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When I got a dui. I took it serious. I decided to get through this as easy as possible. I would play the game and quit drinking. Which I did. Once my court. And classes where done. I needed an interlock installed. I went with intoxalock.

I regret that very much. Nobody ever mentioned that I could get non alcohol violations that costed me time and money. Basically this device keeps you from driving your vehicle untill you produce a breath annalasis showing no alcohol in your system. So why is it that if you get in your car. And out of habit put your key in the ignition. You get a violation 11 Which means you have 48 hours to get your car to the service center and pay $75.00 to intoxalock. And $20.00 to the guy at the shop. Falling under tampering with the device. How is that tampering when the sole purpose of the device is keeping you from starting the car. After the first time. You can bet I was well aware. And didnt do that again. Yet this thing spit out 4 violation 11 codes in the first month costing me $495.00 extra.

If you dont pay. They lock you out. Good luck trying to talk to someone and complain. The install was poor. Wires hung down from under my dash where my feet would kick them. I complained 3 times befor the guy cleaned it up. Then I was stranded my car would not start I passed and it said start car. But nothing. I sat in a parking lot for hours trying to reach a person When I did we performed some test to find out the unit was at fault. I had to have it towed. They had to send a new unit to be installed. That took five days with no car. I asked the guy if they could do a check on the old unit. To see if it caused those random violations. And I could get my $495.00 credited back to me. He said yes. But I never could get one email or phone call about that. The second unit started out ok. But left me stranded in the exact same way. But this time I was a hundred miles from service center. And the roadside assistance only tows 6 miles for free. Im on disability I cant afford these unjustified violations or to come out of my pocket when it is their equiptment failing. I had no choice but to rip out that pos. Im not leaving my car behind. Now im going to be in serious trouble as I try to find a different company to install a different brand in my car. What a nightmare. I quit drinking. I did everything right. Up till the end when I lost it after bbeing extorted so much money. I had no choice.

I researched and learned this company claims to install 100,000. Units in cars every year. In 48 states. Imagine the money they are making on there little side scam extorting people for non alcohol related violations. Millions of dollars.

And you cant do anything about it. Only thing left to try is bbb. Do not use intoxalock. They dont care about you at all.


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