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JC Penney - order number [protected]

I ordered Christmas presents from JC Penney website on 11/9/2019. Order# [protected]. The items were a J. Ferrar kinit beanie, Claiborn Mens Y neck long sleeve cardigan, cubic zirconia 3 stone...

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JC Penney - arizona jeans tearing after a few wears

I have bought at least a dozen pair of men's Arizona Jeans in the past year and EVERY pair except two of the darkest wash have torn on the inside of the back pocket. These are the original bootcut...

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JC Penney - being watched by employees on 2 occasions

I am a long time customer of my local Moreno Valley, ca mall J.C. Penney. On 2 occassions recently I was watched by an employee when shopping there. I'm appalled at this treatment after shopping...

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JC Penney - jc penney credit card

For as longs as I have been shopping at jcp and for the two years i've had the jcp credit card, i've never gotten that "extra" 20% or more off my puchase by using my jcp card! Never! I get the...

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JC Penney - quality

I have St. John's Bay jeans and decided to order more pairs online since my size and the type was not in the store in Calumet City IL. I had to return them because one was marked with 2 different sizes and the other did not fit the same as the ones I had. Then I had to return an area rug because it came apart during the first wash. They are called, "Washable Rugs". I found a comforter that I really liked and ordered it. I didn't hear anything for a couple weeks and then contacted JC Penny after about a month. First there was no record of it then it was suddenly found after I told them how upset I was. I washed the comforter. All the bunting inside clumped up into bumps and it shrunk on the top side making it loose between the buttons sewn into it. It looks horrible. I am done with JC Penny.

JC Penney - girl’s black winter coat

I purchased an Arizona Jean Company winter coat for my daughter less than a month ago. I hoped it would be her winter jacket for the whole season. She has worn it about a dozen times and has not done anything strenuous in it- mostly just to and from school. She is generally not hard on her clothes either. Today I saw it already has 2 seams ripped out. I am generally disappointed in the quality for how much I spent on the coat.

JC Penney - fiesta and sina boots

I purchased these boots at the Century 3 Mall location in West Mifflin Pennsylvania. I have wore the Fiesta today in the rain and my feet were soaked!!! My sister wore the Sina and stepped in a puddle and her feet were soaked. Why would you sell boots in the East if they aren't waterproof??? It is EXTREMELY uncomfortable to walk around with water in your shoe sloshing around!!! I bought these because I've worn similar boots for winter with absolutely NO PROBLEMS!!! I WILL NEVER BUY YOUR BOOTS AGAIN!!!

JC Penney - online order #[protected]

Re: order #[protected]

Didn't have shirts on sale in store, had to order on line.
Ordered 8 shirts, different colors.
Took 6 days to get email stating order was shipped.
Took 2 days to get email stating package was delivered.
Didn't get package.

Called in to say no package.
Was instructed to call back in 3 days if no package arrived. Was instructed to file a complaint was USPS.
Did not receive package in 3 days. Called back. Was instructed to call back "tomorrow" if still didn't arrive, due to weekend.

First attempt at USPS was unsuccessful, didn't know shipping from address and did not see the box for shipping address unknown. Second attempt to file a claim with USPS was successful and is in process.

Called back next day and was given a rude customer service operator. I was put on hold multiple times and kept being instructed to answer the same question repeatedly.

I was told I could have a refund. I said I wanted the shirts.
I became angry, frustrated and could no longer communicate adequately.
I told the service rep that I would hang up.

I still haven't gotten the shirts.

JC Penney - haggar trousers

Purchased online one (1) pair of Haggar Work to Weekend PRO Relaxed Fit Pleated Pants item #[protected] ordered on 27 September 2019.
When trying them on one day after delivery I discovered a very small hole (perhaps a flaw in the material weave) on the front of the left leg. Returned them to J C Penney per printed instructions on the shipping paperwork, using the enclosed return shipping form, and including a statement of the problem.
Penney imposed a penalty on the return price, and neglected to pay return shipping via USPS.
I assume you will wish to correct this apparent error.

Richard Donley

Oct 16, 2019

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Oct 16, 2019

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JC Penney - store manager

Hi I am an associate that works for your JCPenney store here in Palmdale California, and I just wanted to bring to your attention how much of an unpleasant work place this really is. From your HR...

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JC Penney - fitting room

There is no privacy in the fitting room I have witness a male and female recording people while they are trying on clothes. When I asked them about it they said they are from loss prevention and have...

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JC Penney - mattress

We bought a Mattress thru your store in Brighton, MI. We had it less than a year and the mattress caved in. It took 6 1/2 weeks of calling, going to the store 3 times because no one called back and finally had the pick-up done on 10/8. Huge relief or so I thought. On 10/11 rec'd a call on my vm to confirm that pick-up had been done, I called back and spoke to Danielle and confirmed that the pickup had been done, end of story or so I thought. I come to today, receiving a call from JC Penney Corp to tell me (now that my mattress has been picked up and taken away) that because we have not contacted them to confirm the pick-up they were cancelling in...SAY WHAT. This is horrible customer service - all the time we have put in, all the calls, all the in-store meetings and now I have no mattress and you are cancelling the pick up. So I call again, speak with Ashley, she put me on hold, for 15 minutes I sit on hold, no one ever comes to the line. So I hang and call back get put on hold again, this time a Supervisor comes to the phone by the name of Tana, she also states that she saw all the communication going back and forth between me and the Co about this pickup and how hard I was to track down, not true I said - I rec'd no call because they were to call my husband and not me...but of course that is in their records but it is fabricated, just wow - it would have been nice to have a sincere apology, but no that wasn't happening with her. So she states that she sees that the mattress has been picked up and the credit will be 10 business days ( I was told from the store 4-5 business days) So the joy I get is to call back because obviously this company will not be proactive and doesn't care about customer retention.. Will not ever buy anything else from here again. You can't even find out who to escalate this stuff to. No accountability must be nice. I would just like my refund and trust that I will get it. If JC Penney really cares about their customers, can they tell me how they are going to make this right. I feel like I was a bother to most of the people I dealt with which is odd as most companies would like you to buy from them.

JC Penney - instyle beauty salon.

I want to start off by saying the staff and stylist at the salon are fantastic. However, the Decor is really dated and boring. I feel like I'm in a geriatric salon at an assisted living place. I...

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JC Penney - not receiving my order

Ordered on sept 21...its oct 3 and I have not gotten my order...it was to be del to my home door...cust ser wont help..they passed me off to ups...but ups wont help because its penney policy to pass the pkg from ups to the post office instead of del to my door...now I have been passed off to post office...am now on 45 min hold to speak to person because I only have ups tracking..no post off tracking number...no one will help me ...penneys lied to me...they said its ups policy to pass off pkg...but ups said its penneys policy...they assured me it would be del to my door...now they told me I have to find my pkg and go get from where ever it is????...I am old and dont have a way to go find my pkg...if I did I would not have ordered on line. Penneys cust service is very rude and just dont care...wont help. What am I to do now...my phone will die before the post off ever answers the call.

JC Penney - men’s slacks

I bought men's slacks in valdosta georgia. It was a instore purchase. They didn't fit me they were to large, so I tried to return them approximately two months later in waycross georgia. They said...

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JC Penney - ambrielle bra rn#93677

I brought this bra on Sunday 09/29/2019 and the wire already came thru on 10/1/2019. It hasnt even been a week. I've had bras last years without the wire poking thru. I was very surprised by this since the bra looks expensive and good quality.

I dont have my receipt because this bra fit great and was comfortable. What can I do now?

Thank you,
Amanda Burse

JC Penney - promise ring

My girlfriend bought my promise ring at jcpennys and it fit perfect she even got the warranty on the ring I took it in so they could send it to get it repair it was bent but when I got it back my finger was getting red, itchy, and I react to fake jewlery its called nickel allergy i have a rash on my finger so I had to take it off and haven't wore it since. I took it back to jcpennys I wanted another one or I wanted my money back they had told me they would send it back but why send it back its going to be the same band the same ring and its going to do the same. I am so disappointed even with the damn warranty so now I will never get to wear my promise ring and never will buy jewelry from jcpennys again and I be sure to let my family and friend know bad service!!!

JC Penney - I am complaining about an employee sofia morales

I was in store today and I had a return to do and the girl behind the counter kept talking to another co worker and saw me but she just continued talking. When she finally decided to help me she wa...

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JC Penney - unprofessional working environment

Managers are unprofessional they don't know how to run a store and abuse their power by watching us and timing our breaks which is really creeping thank goodness I'm leaving there I feel bad for the...

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JC Penney - pikeville, ky manager

I was in your Pikeville, KY store 9/27/19 to purchase jackets for my grandchildren. The only one I could find for my granddaughter was an Xersion that had no tags on it. All the Xersion merchandise had sale tags on all the racks. I bought my grandson one as well. Which rang up on sale. The jacket for my granddaughter was apparantly the only Xersion piece in the store not on sale. I believe it was because there was no tag and the jacket was not on your website. Maybe an older one that should have been on clearance? Anyway the manager, Catrina, would not even check that all the other Xersion merchandise was on sale or anything. She just simply walked away from me at the checkout. I DO NOT like being done like that especially in front of other customers. And there were several saw this. I did buy the jacket simply because I had told my granddaughter she could have it BUT I regret doing so. I hope you will respond to this. I believe I should be credited what the discount was on Xersion when I purchased this jacket. I did put the purchase on my JCP card. A similar jacket on your website shows original price $32, the same as the one I purchased, with a sale price of $14.88.
Xersion Girls Long Sleeve Hooded Cardigan Preschool / Big Kid
$14.88salewas $3253% off
The last 3 lines are from your website.
Thank you for your attention to this matter.
Tammy Standifur

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