flight home with qantas but they won't answer my query.

        Itinerary advises I'm flying home in business class but Qantas has downgraded me. Tried calling twice yesterday but on no reply after 1hr 14mins I hung up. Tried again later but 1hr 52mins later I had to hang up again. Waited as long as I did as desperate to get this sorted! Managed to eventually do online chat. Keep referring me back to Emirates but flight home isn't with Emirates. Have added photo which quite cleary shows confirmed business.

        qantas not taking responsibility for a combined booking with emirates and qantas. flight home with qantas but they won't answer my query.

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          Qantas Airwaysflight overbooked

          Hello; My name is Tanya Isabel Massihnia Morett ticket No. [protected]
          I purchased my ticket on July 5th 2019, to fly from
          I was scheduled to leave Auckland at 6:05 am flight 140 on December 7th, I arrived at 3:00 am., and was told by the customer serv. personnel that I could not check in. I had to wait until 4:00 am for the actual desk personnel to open their window. Once they opened and I was helped, I was advised that my flight was cancelled because the flight was overbooked.
          They proceeded to place me with a different carrier and moved my departure to 3:30 p.m. I was not offered a single thing for compensation. It was ridiculous that my flight was cancelled and I had to be at the airport for more than 12 hrs.
          I request a full refund or a voucher for a flight equivalent to what I had. It is not right to just put me on a flight that left 12 hrs. later.
          All my arrangement had to be changed or cancelled. A lot of extra money spent for this.
          Thank you! Tanya I Massihnia Morett

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            Dec 13, 2019

            Qantas Airways — service and cancellation of flight

            Refer to my ticket number:081-[protected] for Flight QF5714 (JQ714) flying from HBA to MEL dated 10th December...

            Dec 03, 2019

            Qantas Airways — I am complaining about the extremely bad service

            Hi my name is Elke Perombelon, I purchase 4 flights to Perth back in Sept paid in full for my trip back home...

            Nov 12, 2019

            Qantas Airways — full refund money

            ------- Original Message -------- Subject: Re: Request full refund ( Nov7, 2019 ) Date: Fri, 08 Nov 2019...

            Qantas Airwaysmissing baggage

            QF 63 7th Nov 11.30am
            John Duggan
            Sydney to Cape Town
            Missing baggage
            2 boxed bikes worth 10k each have not arrived at Johannesburg or Cape Town.
            Enquiries at Sydney. Johannesburg and Cape Town have been fruitless.
            Added to this, staff assumed I was drunk when I suffer from anxiety and had not slept for 2 nights.
            I was treated very badly

            Please find them my bikes.

            Thank you
            John Duggan


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              Qantas Airwaysreliable service

              I have had 2 delayed flights in the past 2 weeks and todays flight was 7 hrs late and i missed my connecting flight a qantas charter and there is no compencation at all no accomidation that i was told in darwin there would be when i get to perth and had to sit at darwin airport for 7 hrs then had a waite of 9hrs at perth airport for my next flight this is a joke as is your service and the customer service people do not want to help or call back todays call took 10hrs for a call back on your 131313 number

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                Nov 02, 2019

                Qantas Airways — unethical behaviour

                To whom it may concern, I am writing to ask for assistance with a legal surname change. I recently changed...

                Qantas Airwaysdrug affected flight crew

                One of your flight attendant has been taking illicit drugs before he works on a consistent basis, I and my family will no longer fly with qantas, Brett Allan is a danger to your reputation and should be tested for drugs.
                I do not wish to be identified I would like to feel safe in the air, Thankyou and I do hope you can help with that, the thought of a drug affected flight crew trying to organise an emergency exit is a very frightening though, I'm fairly sure you would feel the same,
                regards, concerned customer

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                  Qantas Airwaysservice and the amount of passengers on a domestic plane that was traveling internationally

                  Flew Qantas 046 737 from Indonesia (Bali to Australia)
                  The plane was and should of been for DOMESTIC ONLY.
                  It was like they were cramming cattle into the truck.
                  This is not a 3rd world country "for Gods Sake"
                  No room to move at ALL. The flight attendants couldn't even move with the amount of people who were standing in the isles because sitting was a bad option.Both my partner and I didn't have a wink of sleep. When I spoke to the flight attendants they agreed and then said to lodge a formal complaint.
                  Your seating area was smaller then the space you have in your car as a driver.


                  I want my money back for both me and my partner.
                  CORINA BARR

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                    Qantasleaving me stranded, in advance, cancelling all me flights even if I turn up to the airport, i’m in disbelief

                    I have booked a flight from Jakarta to Sydney, it is a mistake as I will be in Bali and I need to make a simple change, QF44: to QF42. I have offered to pay for an additional flight, but I've been told if I do not get on the original flight, Qantas will cancel all my following flights. How can they do this, I have paid for these flights, so if I am at the airport on time I should be allowed to board my plane. I leave in 7 days, I have been trying for two weeks to resolve this. This is my honeymoon and Qantas are ruining it. I waited 50yrs for this.

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                      Qantas Airwaysfrequent flyer points misappropriated

                      I booked a flight with jetstar and did not opt to use points as I did not have enough. that was on 06/08/2019. The end of September I tried to use manage my booking but it said I still owed 21.00 and to pay this now. upon enquiring what this was I was told qantas hadn't released the 3500 points and they would send qantas an email to fix this problem. I querried why the points as I had not wanted to use them. I got the usual non understandable response. On 03/10/2019 I again contacted as the 21.00 was still owing, I was given the opportunity to pay this amount with my credit card which I did. I then discover on the 10/10/2019 that 3500 frequent flyer points have been withdrawn from my account.
                      I have spent over 7 hours on hold and in conversation with both jetstar and qantas regarding this matter. I was told by Jetstar yesterday that I could not receive my points back and I had to have the 21.00 re-credited to my account. I explained that I no longer used that account and I wanted MY POINTS. I was told jetstar coud not do that. this morning I phoned qantas and after requesting to be put through to qantas premium ( I spoke with them yesterday) several times I was again transferred to jetstar without explanation. I waited another hour and was told that the money had been recredited to my visa. I again expressed my wish to talk to a supervisor and was told that I was not able to do this( 6 times I requested this). I was then put on hold and when after 3 minutes the woman came back on she kept saying are you there are you there I cant hear you I will have to hang up, which she did. I phoned qantas again and same thing. I was put through to jetstar without explanation. Jetstar then told me that the 21.00 has been credited to my visa. I said I was not using that card anyore and she said there was nothing she could do. I asked to speak to the superviser again and got told no they are busy with important calls and I have my money back so it has been resolved. well as I have been quite clear in that I wanted my points, I have stood my ground and have now been told that they can return the points. I want to know why they told me it had been returned to my account this morning and only after I mentioned I thought there was a SCAM happening I all of a sudden can have the points back. I have insisted on speaking with a manager and have been told again how busy they are and they can resolve the issue without the manager. I have again been placed on hold and every few minutes I get the woman telling me that the issue can be resolved and that the manager is very busy with another customer and they can call me back within an hour. I am refusing to accept this and telling her I will stay on the line, so far this call has been 1.51 hours. I have just been told she will put me through to the manager ED. My points will e refunded within 7 days, apparently. I think the call centre staff need to be better informed and all use the same answers, as I have encountered that many different answers it is not funny. I will think three times before using jetstar again.
                      Kind regards
                      Lorne Kelly 7522222

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                        Qantas Airwaysoverbooked flight, refused boarding

                        I am stuck in a hotel, in a country I didn't plan on visiting, because of an arrangement I never agreed to, with no money and no way to make outside calls. Emirates "protocol".

                        On 11/10/2019 I made my way through Singapore airport to make my connecting flight to Melbourne. At the transfer desk a woman pulled me aside and informed me that my flight was overbooked. She said that there was "a 50/50 chance" I would get onto the plane and if I couldn't get a seat, my only other option was to catch the same flight 24 hours later. She said Emirates would compensate my hotel for the night if that was the case. She gave me a food voucher and told me to come back in an hour. I left to get food hoping there would be a seat for me.

                        I came back to the desk to see Another man standing with Her, she informed me there was no room on the plane while he handed me a hotel voucher. I was very disappointed I had spent way past my budget on a flight that would gareentee I would get home before the weekend, all I wanted todo was go home. I ask if there was any other compensation I could receive, mainly vouchers or cash as I hadn't planned on staying in Singapore at all and hadn't organised anything with my bank. They said it wasn't part of protocol to give money compensation. I asked if I could trade the night in the hotel for cash as I didn't mind staying in the airport and they said no.
                        At this point I was quite upset and confused, I didn't understand why I wasn't allowed to board a flight I had paid for. Then Jess informed me that I had the option to still get on the flight when we first spoke and that I had volunteered to give up my seat!! AT NO POINT HAD SHE SAID I HAD THE OPTION!! AT NO POINT DID SHE SAY I WAS A VOLUNTEER!! I would have got on the plane otherwise. I am distraught.

                        I paid AUD$900 for a one way ticket so I could get a flight home in time for the weekend, only to be TARGETTED and TRICKED into giving up my seat with no chance of compensation for my time or forcing me to miss out on my commitments back home.

                        overbooked flight, refused boarding

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