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Reviews and Complaints

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All employees aren't paid correctly!
New hires are paid more than some of the employees that have been there over a year, they are making $8.60. and the new hires $9.00. Not quite fair for the employee that have been there longer and then hear about it and get upset and and think well I wish I was making that much or JC Penney's needs to be raising my wage to the same if not higher ! .
New hires are getting more shifts than employees that have been there longer.

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    Lulu568 Sep 30, 2019

    Dealing with the same situation smh 🤦‍♀️ jcpenney is a horrible place to work at

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JC Penney verified

glass do not fit, not made right

My mother is on a fixed income. She thought jcpennys would be a good deal with %50.00 of frames!She had a great credit! They also have signs withour the optical on the website garantee or not happy! Well this is a lie by jcpennys optical. Because even the warranty was phoney!
She had to wait two weeks for the glasses and they still not did fit! I went back to jcpeeny twice. to have them fitted! nothing!
Her eye doctor said the frames are two big for trifoicals they are to heavy and not made correctly! She needs another frame and glasses made again! Jc pennys refused to make another pair! My mom is having headache because of the glasses! The warranty is no good it only covers to rejust and the sides of the glasses, which we were not told!The warranty cost $20.00 and her glasses cost$253.18. She can not afford amother pair of glasses. So go somewhere else