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My children (14 & 11) had an extraordinary opportunity to spend time and visit their grandparents in Florida. They would be traveling alone, a first, and I am a nervous parent who wishes to make this a truly memorable experience for all of them. Unfortunately, what I am now experiencing from Jetblue is a distraction for all and it really didn't need to be.

It started as we approached the baggage drop off counter. There was no "good afternoon" or "welcome to Jetblue", I simply got an outstretched hand wanting my boarding pass. I had a question about my wife and I approaching the gate with the kids. I was told "only 1 per reservation" in a barely audible voice. I had 2 kids, which counts as 2 reservations, I figured I would ask. Apparently I was wrong, since she hissed back "Only 1 Per Resevration!". At that, the female employee next to her took notice, looked at me and smiled with a changed worried look in her eyes. She did nothing else, but watch me endure the rest of me encounter. My agent stared at her computer monitor as she searched throughout the Jetblue network for some mysterious information, because all she told me was to wait, as I stood there helplessly clueless for several minutes as my wife and kids are bouncing on my back asking what is going on. Finally, I get her attention to ask if the rest of my party was needed there clogging up the area, blocking all other travelers. I had to ask the question 3 different ways before she understood, said yes, and walked away, leaving me there smiling at the other agent uncomfortably for five minutes. When she came back, she handed over the ticket with some paperwork- and without explanation- which at this point I didn't expect, she directed me to hand over the bags, tagged the first one and turned away saying "all set". I barely heard her, so I waited with the other bag. I wanted to thank her for her help and excellent service skills and told her to "Have a Nice Day", which was admittedly dripping with sarcasm, but not obsenity. She waved me off in dismissal, and I left without watching to see that the second bag was properly taken care of.
The kids arrived, with one bag missing, and my parents desparately trying for perfection with this visit.

Travel time so far, from my door to meeting is seven hours and it is time for my father and mother to be sleeping on the couch with the TV on. My father apparently had issues with the person in baggage claim and came away without knowing where the bag was. He was uncharacteristically upset relay the story to me by phone, so I called Jetblue.

When you call Jetblue, you are not actually given an option for "customer service", which I no longer find tolerable for a company that "positions" itself as the industry leader in that category. Hence I'm pissed off and not going to take it anymore. The options I am given ask me to wait 3 minutes for a Jetblue representative to take my reservation. Why do I need to wait to give any company my business? And why can't they offer me an option that doesn't involve me signing my true allegiance to anything but Jetblue? Hell, I'm on hold so long, I swear I'm going to write a real letter of complaint and make sure everybody is going to read it for a change!
A woman answers with the standard scripted greeting. To her credit, she was quickly able to find my son's bag on the otherside of Florida and assured me it would make its way to his grandfather's by the next after noon.
My father called the baggage claim office this morning and was told that "since the gentleman who answered the phone had just gotten to work, he would be unable to assist him." Do you ever want to hear that from someone on the phone? Especially since your son was able to find out from his livingroom in New Hampshire. speaking with a woman in Salt Lake, 12 hours earlier? My father persisted, he has only 3 days with the kids and my son has no clothes. He wanted some information, but was given nothing. It is now 1pm. They have tickets for the Redsox- Yankees spring training game tonight, and my son has things in his bag that he really wanted to get signed by the players.

There is one question I would like answered. How far will a company go, foresaking real satisfaction for its consumers. I feel that service is formulated and factored in on the cost sheet of a corporation, and that the complaints of individuals are insignificant, until they hit the bottom line. Complaints can usually allow management to point a finger, but rarely create systemic change. Why is it Jetblue, of all companies, has these kind of individuals working with the public? We are in a recession. People are out of work. Do you not pay enough for these jobs to get quality people in these areas? Why should I give my money to Jetblue or any other company. It is not always just about the price!

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