Jet Airwayspoor customer service


15th October 2017 Booking reference RRPIBF
Flight 9W 0309 Bhuj to Mumbai and flight 9W 0120 Mumbai to London.
we booked our tickets for a holiday to Bhuj from London Heathrow return,
going from LHR to Bom and Bom to Bhj we had no problems.
The return was a disaster as we left from BHJ on the 17.15 flight to reach Bom at 18.30. We cleared security at mumbai at 19.20 and arrived at immigration at 19.45 to be told we cannot go through until 21.30.we were told by two jet airways staff ( Swapnil and Ochani Ankit) to wait in the immigration area until then.we were not allowed back out to get something to eat and drink, we just had to sit there for 1 hour 45 minutes.
we had no problems as we checked in at 16.30 and our flight was not until 21.25. so why could we not go through at Mumbai.
we were not informed in any way of this delay from Jet airways staff at Bhuj airport when we were issued with our boarding passes. If we were informed we would have booked the 8.05 hrs from Bhuj arriving at Mumbai at 9.25 hrs and leaving Mumbai at 12.55 hrs for LHR at 17.55 and we would have not had this problem.
No where on the E ticket or Boarding pass does it state about how many hours before you can go through to immigration. why do you let us go through to security and not immigration.
we are frequent travellers to India and have never had this problem.
We hope that this matter is dealt with.

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