JC Penney Companysigns in store with d_n girl on them

P Jul 11, 2019 Review updated:

I have shopped at JC Penny for many years. Have a Gold Cridit card. I was appauled when I was in the store in Eastgate OH at the Eastgate Mall location when my 6 year old grandson ( who is learning to read) starts reading the huge sign in the Saphora window. Then seeing them placed all over the floor in the rest of the store.
"D____n Girl"

This is NOT appropriate language to be used in public. If the signed aren't down when I go back to the store I will take action. I will not shop at JC Penny's and will cancel my creidt card there, I have principles and I will stand up for what I believe. This is COMPLELY INAPPROPRIATE.

Thank you for your consideration.


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      Jul 14, 2019

    The sloppy advertising that you pointed out is something that I've also noticed. It's meant to appeal to the lower mentalities and it's becoming increasingly widespread. One of the comments that was left here in response to your post is the kind of mentality that I'm talking about: He left an obscenity and then made a futile attempt to sound clever. This is what is going on in the world today and I've often joked with my friends that very soon the ads at the stores and even on television will be filled with 4-letter words. I do think that an issue needs to be made of this. Perhaps articles need to be written because the corporations will do all they can to bring in business, even if that means doing their best to appeal to the lower classes of society, which is what that "D___ Girl" ad was meant to do. This is really part of a much broader issue and the other comment left here (an obscene one) is representative of that issue, that is, societal degeneration. More people need to address this matter both here and everywhere possible ...

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      Oct 04, 2019

    Maybe be a parent and explain to your kid not to say that? Why in the world do we need to parent YOUR KID? Stop trying to "make the world safer" so you can be lazy and not be a parent to your child!

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