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JetBlue Airways Complaints & Reviews

Jetblue Airways / taking advantage of a catastrophic situation.

Mimi Hauptman on Sep 19, 2017
My family and I were fleeing Hurricane Irma. As you know, Hurricane Irma was expected to create devastation previously unknown to Florida with tremendous loss of life. I was coming with my daughter, son-in-law, a 3 year old and a 6 week old. My daughter and her family were returning to...

Jetblue Airways / flight # 659 - confirmation # ax htfn

Ann-Marie Whyte on Sep 13, 2017
Good day My husband and I were scheduled to fly JetBlue from NY to Kingston, Jamaica on Sept 9th. Despite our efforts to get an update on the flight by telephone and through the internet, we were highly inconvenienced as upon arrival at the airport, we were told that the flight wa...

Jet Blue / reservations

Dede98 on Sep 12, 2017
OUTRAGEOUS Customer!!! Jet Blue Price Gouges!!! On Saturday, September 2, 2017 my family and I were returning from a lovely cruise to San Juan only to find out that our flight leaving from there had been cancelled by Southwest Airlines. Okay. We started looking for 3 ONE WAY FLIGHTS from San...

Jetblue Airways / unreasonably long flight delays prompting cancellation of labor day weekend travel

Andrea Brodsky on Sep 5, 2017
Friday, September 1, 2017, JetBlue Flt. 2, 7:11 p.m. I arrived at FLL on time for my 7:11 p.m. flight. In the gate area I checked my bag when the gate agent asked for volunteers as storage bin space was limited due to full flight. We boarded and pulled away from the gate. Shortly thereafter...

Jetblue / mistreatment and theft

UnhappyTraveler on Sep 5, 2017
On July 4, 2017, five minutes after I boarded Jetblue flight 1824 (Lima, Peru to Ft. Lauderdale, FL), I was ordered to leave because "there was a complaint against me." I thought they were kidding. They evacuated the plane and surrounded me with eight security guards, so everyone knew I...

Jetblue Airways / baggage claim

FatiFlower on Aug 24, 2017
I didn't found one of my bags ( JFK to SFO), I fill out a baggage claim in SFO. The next one of the baggage services called me saying that he found my bag, giving me the description and telling me that he send it by Fedex the next day. It's been almost two weeks and I still waiting for my...

Jetblue Airways / air flight cancelled.

DeniceLDaly on Aug 24, 2017
My daughter (Jordan) and I endured a great deal of frustration and hardship in our 24 hour stay at JFK. My name is Denice Wilhelm and we were on flight 1523, confirmation #ITDSTD on August 2, 2017 at 1pm. We were flying to Los Angeles. We understand that weather conditions are out of your...

Jetblue Airways / awful

Bill Hansen on Aug 23, 2017
This was my first experience in ordering from them. For some reason, they canceled my flight. Because of them I scheduled a bus to get the airport but had to cancel it as well. And I had to find ways to fly away and booked not very suitable tickets from different but reliable airline...

Jetblue Airways / unprofessional attitude

Jenna Ferris on Aug 23, 2017
I just had my first bad experience with JetBlue. I arrived an hour early for my flight at JFK international airport and was met with nothing but frustration. The air train from long term parking to the terminal broke down. We did not arrive to the terminal until 710 and they told us the...

Jetblue Airways / unprofessional staff and multiple delays

Jenise Narvaez on Aug 15, 2017
I am extremely upset, angry, frustrated and disappointed with your airline. On July 30th flight#789 leaving NYC JFK to MCO. I have been a true blue member for over 12 years and I have never had such a horrible experience with your airplane until now. This flight had multiple delays and...

Jetblue Airways / airline delays/changes/broken headphone jack in seat

ElizaD on Aug 14, 2017
On Friday, August 11th 2017, my mom and I were flying back to Newark NJ after our vacation in Fort Lauderdale. When we got to the airport, we got a text that our flight was delayed by two hours. Then we finally made it through security to the gate, and as soon as we found seats, they...

Jetblue Airways / unprofessionalism/ favoritism

Nickyj77 on Aug 13, 2017
I reserved a flight on JetBlue on July 21st going from JFK to Jamaica, this was my first time flying JetBlue and my last time. My problems started with my luggage, I had 2 large suitcases and a small standard carry on, I paid I think it was $60 for the suitcases, then I went to check my...

Jetblue Airways / stewardess named jennifer on jetblue flight 1528 august 4, flight departing popat 3:56 pm arriving at jfk

Angela Mastoras on Aug 5, 2017
I have been on many Jetblue flights and I have never taken the opportunity to complain about anyone however she really disturbed me. She was rude and obnoxious. She felt she was superior to others, her tone when speaking was unacceptable. She showed favoritism towards certain passengers. I...

Jetblue Airways / customer complaint

Seneida Castillo on Aug 3, 2017
My name is Evelyn Hernandez, I had purchased 3 flights one for Arelis Castillo-Hill and one for my mother Seneida Castillo whom is 75 years old, the flight was coming from the Dominican Republic to FT Lauderdale, it was flight #1048 Leaving at 3;50AM According to the Email That flight wa...

Jetblue Airways / cancelled flight

Teresa Carrillo on Aug 2, 2017
I'm very disappointed with Jet Blue. This is my first time traveling with this airline and it has been a very bad experience. My flight was scheduled on Monday at 11:30 am and I received a call at 2:30 am by an automated machine saying your flight has been cancelled. There was no further...

Jetblue Airways / flight

LUIS sepulveda on Jul 27, 2017
after checking my flight status before I left daytona it wasn't until I got to the gate at 2pm I was informed it was delayed this happened three times, I arrived Boston at 10 pm not being able to go to work (lost wages) but also having to pay another day of storage on my car and all i wa...

Jetblue Airways / lost baggage

nyreddbone67 on Jul 24, 2017
My son left from Charlotte Airport to JFK and because the flight he was originally scheduled to travel from was cancelled when he arrived the terminal was packed. He got to the terminal in time, but was told he was too late for baggage claim. He was assured his luggage would be on the next...

Jetblue Airways / I am complaining about a flight from newark airport to tampa flight 1973 jetblue on monday 7/17/17

Lydia Flores on Jul 17, 2017
My sister was suppose to arrive in Tampa airport today at 9:47pm. Her flight has been delayed 6 times.She is traveling with my two small kids. It is JetBlue flight 1973. Your airline is causing a terrible delay for me, because from 9:47 pm they are now arriving at 3am. Small children...

Jetblue Airways / I will like to complain about a flight on jet blue on monday june 26 2017flight #2701from buffalo to nyci

alohamana999 on Jul 15, 2017
I got to the buffalo airport at 1:00 pm on june 26 2017 to catch a 2:30 pm flight to nyc I was inform that the flight will leave at 10 pm??? I didn't receive any notificationn or message??? Nothing. Later a japanese passanger asked me if I had got the broacher for meals... I said no... They never...

Jetblue Airways / organization issues

Ashley Pagan on Jul 8, 2017
I was supposed to be flying to Florida from JFK in NY. I was stuck in the plane for almost 4 hours and because of a policy they had to return us to the gate so we can leave. If they knew all flights were that delayed and on a long line they shouldn't have boarded us nor have us leave our...

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