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JetBlue Airways Complaints & Reviews

Jetblue Airways / flight cancellation/airline change

Mouanes on Jan 10, 2018
Dear Sir/Madam, I am writing to you regarding the problem I faced last week while travelling from Detroit to Dubai. When I reached Detroit Metro Airport on Friday Jan 05 2018 (travelled from Windsor, ON by road), I was informed that Flight 1336 JetBlue is delayed and I will miss my...

Jetblue Airways / inability to fly me to san diego

Ian MacDonald 123 on Jan 2, 2018
I have always viewed you as a top tier airline, but I have been stuck in Fort Lauderdale for over 24 hours now and at this point I would take a beating from united airlines just to get home. I will only fly airlines with a large number of planes and flights per day from now on. I have a...

Jetblue Airways / flight miscommunication

Blen Solomon on Dec 22, 2017
It all started with JetBlue delaying its flight on the 17th of December 2016 from 4:15 to 6:50 pm from Jacksonville to Fort Lauderdale (flight number B61315). I had sent a complaint a year ago but no one responded to me so I am resending the same email I sent in 2016 but with some...

Jetblue Airways / lack of air conditioning on flight 1115 on 19 nov 17

Merle Pontius on Nov 30, 2017
On Nov 19, 2017 Jet Blue took off from Logan (BOS) at 2:43 pm and arrived at DWF Dallas around 6:11pm. Shortly after take off the plane developed problems with what seemed to be the air conditioning system. It became very hot and stuffy in the cabin. The cabin became unbearable after a...

Jetblue Airways / infant flying and I was obligated to pay

Willlow suave on Nov 27, 2017
While booking my flight for my son he is 2 years old i had to pay 300 dollars for my son wich is 2 years old the website says childrens UNDER 2 dont have to pay so my son its 2 now i called the costumer service department and the lady very rude told me he had to pay on his second birth day...

Jetblue Airways / jetblue vacations

Deb Punta Cana on Nov 27, 2017
9/18/2017 booked vacation for 2 to punta cana/riu republica, #2978338 for $2, 660. 11/25/2017 price went down to $2, 366.50. Called and told it would be $270 ($135 each to rebook). Hung up and looked up cancellation policy. It is on $140 ($70 each). 11/27/2017 called and told I was correct. On...

Jetblue Airways / unprofessional behavior

Phyllis Childress on Nov 25, 2017
1st encounter with jet blue airline. Party of 4 traveling from Ft Lauerdale to Nashville TN on Nov. 19th. Flights were booked 2months ahead. Arrived at airport over hour early. We 1st tried to use the kiosk and that did not work (many other people having trouble with it also). Attendant...

Jetblue Airways / customer service

Mykko Walker on Nov 15, 2017
Yesterday while at the Atlanta airport I asked an employee for assistance, he was extremely rude and disrespectful to myself and another guest whom I don't know. I then asked for his name and who he worked for which he refused to give me...I then attempted to see his badge when physically pushed me away. He works in baggage claim office name Edell?

Jet Blue / airlines complaint

Amarilis E on Nov 9, 2017
my name is Amarilis Espinal, on October 9 2017 my sister Delny Espinal, Denise Rodriguez and I were coming from Santo Domingo, and were supposed to be on Flight 510. we had already checked-in and were waiting for boarding time and another lady that was traveling with us went to the counter...

Jetblue Airways / representative at logan airport

Veronica S Dearden on Nov 9, 2017
I forgot my cell phone at home. I was to wait in the cell lot for my daughter. I didn't know if she checked a bag. I went to the terminal at Logan Airport. I approached one of your reps standing around. I told her what had happened. She was absolutely no help whatsoever. I said there are no pay...

Jetblue Airways / television and service flight leaving from fll at 6:38 pm on august 9

Marjorie Cushnie on Nov 9, 2017
Flight number left at 6:38 from Fort Lauderdale I took a flight from Ft. Lauderdale to LongBeach on August 9, 2017. The gentleman sitting next to me asked if I would switch with him due to fact that he wanted to sit closer to his wife. I agree since my seat was next to the aisle and preferred to...

Jetblue Airways / customer service - flight 241 orlando florida

Lavern Hanna on Oct 22, 2017
My name is Lavern Hanna a True Blue membership#2127547112 since 2015, I have traveled on JetBlue for more than six years. On October 19, 2017, I traveled to Orlando along with my son Kevin Hanna and his daughter Kayden who was seeking medical attention from Johns Hopkins in Tampa Florida. We...

Jetblue Airways / luggage damaged

JuliePike on Oct 22, 2017
I flew Jet Blue in September 2017 and the flights although expensive due to the hurricane (I think they jacked up the pricing) was great. My luggage however was damaged to the pint I cannot use it again. After spending $75 just to have this bag go to and from my destination seems they...

Jetblue Airways / the lock on my suitcase was taken off

lynnski on Oct 3, 2017
I packed my bag and put a tsa approved lock on my suitcase like i always do. When i board ed the plane from Cuba to ft lauderdale noone said anything about my luggage. When i arrived at ft lauderdale, my lock was missing and no on e could tell me why. I would like to be reimbursed for the...

Jetblue Airways / no compassion

JOSE I. VIZCARRONDO on Oct 3, 2017
On 10/2/2017 My wife receive a call letting her know that her mother and sister were able to get a flight out of Puerto Rico after not hearing anything from them since the hurricane that they will going to be doing a connection at Fort Lauderdale Airport to travel to Boston on the way to...

Jetblue Airways / reservations

Chatita on Oct 2, 2017
Mi reservación RRJNFY . Reserve mi vuelo con jet blue para mi regreso a casa el mismo día que reserve para mi viaje de vacaciones a la isla . Lo que no puedo entender es como me cancelaron tantas veces mi reservación sabiendo que no había comunicación de ninguna clase debido al huracán ...

Jetblue.com / customer service fort lauderdale

John (Jeff)FitzGerald on Sep 27, 2017
Worst experience ever today with Fort Lauderdale flight to Providence (1196) I chose to enroll in TSA-prececk to avoid long airport lines and to expedite the screening process. All is well except on flight 1196. Yesterday when I checked in my boarding pass was issued as standard and not...

Jetblue Airways / abuse of wheelchair service

Rullina Montes on Sep 23, 2017
On every flight from Boston or JFK to Santo Domingo (SDQ) you will find an excessive amount of people that have asked for wheelchairs, for the only reason to be boarded first with many family members or not, all along with carry on an extra bags who will then take in first turn as much...

Jetblue Airways / taking advantage of a catastrophic situation.

Mimi Hauptman on Sep 19, 2017
My family and I were fleeing Hurricane Irma. As you know, Hurricane Irma was expected to create devastation previously unknown to Florida with tremendous loss of life. I was coming with my daughter, son-in-law, a 3 year old and a 6 week old. My daughter and her family were returning to...

Jetblue Airways / flight # 659 - confirmation # ax htfn

Ann-Marie Whyte on Sep 13, 2017
Good day My husband and I were scheduled to fly JetBlue from NY to Kingston, Jamaica on Sept 9th. Despite our efforts to get an update on the flight by telephone and through the internet, we were highly inconvenienced as upon arrival at the airport, we were told that the flight wa...

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