Jetblue Airwaystreated me unfairly as a consumer

After arriving at Boston/Logan airport and being in New England for three weeks I made my return trip home to Florida. Upon arrival at the airport with a ticket that was purchased the first part of May I was informed that I would have to pay an additional charge of my second bag.

I did hear that this procedure was going into effect the first part of June, however I feel that any ticket that was purchased and your passenger was on their return trip home should have not been charged. These tickets were purchased roundtrip in advance and I feel that it was unfair to hit up the passengers on their return trip for the luggage fee.

I also observed a family of five trying to check in and being told that they would have to pay an additional 200.00 in luggage fees again after they had already purchased their round trip tickets. Just what if they did not have a credit card or I did not have a credit card, then what?

Again I understand the need for the second bag charge and would support it for a future ticket, however I feel that it was unjust to hit up passengers on their return flight for this charge.

I have always enjoyed flying on Jetblue however I will now make other plans for different airlines regardless of the price difference. I don't mind being charged, but it was the SURPRISE of oh by the way you now owe us more money for your second bag and you need to pay it now or the bag doesn't go on the plane.

Just a reminder that we are your profit and should be treated fairly.

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