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Volkswagen Complaints & Reviews

Volkswagen / 2014 amarok

Heidi Fernandez on May 23, 2017
We purchased a 2014 Amarok with 56000 KM in the Volkswagen dealership in the country of Guatemala. Unfortunately, the transmission went off and when we took it to the dealership they said the warranty had expired 2 months before so we will end up with a bill of about $ 8000.00 because they...

Volkswagen / tiguan

Bheesham on May 22, 2017
Attention to:- Chairman of the board of management: Matthias mã¼ller Board of management: Herbert diess Karlheinz blessing Francisco j. garcia sanz Jochem heizmann Andreas renschler Rupert stadler Hiltrud d. werner Frank witter Dear all, In the first I would like to put...

Volkswagen / vulgar birds and bees advertising

Dennis Craft on Apr 28, 2017
Your recent "birds and bees" commercial with it's sexual innuendo is vulgar and highly inappropriate for daytime television where millions of children are watching. I have two small grandchildren I am raising, and don't appreciate having them exposed to these kinds of commercials. As a...

Volkswagen / birds & the bees commercial

Alexbarcenas92@gmail.con on Apr 28, 2017
I am appalled! I was watching tv with my kids when this commercial came on. They asked me what was going on with the car. My oldest i'm sure knew what was going on. He doesnt need to be getting any funny ideas from a car commercial! What happened to vols wagon being the peoples car? Definitely wish...

Volkswagen / commercial

Mlw526 on Apr 25, 2017
Please pull this commercial. The implications are more than highly suggestive. I have two tweens that understand what is taking place in the cars. It's inappropriate and unconfortable and sending the wrong message. I don't care if the people in the commercial are married, sex is a sacred...

Volkswagen / birds and bees commercial

Orlando04 on Apr 22, 2017
As a father with young children, I find your commercial tasteless and dispicable. I was watching an NBA game with my twelve year old son and it hurt and frustrated me that there are actually people who could care less about the moral fiber of our families and country in the manner that...

Volkswagen / volkswagen commercial.. birds and bees

Amy999 on Apr 20, 2017
Because of your vulgar commercial the birds and the bees..I decided to get rid of my Volkswagen, traded it for a Toyota ( who's commercials aren't vulgar). My four sons also traded their VW'S as did my sister. We just are so upset about the vulgarity of the commercials now a days that the...

Volkswagen / customer service

MRast on Apr 20, 2017
Terrible terrible terrible customer service from the dealership all the way to volkswagen customer service line. I will never buy a car from them again which is sad because I really like my tiguan and I want out of my lease!!! Terrible service! I will never recommend ganley westside...

Volkswagen / volkswagen commercial, birds and the bees"

ElleMom on Apr 15, 2017
As a mom to 3 young girls, I am very disappointed in vw. These highly sexual "birds and the bees" commercials have aired on daytime television for all american children to see. Thanks for looking out for the innocence of our children, vw! I wish to be the one to explain the "birds and...

Volkswagen / autohaus windhoek never has stock on hand and they do not revert back to me as customer if I do not call them every time

Adel Coetzee on Feb 9, 2017
I have called the emergency cell phone number for Autohaus Windhoek on 26 January 2017 with regards to a problem I encountered with my vehicle. I bought a Golf 7 TDi from them in November 2013. In 2015 we had a problem with the clutch and the booster cylinders were replaced. On Friday, 26...

Volkswagen / polo vivo starting problems

nolin peter on Nov 3, 2016
I currently own a 2010 polo 1.6 .the car seems to have a problem starting on hot and humid days .upon researching and consulting other polo owners i have discovered its a common fault and vw might be aware of this but remains quiet about it and due to it beign a manufacture default don't...

Volkswagen / damaged goods

LeshayW on Aug 30, 2016
Good day, I bought a vw polo 1. 2 tsi, my car is still under warranty, under 45000km, full service history from barons bellville cape town, the car is new, less than 2 years old!!! The car abandoned me on a highway, now the damages are no fault to my own, but i’ve been told I need to foot the...

Volkswagen / second gear grinding - 3 years later

KymnGSmith on Aug 1, 2016
Bought a vw touran in 2013 from vw greenstone. 8 months later I took the car back as it was grinding into 2nd gear. They said I had to take the car vw craighall park, which I did. They kept my car and "fixed" the problem. 3 months later I had the same problem. I went straight to vw head...

Volkswagen / engine light

Nonceba on Jul 29, 2016
Good Day. I have a VW 2013polo 1.2tdi bluemotion diesel vehicle which I bought brand new from VW Bellville Cape Town in 2013. My car has an engine light that keeps on appearing and broke down 3 times in a matter of 1 year and 3 months. On the 1st Incident, the engine appeared it was fixed...

VW Parts / parts (side panel)

Sanele Samuel Mtshotana on Feb 9, 2016
I have been waiting for a month now for a side panel for vw polo vivo 1.4 conceptline gp. What happend to the old vw... I really didnt expect this from them and it is so unbelievable. Lacking a sinlge panel for a month it really doesnt make sense

Volkswagen / volkswagen cc 2012 2l

santie2 on Feb 6, 2016
We have this vw cc for 1 1/2 years now. from a year ago the car broke down 6x at vw stellenbosch, - george (tavcor), - port elizabeth. all tree dealerships do not know what the problem is at first and then they fixed a fault and after "repairs" the same thing happens time and again. What...

Volkswagen / bad service and no assistance

RaeesL on Jan 27, 2016
Hi I lodged 3 complaints with regards to my wife's polo she bought the car new and ever since then we had 3 issues the car has 24000km on the clock and we have had 3 issues first issue is when the car was serviced Vw the glen did not close the coolent cap which resulted in the engine...

Volkswagen Of America Inc / volkswagen eos sunroof exploded

Reviewer49610 on Jan 13, 2016
While driving my 2012 EOS at 45 mph on January 2, 2016 at 11:15 PM the panoramic sunroof just exploded into pieces. I immediately inspected the car. There was no evidence of any debris that impacted to the sunroof. The car did not pass under an overpass, there were no other cars in the...

Volkswagen / vehicle

Reviewer32406 on Dec 29, 2015
I Mahlomola Ezekiel Maphaka with I'd no: 780831 53560 88, am not happy about the vehicle. I bought VW Crafter in October 2014 as brand new car. After the second service the vehicle started to give me a problem by always lighting engine light, I complained about it but even after I...

Volkswagen / jetta 1.4 dsg

Tania Bishop on Dec 15, 2015
I have for many years been loyal customer of Volkswagen. I could only say good things. I have bought brand new Volkswagen and second hand...but now I feel I have lost all faith in Volkswagen. As a single Mom I have not been able to use my vehicle for the past year and thanks to my parent...

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