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Around 8:00am I went to this jack n the box location just to get a quick bite to eat, I ordered two chicken sandwiches off your value menu. I Then went to the restroom to wash my hands I noticed right when I came out my food was already there ready to go.
I then thought wow that's fast went back to my car grabbed one of the sandwiches, and noticed one it's not hot and two the patty was rock hard as if it's been sitting under a heat lamp since the previous night.
I went back in and politely asked for two fresh ones didn't make a fuss or a scene I just wanted two brand new sandwiches, I noticed as they got done and handed me the bag they all stared at me in a weird way.
As if they hoped i wouldn't notice what they did which was in fact they just taking the Patty's off the bread and dropping them back in the oil, now you may ask how do I know this for a fact .
When I pressed my finger on the patty #1 it wasn't hot at all and #2 grease leaked from the chicken patty as I pressed my finger on it, this is contamination and could have well gotten me sick if I had not spit the first bite out . I went back returned the sandwiches and got my money back now I know reading this and your like fine case closed, no as an employee who works at a fast food chain who's big on cleanliness and food hazards and only serves fresh products.
I'd expect from other fast food chain locations to do the same but I cannot say the same for this one. Something needs to be done about them doing that because that could get someone very sick and potentially cause death and you guys being left witch a huge lawsuit.


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      Nov 06, 2019

    On Tuesday 11/5/2019 at 2:38 P.M. I went through the drive-thru at 1115 Airport Park Blvd in Ukiah Ca. [protected] JIB#3469 Employee C. I ordered the chicken strip meal and requested "extra crispy chicken" and also ordered the "curly fries" with the meal.. The receipt shows 1 Crsp Chk 4 #13 small curly fry small Dr. Pepper.
    When I received my order the fries and chicken strips were cold.. Not extra crispy or even hot.. What I received were the left over strips and curly fries from the lunch rush. I did not have time to return to complain and had to go without something to eat due to the poor quality of the food I was served at this restaurant.

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