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Hi I had a flight Sunday and fell I'll doctors orders was for me not to fly. I have a doctor's letter stating I wasn't allowed to fly Sunday. I am on medication and I'm feeling better. I called today to sechudle a flight to Dominica. Jet blue had originally gave me a $675 credit. I was told as long as I use it with Jet blue the credit will be vaild. Today I was told that is not the case I was informed that I have to use the exact airlines to Dominica that I booked originally. There is no room in that Seaborne airlines for me. Due to the weather allot of flights were cancelled. I have a limited opportunity to get a flight all flights were taken by other customers due to the cancellation. Therefore it isn't my fault that I couldn't get a seat to fly down to Dominica with Jet blue and Seaborne. If it wasn't for the cancellation I would of had a greater chance of being seated.

I am extremely disappointed with you'll customer service and how you treat me as a vaulued customer. I always use Jet blue when I fly to Dominica. I have a time sesnstive matter to handle Friday July 27th. My mother has an appointment with the embassy and I have supporting documents for her to bring to her Visa appointment. I have to be there.

I don't understand why you guys couldn't just let me use Liat instead? There are flights avial for Liat and not for Seaborne.

You guys are supposed to take better care of your valualed customers then this!

I feel that I am being punished for being sick because, now I'm asked to buy a whole new ticket and use the credit another time. I don't have the funds to buy another ticket. You guys also stole my time I was on hold for an 1hr.

Shame of you Jet blue you guys need to do better.

Marie Esther Baron

Jetblue Airways

Jul 24, 2018

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