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Volkswagen Complaints & Reviews

Heritage Volkswagen / horrible customer service

Givimphs on Oct 10, 2017
I have a 2002 volkswagen beetle. It has a turbo 1.8 engine and the model # is 1c17n3. I have taken it to this dealership three times for the same problem. The inherent anti-theft system was malfunctioning and each time I started the car, the system would shut down the motor to immobilize...

Volkswagen / picking up my brand new car

Chloe Cockburn on Sep 22, 2017
My salesman was 20 mins late for our arranged pick up appointment. My car was outside in the rain and I was acknowledge by the salesman until he had finished with another customer. I was so excited for my new vehicle and I had heard that the picking up experience was great. Not mine. My...

Volkswagen / battery replacement under warranty

Faisal Khan 786 on Sep 19, 2017
Battery replacement under warranty.Seems battery not replaced. nothing mentioned in the invoice. Negative terminal seems to be shiny due to be in opened state but the positive terminal has lots of dust that gives clear indications that battery is not replaced even the dust on nuts can be...

Volkswagen / recent car purchase

It's been 2 weeks my daughter bought a car from Larry miller vw in Avondale az. Her check given to them was for more than the contract amount and was suppose to get the difference back after our check cleared which it has over a week ago and still no check! They also have yet to credit any...

Volkswagen / service

Lori3192 on Sep 16, 2017
I took my car into VW of Laurel MD to have the emissions modification done. I had a check engine light on that has been on for several years and I was told several years ago it was the glow plug module which I am glad I never fixed because VW ended up paying for it in the settlement...

Volkswagen / volkswagen polo 1.4 comfortline 2013

Farhana Cupido on Sep 15, 2017
I purchases a brand new vw polo in 2012. I have excellent service history and looked well after my car. On the 10th of July 2017 my car went for 105000 service. A month later my head gasket blew. I had no warning lights indicating to me that there was a fault on the car. As I would have...

Volkswagen / volkswagen r 2017

Luizaf17 on Sep 6, 2017
I purchased a brand new 2017 r... 4, 000 miles later engine light goes on... I took it lyndhurst volswagen they kept it for 2 days calling me saying they have no idea what it is they opened a case with volswagen technicians! Car is working perfectly fine but engine light will never go off!...

VW Arcadia / bad service

Samuelmalebye on Sep 5, 2017
I took my Car Golf 7 in for service at VW Arcadia for a 90 000km, the car was delivered to a stranger at 11h00 at night with all the dashboard lights on. When I took it back, I was told by manager that the brake sensor light need to be replaced and I had to pay this from my own pocket. I...

VW / inside roof of car

Vincent arrigo azzopardi on Sep 4, 2017
Dear sirs, I am the owner of a VW Polo purchased six years ago. I have not stopped having problems since I got the car (brand new) first problem was with the dash board, complained and was replaced. then the had to change the back shocks, then the engine was woking on 2 pistons, and again it...

Volkswagen / ignition switch

Ebony1 on Aug 24, 2017
I too am complaining about the faulty ignition switch, you all recalled it up to the year 2010 as if the problem had been fixed. Wrong!! My car is a 2012 and i'm having the same issue that numerous others are having! When will you put later models on the recall list??!! Car is costing me...

Volkswagen / key stuck in ignition

Toni Bowers on Aug 22, 2017
Apparently this is a problem with your vehicles and no one is doing anything about it!! I see all kinds of complaints on this same thing, why isnt there a recall on it??!!! Everyone is tired of spending the money for these vehicles that are supposed to be so good and when something like...

Volkswagen / leasing run out option

MLV1 on Aug 21, 2017
I cannot stand Volkswagon and will NEVER buy from VW ever again. Having been a faithful VW owner for over 20 years. I realize that this company is a bunch of crooked, unscrupulous leaders that will spend billions trying to cheat the US and Foreign consumers on illegal vehicle emission...

Volkswagen / 2015 volkswagen jetta ignition

Cassandra Lee Taha on Aug 13, 2017
I bought my Volkswagen Jetta last year, and 1, 700 km after the warranty ran out my ignition switch began failing. I see that many people are having issues with their Volkswagen ignitions. Why this hasn't become a recall I don't understand. I have only owned Hondas prior to buying my...

Volkswagen / my car

Galaa on Aug 12, 2017
This is Mahmoud Mohamed, from Egypt. I own a dark gray Passat model 2014 car. I`m complaining your Egyptian agency which located at Abu-Rawash, Giza, Egypt. It`s all started on the 4 th of August, 2017, when I sent my car to your agent for the routine maintenance, they estimated the cost with...

Volkswagen / 2017 jetta 1.4t s manual

bpl7873 on Aug 9, 2017
A new 2017 VW Jetta was priced at $11, 999, was online for days, & had many views. After arriving & being led around the lot looking for a car that wasn't there, we realized what had happened (bait & switch) & were told it was an accident. We gave them the benefit of the doubt & went home...

Volkswagen / warranty not honored - 37 miles over mileage limit

Joy Foster on Aug 2, 2017
2012 VW Passat TDI I took the car in for emissions and recall repairs/replacements. At the time, the engine light had recently come on and I ask the dealership to check to see if there was an issue. Turns out the ad blu heater needed to be replaced - this was under warranty/recall until 110...

Volkswagen / new vehicle in the shop

VW Transporter on Jul 15, 2017
Hello! We are an American family living in Serbia. We have 6 children. We bought a brand new 2016 VW Transporter this past month in Belgrade. The vehicle had 14 km on it when we drove it off the lot on June 23. After 2 weeks, the Air Conditioning stopped working. This happened on July 5...

Volkswagen / lease/purchase of 2015 - chapman vw/philadelphia

Howard Covitz on Jul 5, 2017
Lease offer: #224639 from Chapman VW in Philadelphia. My wife and I were offered a Lease/Purchase option on a 2015 TDI ... 36 months ... rebate of $8500 due, I suppose, to age of this new car + the TDI suit ... They had offered $7000 on our 2010 VW Komfort Passat Wagon. The salesperson indicated...

Volkswagen / hoopers vw durban smith street south africa

Daizha on Jul 4, 2017
Good Day We have taken our vehicle in a service this morning at Hooper's VW Smith street Durban Their service in the service area is pathetic My Husband dropped the vehicle off there after 7 :30 am this morning and up until 9:45 Discussed whether we should go for a normal or major...

Volkswagen / poor quality of servicing

kagarnts on Jul 2, 2017
I purchased my Volkswagen Vento from Jabalpur in Feb. 2013. I was experiencing a problem from April 2017 that level of coolant is getting drop after few days of running. I was monitoring the level and using the car for short distances up to 80 km for two months. In the mean time servicing...

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