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JetBlue Airways Complaints & Reviews

Jetblue Airways / Winston - flight 578

Mike Drepanos on Dec 31, 2016
Flown a lot over years and have never submitted a complaint. Winston made my flight and the nice folks sitting next to . More then anything his attitude and lack of professionalism made for more then unpleasant experience. I purchased a set of ear phones on way here, considering I'm...

Jetblue Airways / Booking agent my confirmation code # is agabax

Edna Elliott on Dec 19, 2016
On Oct 20 2016, I book a flight with a JetBlue ticket agent. The Confirmation code is #AGABAX I my filing a complaint because the agent book the flight departing Dec 13th, 2016 from Sacramento and returning on Dec, 17th 2016. And she did not put down that I was checking on a bag. So I paid...

Jetblue Airways / Mosaic phone line

Cathrine Schwartz on Dec 3, 2016
(I am writing this while on hold!) Is there still a dedicated Mosaic customer service line? I wonder because I've been trying to use it since December 1st and once had the experience of being on hold for 11 minutes and then cut off and the second time, I got a busy signal and then...

Jet Blue Airlines / Ticket reimbursement

deesy76 on Oct 5, 2016
On sept 23rd i booked 2 flights, cancelled them a few hours later. The money was back in my account almost immediately, however a few days later i pulled up my account and they had only credited me for 1 flight having caused me to overdraft for 5 items totaling 40 bucks. A 35 overdraft fee...

Jet Blue Airlines / Fare reduced after purchase

Freyda Kramer Schwartz on Sep 20, 2016
I guess you are penalized for making a timely reservation. I booked 4 seats from LGA to PBI about a month ago and received an email stating the price of the trip had been reduced by $192.00 I called Jet Blue to inquire and was told you have to change it within two weeks of your...

Jetblue Airways / Professional trainer denied boarding due to guide dog.

stratlover on Sep 6, 2016
On Sept 6th, 2016, I was scheduled to depart from NY Westchester County Airport on a flight to Tampa/St. Pete. I'm a professional guide dog trainer employed by a large, well known east coast guide dog training school which provides specially trained guide dogs to the visually impaired and...

JetBlue Airlines / Ticket process and changes

Louis Fasolino on Apr 6, 2016
Had to change a flight from Fort Lauderdale Florida to Buffalo NY on 3/31/16, with Jet Blue Airline -flight # 2466. This flight was purchase with points from my Jet Blue Account. Jet Blue charged me $270 to return my points, they mistakenly charged me twice for the two tickets purchased...

Jetblue Airways / No working restrooms

jj102511 on Mar 31, 2016
I recently flew on JetBlue from Boston to Ft. Lauderdale Fl, at least a 3 hour flight, without any working restrooms. They told us prior to boarding that they were broken, but decided to continue with the flight anyway. When we finally reached Fl. then they decided to take the plane out of...

Jetblue Airways / Crew Behavior

Martin1955 on Feb 28, 2016
On 2/25/2016, Flight 722, WPB to Boston. Unlike many on the flight I paid to have our bags checked. Upon boarding I went to put my briefcase in the overhead and was told by a Flight Attendant that I could not. I explained I already had winter coats under my seat. She became loud, I asked to...

Jetblue Airways / Customer service/booking

Jon Glickman on Feb 27, 2016
I was on the phone with jet blue for one hour and 30 minutes. I was given the run around and a bait and switch. After being "quoted" a price for 3 round trip tickets and an exact amount of miles needed for a 4th ticket, I paid for the 3 tickets. The price was approximately $1, 200...

Jet Blue / TrueBlue frequent flyer program

Soona W on Jan 29, 2016
I signed-up for this program many years ago. I clearly remember the literature stating that I would NEVER lose my points. However, when they switched to a new point system, they took away ALL my points. I've contacted them so many times over the past few years, I'm BLUE in the face. I'm...

Jetblue Airways / I am done with this airline!

Phill on Dec 4, 2015
I am not even sure where to start. Well, the problem was that they changed my name and because of that I was kicked off the plain. I used PayPal to buy a ticket and I'm sure that I filled in everything right! When I got to the airport I gave my passport and told that there should be a...

Jet Blue / Flight cancellations

Reviewer60771 on Nov 5, 2015
Last Wednesday, October 28, my flight was cancelled 8 hours before the flight was scheduled to take off at 8:30p from JFK to JAX. I was given a seat on a flight the next day with no offer to be rerouted to another city, or even take an earlier flight. By the time I was able to contact a...

Jetblue Airways / Careless Customer Service

hazeleyes152 on Oct 6, 2015
On August 2014 I booked a flight for myself and my autistic Child from New York to Tampa we were very excited to fly out and visit the family in Florida. We arrived to the airport two hours early we got on the line to check our bags the lines were extremely long and it was taking so long...

Jetblue Airways / Ck In process time

Reviewer34818 on Sep 9, 2015
Got to the airport one hour and a half early waited in line 20 min. when I got to the counter I was told that the flight was closed out and either I had to pay $50.00 to take the next flight or wait until next day and pay the difference in ticket price and the fee to make the change. My...

Jet Blue Airline / Flight being delay

Reviewer21395 on Sep 7, 2015
My Husband and i had a flight out of LGA airport on September 3, 2015 at 9:30am got to the airport at 7am was told that our flight was canceled, and their were no more flight leaving until 9pm that night, my husband just had spinal surgery couple months back needed a wheel chair to get...

JetBlue Airlines / Rude and careless cabin crew

0000072015 on Aug 28, 2015
It was the worst flight I have ever had before. I was shocked, how the crew treated other passengers and me as well. I asked to bring water, because I felt nervous and wanted to drink, but the cabin crew refused and told to wait, but she told me in very sharp and rude voice. Ok, I waited...

Jet Blue / Faulty Website

BletJue on Apr 27, 2015
Poor JetBlue is living in the stone age. To make a simple itinerary change requires a phone line and plenty of time to wait on hold (after working all day and a night shift). It's costing me $75 to make simple change, and would cost another $75 to cancel. So for a total of $150 in...

JetBlue / Failure to issue refund

2015 Jon on Feb 7, 2015
On 1/25/15 due to winter storm Juno I had to purchase two new tickets to avoid a weather cancellation. I changed the flight from 1/27/15 to 1/26/15 from JFK to Long Beach, CA. For two people this cost me $1409.76. jetBlue’s web page on 1/25/15 stated: Due to Winter Storm Juno we will...

Jet Blue / Incorrect information

L76 on Aug 27, 2014
I'd like to express how extremely upset I am with my experience flying JetBlue Airways. My fiancé and myself came to Las Vegas for my sisters wedding. I was the maid of honor! Well after the pilot mislead us to the wrong baggage claim, the bridal party left us behind and we...

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