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KLMabout flight delayed

5 March my flight from Kuantan to Kuala Lumpur MH 1281 7.50 was announce delay at 6pm to 9pm. Well is ok I still can catch up with my klm flight to Amsterdam at 11.50. Then second announcement that the flight delay from 9 to 10.40. Why not announce once at 6 saying that flight delayed to 10.40 so that I can take a cab from Kuantan to klia? I still can make it. Now I have to rebook my klm flight and pay extra 500 USd. Your airline is really unreliable. I should have listened to my friends advice not to take this flight from Kuantan to kL because is always delayed. Very disappointed.

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    Feb 21, 2018

    KLM Royal Dutch Airlines — refusing to pay compensation

    Customer reference number [protected] kl1432. Why is your reply information system not recognising thi...

    KLM Airlinesexcess charge of amount onboard

    I travelled by klm1653 on 01 nov 2017 and made a onboard purchase of jbl cordless headphones (art code 72) costing 99 euro.
    Txn id [protected].
    Sales id 652920,
    Auth code 84612
    Df name a0000000041010
    Whereas as per statement of account as recd from hdfc bank, I have been charged 115.68 euro. kindly help in remitting the excess amount asap.

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      KLMairline & poor customer service

      Do not use KLM ever!! Below is a copy of our self-explanatory email sent to CEO of KLM on 9/17/17 and when no RSVP sent again on 9/21.
      To date we still have no rsvp!! Not even the courtesy of an acknowledgement so we filled a complaint with USDOT:

      Sent: Sunday, September 17, 2017 7:09 AM
      To: Pieter.[protected]@klm.com
      Subject: EBB to JFK Experience

      16 Sept 2017
      Mr. Pieter Elbert, CEO
      KLM Royal Dutch Airlines


      Dear Mr. Elbert,

      When we traveled to Kenya in 2009 we used KLM booking thru Delta, as we have used Delta Airlines for decades. When my daughter and I planned to travel to Uganda in we booked thru KLM in February 2017 at a cost of some $1919.46 (Originally $1823.88 plus seat charges of $95.58) for our trip to and from Uganda on KLM/Delta from Sept 3 thru 14 of this year. The first heads up that much had changed since our 2009 trip was when we had to pay additional charges for our seats after confirming our flights, but we let that one slide.

      No doubt you would be interested in our trip back from Uganda. As a former CEO of my own company I believe that you may want to be informed if your employees and airline are not living up to high standards. We are sorry to report that on the return back we found several of your personnel who were unfriendly, disinterested, and inaccurate - repeatedly giving us erroneous or worse, false information. At least two of who were downright rude in ignoring our fair requests as if we never spoke to them!

      The specifics: When we arrived in AMS on your Flt KL935 on 14 September, we noted that our next flight [KL1723] had a ten-minute delay. As we only had about a 70-minute window to make that connection, we went to your Customer Service desk at AMS. Your agent advised us that there was a direct flight from AMS boarding at 11:35 but that our flight should arrive in time to make our connection to KL6141. A bit later, at the gate we saw flight KL1723 was further delayed. We mentioned our concern to your male agent at the gate, asking him to change us to the later flight out of AMS. Instead of acknowledging this request your agent told us we would arrive on time. As the flight was delayed again, we more urgently again asked the same gate agent to change our flight. Completely ignoring our request he told us we could still make, it someone would escort us off the plane to the other flight, and that the airline and that flight was aware of our delay. Everything he told us was inaccurate, of doubtful veracity, and the behavior of that gate agent in totally ignoring our request to change flights when he could was downright rude! On board we again mentioned our close schedule to several of your crew members and were told they would try. The crew was unable to tell us the gate number of KL6141 but again advised gate agent at destination would escort us to our other flight. Another falsehood!

      We landed in Brussels right around the time flight KL6141 was taking off. When we got to the gate another of your very rude agents gave us a piece of paper with “Avipartner” written on it telling us they had rebooked our flight. We asked for someone to show us where this Avipartner was but the rude agent just pointed and said, “that way”. We advised we were told someone would show us the way as we do not know the Brussels Airport but your people ignored that request also. We went “that way’ and found a closed Avipartner desk so went back again repeating our request for an escort and were again told that way then turn left which was still not fully accurate or complete directions. To make a long story shorter after this 73 year old disabled Veteran, who is not in the greatest of health, and his daughter trekked around the Brussels airport with hand luggage for 45 stressful minutes of hunting and asking various airport personnel for information, we finally found another Avipartner desk, which was NOT “just that way” or just “to the left” as your agent advised. Shame on them and KLM!!

      We certainly understand bad weather delays but fail to understand the lack of customer service, unfriendly, uncaring, rudeness, and disinterest of your employees. We trust you will not either.

      Avipartner booked us on a Lufthansa flight to Frankfurt with another short layover to catch a flight from Frankfurt into JFK. We again asked for a longer delay or direct flight but were told none were available. That flight was also delayed and landed about a minute before the scheduled takeoff our connecting flight, which was quite far from the landing gate. My daughter literally ran to the next flight to hold it for me. She ran with her hand baggage having to run up several flights of steps to get there only to discover we had again missed the connecting flight. As I caught up to my daughter she did not look well and had to sit down before we went over to the Lufthansa Customer Service Desk. The Lufthansa employees were a much more friendly and customer oriented. They had to put us up in a hotel with a Delta flight back to JFK the next morning. We finally landed in JFK about 1PM 15 Sept, some 24 hours after we were supposed to! Both of us were worn out, and not feeling physically well after this long trek around the airport and the physical and emotional stress of missing the flights. Some of your people need the same customer friendly oriented training that your partner airline Delta gives to their employees.

      Based on this terrible experience we have lost confidence in KLM and will never again select KLM as our airline of choice. We will tell of our experience on various travel sites so future passengers will be aware. We look forward to your response to our concerns.


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        KLMairlines seat charges

        Happy to get good rate for KLM flights to Africa but then got bill with almost a hundred dollars in additional charges for seats. We were not advised, nor did we agreed to these additional charges. These were just regular seats not extra space or anything like that!! Called KLM and they advised charging for seats is their policy since 2016. I advised that our state looks down on charges that customer is made made aware of and agree to at time of purchase. told they can do nothing so had to pay.
        KLM get the shame of the year award!!
        We request a credit of $95.58

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          KLMklm ticket counter at kuala lumpur & klm customer care europe.

          My Vietnamese Partner and I travelled with KLM (for the first and only time on 18th December 2016), and with many other Airlines we regularly use.

          This time with KLM at the KLM Ticket counter at kuala lumpur after going on-line to confirm our booking and printing out our boarding passes we only wished to have them take our luggage etc and check everything was good to go, nothing more we thought.?

          Unlike all other Airlines we used on this trip (Jet Star, Cathay Pacific, Air Asia etc) the ground ticket crew put us through horrendous humiliating and embarrassing questioning in front many lined up customers and staff. We were treated we feel like criminals!

          We brought this up with the manageress over the Ticket counter at KLM and she was very unfriendly and rude, very dismissive etc!

          The Male steward on the flight suggested we speak to his manageress who attempted with her poor English and writing / typing skills type out a complaint. This was on 18th December 2016 and by the 8th January 2017 we had heard nothing in the way of a reply.

          Ignored we contacted their KLM President via email (Mr Pieter Elbers who could not be troubled to email even from one of his staff) and yet entered KLM so called 'customer care Europe' with the unbelievable Dismissive attitude saying 'From your account there appears to have been a misunderstanding' well the male steward of KLM who said it was not their policy did not think so!

          How can a customer be treated with such contemptuous attitude and humiliated in front of many fellow passengers and staff at an Airport ? Especially as No Other Airline ever treated us as they did! How can a 'Customer care' unit so readily dismiss our concerns with indifference in a way that added to the harrowing abuse we were subject to!?

          This is inexcusable and yet this 'customer care Europe' man at KLM did everything he could to excuse this behaviour stating policy no other airline have ever used with us ever.

          KLM WE are valued customer NOT Criminals ! Sadly Not Valued by KLM! We Will Never fly with KLM ever again and be humiliated and embarrassed as Your staff chose to do to us Publicly!

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            KLMunprofessional/negligent attitute

            BOOKING REF: 6GYR2A
            This is to bring into the notice of the concerned authorities of:
            1. KLM Royal Dutch Airlines
            2. Etihad airways
            Please find attached the concerned ticket.
            I took Etihad airways (through KLM) from NYC for Lahore via Amsterdam/Abu Dhabi I was supposed to board on Etihad aiways for Lahore (PK) on 17th and land on 18th of July. I had payed the full amount and had confirmed ticket with me. I arrived from Amsterdam 2 hours earlier than the connecting flight. At the check-in time was denied to board on the plane. the reason given to me was that KLM did not confirm my ticket with Etihad airways, despite me showing them the e-ticket I had. Now I am stuck at the airport and I cannot find any representative of KLM inside the Airport building to offer any help. I dont have visa to go out. I called the KLM helpline in Amsterdam and they said that my ticket has no issues and they cannot do anything to help me as Etihad's system is messed up and I should talk to them. This quite annoying! I had to purchase a ticket of etihad again so now I have two tickets for the same destination. I have to stay more than 48 hours on the airport with no one willing to take the responsibility! None of the Airline is willing to pay for the ticket or stay even. If this is the state of affairs with your services, at least me myself, and all of the people I know will never select these airline for traveling anymore, for sure. The duty manager of Etihad was unavailabe all night between 17th and 18th July.
            I am very disappointed with this unprofessional and negligent attitude of the airlines. I need a complete inquiry of this matter by the responsible authorities and I assure to peruse this to any level till I get a satisfactory explanation.

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              Klm - Royal Dutch Airlines — klm ban medical equipment

              Having booked a series of long-haul Business Class flights with KLM, I searched their website and their Term...


              The complaint has been investigated and
              resolved to the customer's satisfaction
              KLM — lazy and incompetent airline

              I had a problem with KLM than eventually can be easly overcome by common sense, something that in Amsterdam...


              KLMnot honoring platinum for life

              See attachment:
              KLM refuses to honor the notice they sent. We have been over this many times and they've basically called me a lair when I stated my qualification for Platinum For Life using their notices. They demanded "proof" as if I was a liar. I supplied the proof, below, and they still are in denial. Have they no shame? Have they no respect for their loyal clients?

              not honoring platinum for life

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                On booking an upgrade to economy comfort on a recent KLM flight from Edinburgh to Bahrain, KLM decided to take 3 payment from my account for the one seat.. Since this day, I have called several departments in many countries to try and have my money paid back into my account. I have sent several complaint through the hopeless online customer support website ( customer support, you have to be joking), sent my bank statement 3 times and still no reply and no money back in my account..I have called the saudi office and they dont even answer the bloody phone.. KLM this is against the law to take money from someones account with authorization.. Your customer service is disgusting and the worst i have ever encountered. you are a joke. ..

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                  resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                  KLMonvoorziene kosten

                  Flight Mr. Adrianus Dingjan and mrs Helena Moors, January 31, 2013, KL 0835 from Amsterdam to Denpasar, connecting to flight JQ0038 from Denpasar to Sydney. In stead of going through transit in Denpasar from one flight to the other, we were forced by the Indonesian customs to follow Indonesian immigration rules. This meant buying two Indonesian visa, 2 x US$ 25, -= US$ 50, - = Rp 510.880, - = € 39.52. Further we were obliged to pay airport tax 2 x Rp 150.000, -= Rp 300.000, - = € 23.20. Total unforeseen costs € 62.72. We would like to ask for compensation of these costs.

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                    resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                    KLMair miles deletion

                    We have had 5000, 000 air miles deleted by KLM under a new condition in their T&Cs that was alledgedly advised via email - we did not receive any such email. this is the first change affecting validity for nearly 20 years so we had no reason to reveiw the rules - we only dicovered the deletion of all the miles when we attempted to use them
                    the Email trail below is the latest communication, any advise you have would be appreciated. When we joined the program it was a hard copy application with no undertaking to accept notifcations of contract change by email

                    Dear Mr Machin

                    Whilst your overly polite apologies for my experience are accepted; it is not your sympathy I seek but a truly fair hearing. I would appreciate the opportunity to talk directly either by email or telephone to a decision maker, in place of this disjointed method of communication.
                    I am unconvinced that the cancellation was not sharp practice, as I had no notification of the pending changes to your rules. Your verbal/email undertaking that we were emailed the information is incorrect and unfair, especially given the very high value of what you have deleted . It would be less patronising if you sent me a copy of the email you sent to us with the proof of receipt/read - I am sure that for such an important notification involving thousands of pound worth of air miles you will have had to include the need for a received and read receipt.
                    I have printed off your current site a copy of the new rules which states the date from which they apply - if the cancellation is from that date as stated . I would like to repeat that due to personal hardship there was a period in 2011 when I had no working computer.
                    Please review this decision, in the light of the above as I am not satisfied that I have been fairly treated or that you are giving any priority at all to the situation, taking over 10 days to respond with exactly the same message is unacceptable.
                    If you are unable to reinstate our former position please revert with the name of the person to whom I should escalate this predicament, otherwise you will leave me no choice but to examine other routes to having this case heard. I have no intention of letting this situation drop until I have exhausted every avenue available to me.

                    Kathy Jennings
                    Tel: [protected]

                    From: KLM [mailto:[protected]@klm.com]
                    Sent: 17 October 2012 16:51
                    To: k.[protected]@compass-hq.com
                    Subject: in response to your request dated 06 October 2012

                    Our reference: [protected]
                    Dear Mrs Jennings
                    Thank you for your email dated 6th October 2012, regarding yours and your husband's Flying Blue accounts. Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience you mention.
                    I understand that you have already been in contact with our Flying Blue department regarding the validity of miles on our frequent flier programme.
                    I have read your account of events and my colleague's reply to you and regret that you remain dissatisfied.
                    Having had the opportunity to review your file, I would like to offer my own apologies that you should have had such a disconcerting experience. However, I regret that I cannot add anything further to my colleague's previous letter as all details you brought to our attention had already been taken into account.
                    The content of the response from our colleagues at the Flying Blue department explains the reasoning behind your miles expiring, and this is correct as per the conditions of the programme. I am truly sorry for the disappointment caused.
                    Therefore, we will be unable to assist you in reinstating your miles, and as such, this matter is closed.
                    Thank you for taking the time and trouble to write to us. I am sorry to learn of your present sentiments towards our services although I thank you for allowing me this opportunity to explain and apologise.
                    Yours sincerely
                    R. Machin (Mr.)
                    Customer Care Europe

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                      KLMtelephone sales complaint

                      Recent phone call to KLM Customer Care. I had started an online booking on Opodo, but cancelled it because their site wouldn't let me buy a date-changeable ticket. So I went to KLM website to buy the same ticket (more expensive of course), and upgraded it to a date-changeable ticket and proceeded to checkout, entered passenger details, frequent flyer numbers, booked seats and then clicked on 'payment details'. The website then repeatedly said 'page not found'. After over an hour of trying I go back to the beginning of the whole booking process - where by now the price has gone up a further GBP200. So I call KLM customer care in the UK from abroad.

                      The rep finds the earlier booking made at Opodo and says that the KLM website is not letting me buy it because of the duplicate booking. I tell her I cancelled it. She recommends I phone them, but also that there are only 2 seats left at this price and so I'd better book them now on the phone, as I won't be able to find them again. I say that's great - but then she says she'll be charging the telephone booking fee. This seems rather unfair, so I challenge it.

                      Me: Excuse me? I don't want to make this booking on the phone, I want to make it on the website. But the website won't let me.
                      Her: That's not my fault.
                      Me: Maybe not, but it's certainly not my fault either. I cancelled the other booking.
                      Her: OK, but I will be charging the fee.


                      Her: I'm not going to waive the telephone booking fee, as there's nothing wrong with the website.
                      Me: You say the website is not making the booking because there is a duplicate booking there. However, the website is NOT giving me a message saying "Sorry, there is a problem with your booking, please call our Service Centre who will help you." It is saying "Sorry, we couldn't find the page your are looking for. You may have used an outdated link." This clearly indicates that the website is not working correctly.
                      Her: Are we now going to start discussing website messages or do you want to make the booking?


                      Her: shall we proceed with the booking?
                      Me: Yes please, I would like to pay immediately but without the telephone booking fee.
                      Her: There's no point in returning to that subject, that's not going to happen.


                      Me: Can I talk to your supervisor please?
                      Her: There is no supervisor, just me. You can't talk to a supervisor
                      Me: Really? In all my years of experience talking to companies, I have always been able to talk to a supervisor. I would like to talk to a supervisor in order to make a complaint.
                      Her: Supervisors are here to assist us, the agents, and not to talk to customers. There is no supervisor you can talk to.


                      Me: I know that it is entirely within your power to waive the booking fee. You are about to lose a customer waiting card in hand to pay you GBP2100, even though it is not my fault I can't pay via your website because it won't let me, and I'm already paying a fortune to make this telephone call from abroad?
                      Her: I'm not going to waive the booking fee.


                      Me: This is bad customer service.
                      Her: You are entitled to your opinion, I disagree.
                      Me: I'm the customer, and I can tell when I'm getting bad service!
                      Her: That's your opinion.

                      Final verdict: I really tried, but ultimately couldn't bring myself to give them my money. I realised I'd rather spend a couple of hundred more to fly with another airline. Despite me not just considering a large purchase but desperate to make one, KLM lost me permanently as a customer because their response to my minor problem was one big, resounding "get lost." Message received.

                      telephone sales complaint

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                        The complaint has been investigated and
                        resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                        KLMwheel chair not provided

                        On May 08/2012.My Loving Mom frail 78 years was coming to meet us From India .We were so anxious.We talked to so many airlines but decided KLM.Made sure that you will take care.Alas made a wrong choice.Requested wheel chair assistance all the way.She did not get it anywhere. Air-hostesses allowed her to walk .This is nothing, at the Calgary airport she was handed all her belongings and left on the escalator where she fell and injured her head. Was taken to hospital .Nobody informed although telephone and contact numbers were there.Gross negligence.She was taken to hospital ER bleeding.I was left breathless and was like HOW COULD YOU DO THAT!! She is OLD .Was that because she is brown you didn t care to help her.I am not sleeping till I resolve this and fire that person who left her at the ESCALATOR.Only a ###ed person can do that.I want you to initiate the inquiry ASAP.I am calling KLM office they tranfer my calls to manager but they hang up??

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                          In Kenya and on tranfer from Lusaka t my daughter was first told that she did not have a visa to travel to Canada. Duh! how very stupid of this officer who obviously did not know anything about visa agreements between Commonwealth countries, so my daughter educated him, then realizing hoe stupid he was he decided to punch back and said my daughter's passport was not genuine and was a forged document. Thats it, she could not travel instead she slept at the airport and first thing in the morning called the embassy. the embassy sent a representative to the airport who verified that the passport was genuine and belonged to my daughter and that if there was any other problem they should be notified. She was told she would be on the next flight but lo and behold, when the time came she was told yet again by a different person the same ### and bull from the previous night, had no visa and her passport was fake, this time she was detained, the embassy was never told. When she did not arive in Canada I started calling only to find that she was detained for 4 days and the embassy never notified. She was in shock when the embassy went to pick her up from the airport, and nobody was able to explain anything to the embassy. It's simple, they just picked on her for no reason except that she is BLACK! She was not refunded for the ticket and I communicated with agency that sold me the ticket, who in turn wrote to the airline office in the US. After six months I followed up and they said they would not refund as it was the passenger's responsibility to make sure that her documents are in order before travelling. WHAT DOCUMENTS??? She did not need a visa to travel to Canada, the information is available on the internet if you dont know what agreements are there between Commonwealth countries, and her passport was verified by the embassy. How do you even detain someone for 4 days without a warrant, that is abuse of human rights. KLM is RACIST and RIP off living off selling tickets then refusing people boarding then refusing to refund. They should not be allowed to be in business because they are SHADY!!

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                            KLMfalse advertising

                            I tried to buy Award Promotional tickets in the KLM website together with my wife, we are both members of KLM program Flying Blue.

                            A desired flight was available in the web site, we went through all the steps to complete/buy the flight and in the end (right before inserting the credit card details), the flight ended up to not be available anymore! During the procedure, she was missing 500 miles so she bought 2000 more miles. However, since the flight suddenly become unavailable, we had to look for a new connection, which is much more inconvenient but cheaper, meaning that she unnecessarily bought 2000 miles (53 non refundable euros).

                            I strongly have the impression that KLM advertises Promo Awards but only makes very few seats (if any!) available. This strategy to *lure* the loyal customer is embarrassing and unfortunate. I understand that KLM does not guarantee a number of promotional seats, however, making them unavailable during *the entire* buying process and informing the unavailability only in the payment step is extremely sad and dishonest.

                            My wife and I feel fooled by the promotional propaganda of Promo Award tickets and very unhappy for having to pay 53 euros for no reason.

                            My wife contacted KLM and they simply reply saying that they cannot guarantee the promotional seats. I contacted KLM and haven't got any answer.

                            Different from some other airlines, the Promo Awards in the KLM/Air France Flying Blue program seems to be a scam (I wish I am wrong about that).

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                              KLM — rude behavior of &ticket agent&

                              I will try to lay it out as much as possible... and try to give you the tone of the conversation as well...

                              KLMnon-refundable tickets

                              I recently bought a KLM ticket to the UK from Japan, I do this at least 3 times a year - I spend an awful lot of money with KLM exclusively as they fly into Cardiff and it saves me from going through Heathrow.
                              When ordering a ticket online, did you know that they can sell you non-refundable tickets without telling you? No? Neither did I, until I tried to change the details after having an accident at home and not being able to fly.
                              When phoning KLM they told me that I had agreed to the terms on the website - but I didn't see anything regarding these non-refundable tickets - only to 'check my details carefully'.

                              So basically I have lost 600 pounds on an airline ticket if I decide to cancel and they will now resell to someone else and make twice the amount of money off. KLM doesn't mention any specific details of cancellations on the website either - and it's not written on my tickets or on any of my other e-mails.

                              Quite honestly, even though I have a leg in a cast I'm temped to board the plane and they will have to work stuff out for me - I dont see why companies can just take money away from you, it's disgusting.

                              Well KLM, if you are reading this - I normally spend about 4000 pounds a year with you guys, times that for all the years that I would go to the UK for the rest of my life (roughly another 30) and you have realised that you have lost 4000 x 30 = 120, 000 pounds. That's an awful lot of money just because you don't want someone to move a ticket!

                              Good luck to you, I won't be seeing you again - I'd rather fly to heathrow and commute home rather than to book a flight with you again.

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                                • Ca
                                  carobgh Mar 01, 2012

                                  On KLM.com they charge you a 10 euros booking fees. On airfrance.be you can book the same flights, same dates, same time, etc but with no 10 euros booking fees. This is the same company so why different rates for the same destination, dates, flights, etc according if you book on airfrance.fr, aifrance.be or klm.com??? KLM rip you off and is not worth it. Are we so different from a country to another???

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                                KLMwebsite error

                                Beware before you use KLM airlines
                                I have written to KLM airlines to try and sort this unfair system that they operate within. We are an organisation that will never ever use this company again. Their customers service is appalling, rude and down right ignorant, they have not had the courtesy to reply, only pass this issue on to lastminute.com and after weeks of corresponding and telephone calls to them, they eventually informed me that they had nothing to do with this booking.

                                Customer Support Department
                                South Terminal London Gatwick Airport West Sussex, RH6OPU

                                May 31st 2011

                                Dear Sir / Madam,

                                Online flight bookings - Booking code: YWAZ2A and YWGASH

                                On Thursday May 27 2011, I attempted to book online tickets for 11 people through - Skyscanner flight search. The set-up on this website only allowed me to book a maximum of 8 persons and they then sent me to your website to continue with my request. Because of the set up I completed an identical booking on your site for 6 persons and 5 and sent them simultaneously to you. The first 6 persons were accepted and the 5 was rejected, the reason given on your website was that this e-mail address had already booked tickets and my request for the five persons was refused. I then reset the booking for the five persons on your site and unfortunately made an error in the booking time which you will see from the ticket reference numbers above. In a short time I immediately communicated through your website customer support section and pointed out my mistake.
                                On Friday and Saturday morning I received an e-mail (unfortunately I was away on Friday) and contacted your Customer Support Department on Saturday morning by telephone as requested and the lady on the line explained that she could only advise by the guidelines of the Company. I the asked her if I could discuss the matter with her manager and she said that she would place me on hold, I waited for approximately 20 minutes and without any explanation from her about the delay I replaced my handset. I am totally dissatisfied with this person arrogance towards me and would ask you through you phone call trace system to reprimand her.
                                Because of the genuine mistake that I made, I have now had to make an amendment to the flight booking code: YWAZ2A at £77 per person and would ask you to consider a goodwill gesture and waive these excessive charges or reduce them to cover administration costs only.
                                I look forward to hearing from you soon and would appreciate your help on this matter.
                                Yours sincerely,

                                Colin Thomas

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                                  • Do
                                    dobberstokes1 Aug 12, 2011
                                    This comment was posted by
                                    a verified customer
                                    Verified customer

                                    Just to let you know that this is a website for people to moan on, this site is not managed by persons who can get compensation etc...
                                    It's just for people to have a vent!!

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