JC Penney Opticalstacy boyd


I bought Glasses from them and within 2 weeks had to have lenses replaced because of scratches. The glasses are suppose to be scratch resistant. Now I need the lenses replaced again because of scratches. The lenses are supposed to be the Ultra Lens (Polycarbonate - Lighter and thinner, Includes 100% UV protection and scratch coat), also have Teflon clear coat (anti-glare). I clean the glasses using the microfiber cloth provided and the way I was told by the sales clerk, yet they still scratch. If all this is supposed to be on the glasses why are they scratching. I wonder if there is anything at all on them and wish to find someone who could tell me. And second get JC Penney to replace them with the proper lenses. I understand mistakes can be made, but own up to them and don't make me pay for your mistake, and correct it at no cost.

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