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Complaints & Reviews

Nissan Motor Company — seaside ca, 93955

This is my formal complaint against Cardinale Nissan only. The "On August 30th 2019 I called Cardinale Nissan. This all begins with my purchasing a car from Prunedale Motor...

Nissan Goalternator and battery replacement

This is an issue I have been facing with my car and don't know how it can be solved.
The following is the series of events:
1. My Nissan Pathfinder (2017 SL), would not start last week and was towed to Nissan Go [Edmonton South]
2. They said it was the issue with the alternator and as a result the battery died.
3. The alternator and battery was replaced.
4. I got the car back and in the next few days I started to realise that my headlights and all lights on the car flickered when the RPM went high and the headlights would dim when I put the reverse gear and when I turn the steering wheel. [Please note that the flickering is not continuous, it flickers one time the rpm goes high, and repeats when the rpm goes up again]
5. I reported this to Nissan Go [South Edmonton] and took the car for a check up. They informed me that the battery was getting frozen [This is a battery that was replaced less than a week ago]. They said the battery was at 80 % charge. They stated that the alternator is working fine. When this happened the temperature in my area was -35 deg C. 
6. During this inspection, they identified some other component was leaking and asked me to come after a few days since the part had to be ordered. The service person who talked to me said I would not be charged for the inspection.
7. I took the car back on 24th Jan 2020 for the replacement of the component that was leaking. This was done and when I went to collect my car in the evening, I was told that I had to pay for the inspection [flickering lights]. 
8. The light flickering issue started after the alternator and battery was replaced by Nissan Go [Edmonton South] and they could not fix the issue and still I have to pay was one of my concern. The other concern that I have is that there should be some issue because of why the lights are flickering which needs to be fixed. Could you please give me a solution for this. I usually travel with my family and have a son who is just 3 years old. I bought this car so that i can do adventurous drives. I do not want to be stuck in the middle of no where. 
Please help me out on this.

Thomas Nissan of Joliet IL — 2011 cadillac escalade

In 2016 I bought a 2011 Escalade with 53, 111 miles on it from Thomas Nissan of Joliet IL. Well here it is three years later, the car had only around 93, 000 miles on it, I still...

Nissan Motor Companysuv x trail 2019: jn1teat32z0002296


I have an issue in my car 2019 the safety alarm is giving red on orange on the dashboard with sound/noise. I stopped it on the near maintenance center last Saturday 28th Dec 2019 and they informed me that they need to keep it at the maintenance center because they wanna order and change the spare part called brake pump. Acutely it's a defect of manufactory in braking system. Note that the car purchased on last May 2019 and it's under warranty.
As you know I have a family and the weather is very cold and I have no car to serve them.

I and my family really disappointed that We purchased a brand new car and discovered that there is a defect on the new car taking in your consideration that my home is far away from the center and the kids school therefore We raise this complaint to compensate us for that since it's manufactory defect.
Mais Abu Yaseen & family

Nissan Motor Company — registration error

I had a painful and worst process of buying a new car from Essendon Nissan recently. Credit goes to James and Adrian who is really unprofessional and Irresponsible in dealing with...

Nissan Motor Company — flat tire

604912 I had a 2008 vehicle towed. Plaid home tag after 2 days they told me what vehicle needed. Besides the tire being flat. Because I asked how much more should I really pay. 897.95...

Nissan Motor Companyzeigler nissan - lindenhurst il

I'm in the process of shopping for a new Nissan Rogue. I've owned several of them and really like the vehicle and the brand. On Monday 11/25/2019 I reached out to this dealer since I'd dealt with them before. I had had an service issue with this particular dealer as well that I complained to management about. On this particular day I was inquiring about some of the features in the Rogue Sport that I needed to know if they were part of the package or if they required an additional fee. The lady that was assisting me was trying but didn't know the info. She asked if she could put me on hold which I obliged. She failed to actually put me on hold and I was witness to a brief vulgar rant while the phone was down. When she returned I told her I didn't want to speak with her anymore but wanted to talk to her supervisor. She indicated her supervisor was not available. I asked for supervisor's voice mail. I get a call from her supervisor (Kara) and we talked. She only made excuses for the customer service rep to the point that she told me that it's a male dominated environment and the rep was afraid to ask some of the male salesmen for help. I found her excuse offensive and inappropriate. I told her so. I added that as the father of two women, I would never allow my daughters to their gender as an excuse. Kara then proceeded to tell me how she had managed other companies before and she knew what she was doing . Her excuses were totally unprofessional. I asked that she focus on properly training the young customer service rep. I didn't feel firing or admonishing her would help in spite of her vulgar language. I must emphasize she was not directing it at me. She just failed to properly place the call on hold. The department manager's excuses is something I find unacceptable. I told her I would not be purchasing my next vehicle from Zeigler's and that I would actually write a review since this was yet another incident I had at this particular dealer. The previous issue was with the service department.

On 11/27/2019 I got a call from another manager (Joe) and wanted to discuss the issue. At this point I was no longer interested in hearing out excuses being made for poor training and horrible service. I never returned his call. I will probably still buy a Rogue, which I am still strongly considering whether or not I should walk away from the brand altogether. I hope Zeigler Nissan start focusing on thoroughly training staff properly and stop making stupid, unprofessional excuses on their behalf. For now I will take my business and my money somewhere else.

Nissan Motor Company — frequent breakdown and part replacements of nissan terrano

Vehicle- NISSAN TERRANO XL Vin - MDHHSNC85E7000990 Reg. no. - MH02DN6967 Engine NO- D289875 vehicle which is 5 years old with run of 28000km. OLD PROBLEMS Jan 17 vehicle gave...

Nissan Motor Company — failure in service

Below is the series of incidents- 1) car picked up by neo nissan driver for normal servicing on 05th oct 2019 2) car delivered by neo nissan driver post servicing on 06th oct 2019...

Nissan Roguethe wideness of this vehicle!

This vehicle is ridiculously wide. I live in a town home community and the parking spaces are marked at a normal width. My neighbors both own one of these vehicles. We have never had parking issues until they moved in. My car has been damaged over and over by their wide car doors hitting my sedan. Their SUV's cannot fit in the parking spaces which are normal width!

I drove a Rouge as rental car for 3 days and had to park with the work and pick up trucks to be courteous so I would not keep someone from getting into their vehicle. Think about people with disabilities and children!

If your going to continue to make this awful vehicle, please either switch to sliding doors or give it some height. You will eventually have a lawsuit on your hands if something isn't done about this!

Nissan IC Auto Benoni — not satisfied with the nissan x trail I bought 2017

I took my vehicle (Nissan Xtrial) for a service in the 2nd week of july 2019 and requested my vehicle to be diagnosed as it was making noise, the outcome was there is something...

Nissan Motor Companythai built d40

DPF failure. Caused other major problems. Difficulty performing burn.
Has contributed to sensor failures, turbo failure and other issues.
Appears there are many instances of DPF's failing and causing major problems.
Will Nissan be doing what Toyota and Mazda have done and recall and or compensate.
I'm still having issues with engine light coming on and new codes being found.

Carasso Motors Ltd, Manor Israel — unprofessional behaviour, unwilling to deal with the problem

Hello Nissan, Please, your help. My name is Izhak Farladansky, living in Israel, electronic engineer, more than 30 years expoirience in Hewlett Paccard and Agilent...

Nissan Motor Company — nissan serena 2.0 - gearbox fail just after 54000 km

604912 Dear Sir/Mdm, On [18 May 2016], I purchased a brand new [Nissan Serena 2.0 ] from Tan Chong Motor Singapore . Having drive the car for slightly more than 3yrs with only 54, 000km...

Nissan Motor Company — nissan navara d40

604912 Dear Nissan, Good day to you, my name is Ragunalan Krisnan from Malaysia. my email Address : [protected] this is a complaint from Nissan Genuine Customer who ha...

Nissan Motor Company — service/sales

I went to Hyundai Bundaberg, to look at buying a new car (Tucson Highlander) and I was spoke to like I was a piece of crap, some of the responses from the sales girl we're...

Nissan Motor Company — service dept. on manufacturer defect

604912 I purchase a Nissan Titan SV 2019 after purchase I found out I had a defect in the bed now when I call all I get is voice mail and no return calls the GM out of five email...

Nissan Motor Company — faulty engine

Consumer was leaving to from medina to Mecca on 21st September 2019 evening and my car Nissan X-trail 2018 showed check engine light on highway after that I drove to Petromin...

Nissan Motor Company — nissan juke from 2019 - issues with temperature sensor

I bought my Nissan Juke 4 months ago. Since last week that the exterior temperature is showing wrong information. I contacted the dealership (myself because my wife called before...

Nissan Iberia SA — windscreen replacement

654193 The official dealer was engaged on 14th of june for windscreen replacement upon a previous agreement. After that day...: A lot of suffering and ruined plans for a long dreamt...

Nissan Motor CompanyWrong specification product installed deliberately

Brought Nissan Kicks from M/s Zedex Delhi...I was assured that 8" Touchscree Android/Apple car play compatible music system shall be provided basis of which del was done from my end...

Found M/s Nissan India deliberately installed lower grade music system non complying agree specs and now not fixing up issue from last 4 months.

Very disappointed with experience so far and regret to purchse Nissan Kics.

Prasshant Sinha

Dealer- M/s Nissan Zedex, Delhi

Nissan Motor Companyproduct

Dear Sir,

I'm service my vehicle at your authorised service center ( EVM Nissan, Kalamassery) at 26th june 2019, at that time they are replaced rear both Shocks in my vehicle under warranty but after 3000km the shocks again making noises, when I brought to the service center the service guy says that, there is no warranty for replaced Shocks.Can you please explain about it ? Nissan shock absorbers have only 3000km life? This is not fair.

And I called your Area Manager at that moment but he was not answered to my call and till now he is not have any manners to call me back. This is the way you are treating the customers? I think you are posting this guy to ensure customer satisfaction and customer need.

Eagerly anticipated your reply

Bill is attached for your reference . Please check the remarks column.


Tan Chong Holding — nissan x trail 2.5 4wd

653872 My car was sent for service on 31/7/2019, everything was briefed fine & no any special highlight was made on the maintenance sheet (refer attached maintenance sheet) I could...

Nissan Motor Company — service

Service department is really rude and don't care about costumer service. They tried to sell me after market part at 5x price. When my car was under warranty, they lied to me...

Nissan Motor Companysuspension

Good day, thanks for facilitating a forum like this. I bought a Nissan Frontier from the local dealer here in Trinidad, last July 2018, about a month later i complained about a noise coming from the left side of the vehicle when i go over little "waves" on the highways. It sounded like the shock assembly bottoms out. I got nowhere with my complaints. After about five more complaints and test drive by the local maintenance technician i was told that is a normal reaction to the shock assembly when going over humps and "waves". I was never told about this when I went to purchase the vehicle. I was told that is the fault with the vehicle, like all other brands who have their own little faults. Why is this not covered in the warranty? Why are we not told the " faults" before buying. If this is fault as the technician indicated, why has this not been rectified from Nissan technical team? I am very disappointed in Nissan since i have been driving this brand for more that 20 years.

Nissan Motor Companynissan motor egypt abou rawash service centre

I am nanees saifeldin e mail ([protected] phone number [protected]) living in cairo egypt i have a 2018 nissan qashqai upon changing battery in nissan motors egypt abou rawash 17 july 2019 i was told that the original nissan battery is unavailable and that i have to buy from them a local battery (not a nissan guenuine part) instead and i paid the fees because i had no choice . During last week car was a big mess and today 6 august 2019 i presented car to agency for adjusting this and my 20000 km after leaving the car there they called me telling that the battery was leaking and that an explosion happened while they were repairing it destroying car sensors and the car will need 2 weeks repair as they do not have the parts
I am reporting their under trade unworthy of nissan name as a fake local non nissan battery was forced into ny car which in consequence destroyed the car computer and sensors and was a severe danger for me and my kid (a usa citizen) if the explosion happened if i drive my car i tried to complaint by they told me that nothing i can do except wait although i was told by a worker there it is a 48 hours work
This is outrageous and if i do not get a reply and solution to my problem i will go public and viral about this and the nissan image will be severly affected affected and damaged

Nissan Motor Company — service department

I took my Titian in told the service manager I was having a problem with the front or steering, told them it was making a popping noise. Instead of looking for that problem they...

Nissan Motor CompanyΝissan juke automatic car

Hello.My name is Dimitrios Giannoulakis and I am from Greece.In July 2011 I ordered a Nissan Juke car from the car dealer in Athens, Greece, named Mr Ananiadis who ordered it to the Nissan importer in Greece, Mr. Theoharakis, in order to have an automatic gearbox.The order was quite delayed and I finally received the car in December 2011, after 5 months, but the car dealership had assured me that I would have received it in two or three months time which was, as it appeared, not true.I started driving my car in January 2012. Two months ago, a strange sound started to be heard like a whistle, coming out from the gearbox.In addition to that, it has been turned off at startup a few times and apart from that, the reverse gear has not been activated five or six times.Τhe car has travelled 25, 500 kilometers in total.I took it straight away to the car dealer service and they say I need to put a new gearbox which will cost me from 4, 000 to 7, 000 euros. The other option is to repair the existing gearbox for 2, 000 up to 3, 000 euros and the cost to bear it myself.My question and complaint at the same time is whether it is fair to pay this amount fora damage of a car that is actually quite new, taking into account the total kilometers and the fact that I do 3 to 4 thousand kilometers a year. I bought this car with confidence in the integrity of its construction from such a reputable car manufacturer as Nissan and unfortunately at the moment I am faced with a fault that is not my own fault as a driver. Please answer me as soon as possible for the solution to this problem. Thank you in advance !

Nissan Motor Companytransmission

I went to lunch and had a little jerking in my car, than it stopped and I was like "What was that". On my way home the car started jerking, and acting like it did not want to move. I called Nissan dealership on a friday, told them what was going on and was told to bring it in on Monday, due to them being short staffed that Friday. I drove my car the 30 minute drive doing 40 and when I got there they took my car back for them to run inspection. My husband informed me that when he went to desk he was immediately told it was the transmission. The mechanic came out and said it was "the transmission". My husband informed him that as much as I bring my car in, someone should have asked me about transmission fluid change, because they do that to him at the Honda dealer, they will tell "him" what services he should have done and leave it up to "him" if he wishes to go ahead with what they think he needs. I have never been asked or told anything about my transmission, but I have had tires replaced, batteries, windshield wipers, oil, air filters and all replaced. Now with me still owing 7900 on the car, I am now asked to pay 3500 for another transmission. I have since researched and found that the CVT transmission for Nissan is absolutely horrible, and these problems have been listed by thousands... I feel they should replace the transmission at no cost to me!!

Nissan Motor Companyengine vibration and dead

My patrol LE. It started vibration. Checked at Nissan dealer and had to pay 1100aed for dealer checkup fee. The eport came as the engine oil is found mixed with metal. again in detail the piston is found crack at various cylinders leakage, My car is 2012 model aND clocked 330000 km. Serviced at regular intervals. Agency asked to replace engine which cost me aed 45000 plus fixing.
Can i know why the engine not reliable. Any thing possible to replace engine on warrantee.

Nissan Motor Company — service

I took my car in for service after receiving notice it was time for my car to be services. I wanted my tires rotated due to the notification from Carfax and the normal service. I...

Nissan Motor Company — regards to transmission repair

Very upset I had an issue with a transmission in 2016 which Nissan gave me a rental and replaced my transmission, I called again because I have the same issue and mechanic wa...

Nissan Motor Companynv 200 warranty of 2017 vehicle

I have had my nv200 nissan van at a dealership for almost a month as of july 16, 2019.
Took it for service for transmission fluid change, also scheduled synthetic oil change. And it was recommended to do an in-cabin air filter change (not a recommended maintenance item). I agreed to these services. Also, the air conditioner was not blowing adequately, on high fan felt like minimal airflow. Service advisor informed me that the filter was clogged with debris and hair, pet hair. I do not have a dog or pets that ride in my vehicle. Debris what type of debris?? So is this repair covered under warranty should be because it is a bumper to bumper, 100, 000-mile 60-month warranty? I was informed this is not covered by the warranty. I was not provided any photos taken of the damage. Please fix or replace the air conditioner unit that is not working.

Nissan Motor Company — nissan service center - transmission problems

I called Nissan Service Center, at 5163 E 22nd Road, Tucson, AZ 85711 location on July 5th @ approximately 9:30am regarding my Nissan 2017 Pathfinder. My vehicle was hesitating...

Nissan Motor Companybrand new nissan x-trail major oil leak

Dear all,

I am reaching up to you with an issue related to my brand new Nissan X-Trail, N-Connecta ( VIN : JN1JHNT32U0000362 ) that was bought from one of Nissan official dealers ( SERUS Auto ) located in Bucharest, Romania.
The car was ordered in February and was delivered to me on Friday 06.07.2019.
On the following week on 12.07.2019, the car was scheduled to the service (SERUS) for mounting an original Nissan towing system. After 2-3 hours the dealer called me and told me that the car suffered a major oil leak on the engine (approx. 1-2 liters of oil) and they need to make further investigations.
When I arrived in the service (after 30 minutes) parts of the engine were already dismounted without informing me and without my approval as the owner of the car.
I was verbally informed that the reparation consists of removing the upper part of the engine (top of the engine, oil separator, camshafts, etc ) and glue them with LOCTITE red sealant in order to stop the major oil leak.
The car has only 460 km on board and my assumption is that the major oil leak is a failure of a non-conformity during the production cycle.

In regards with the above I am pretty sure that Nissan procedures in this kind of cases are more different that the one SERUS Auto is applying to my car. I am confident that NISSAN procedures don't recommend gluing the engine parts with LOCTITE sealant in case of major oil leaks.
Regarding the above experience, I am kindly asking you to take into consideration the following:
• Because the car is brand new and the non-conformity (unknown major engine oil leak) was from the very first moment of using the car, please consider replacement of the car with a new one of the same model and optionals.
• Is it in the standard NISSAN procedures that in case of major engine oil leak to glue parts of the engine with LOCTITE sealant instead or doing a proper investigation and find the real cause of the failure?

I am still confident that NISSAN is a company with great values and is treating the clients with great respect. Also my wife has a NISSAN Micra and we truly believe in NISSAN brand, therefor I have great expectation on solving this issue with real professionalism and treat us also as a future clients for other NISSAN models.
I am waiting for your feedback and I am available to give you more information that will help you solve my problem in the most appropriate way.

Best regards,
Mircea Negut

Nissan Motor Company — the worst experience ever

604912 To whom it may concern, Hope this email finds you well. I am writing this email in reference to my unfortunate experience with your maintenance center in Alexandria, Egypt. I...

x-trail; malfunction audio, set, auto hold function bonnet malfunction

I just bought a brand new Nissan X-Trail 2.5 from ETCM Khor Gaik Kuang @ Khoo Gaik Kuang, get my car on 6th May 2019. Now the car is giving a weird problem where HQ technical team also not able to give me answer yet until now.

My car audio is connected to my phone but then when I answer the call is going through my phone speaker instead of the car. Encountered the whole audio set auto shut down while I'm driving and all my setting gone back to factory setting. One time is that when I was about to on my Audio, the screen shows no respond at all. I restart my car for 5times, then it goes back to normal. I answer or call out to someone with my car Bluetooth, conversation ended but the car audio does not hang up but in actual my phone hung up. It doesn't goes off unless I press the Hang Up button on the screen myself.

I'm in Parking mode, but not able to open ny car bonet with the button behind nor the button nearby the driver seat. I didn't change anything, I just restart my car and it goes back to normal again.

I activated auto hold function, normally you can see a white color Auto hold symbol while the car is moving and goes green when we totally break stop. But this, I activate it, no symbol pop up, when I break it doesn't function as well. I restart again my car, then there it goes, again, back to normal.

I drop my car to Tan Chong Service centre twice but nothing done because they cant find the root cause. What they did is just reset my audio set to factory setting. According to them, they cant solve when there is no evidence. So when I encounter the problem again, I took video and send to my sales person. He've forward to service team but no feedback until now. I get a call from Tan Chong Service team saying there will be a personnel coming from HQ to resolve this problem but yet till today no respond has been given after we last met around 3weeks ago.

Baring this kind of error while driving and will intermittently not able to use Bluetooth while driving is bothering me with the function but I not able to use it. Audio respond slower than the phone did when I try to listen to my wechat audio or other audio too.

I wish Tan Chong would expedite my case as this is a brand new car and we were so happy to drive a Nissan. My question is, the service team has the video evidence yet why is it taking such a long time to settle this issue? I'm wondering why a brand new car is giving so much problem that we can't explain. I hope to get a positive feedback from Nissan ASAP. The car number is PNW9518.

Nissan Motor Company — the dent on my car

Good day I took my car in since I had a problem with my battery, and to check the engine alarm. That was done. The issue is that after I received my car, I noticed there was a...

Nissan Motor Companyvehicle services rendered at 8890 pines boulevard, pembroke, fl 33024. usa

On Monday, July 1st 2019, I decided to take my Nissan Rogue in for an oil change at the Auto Nation Dealership Service Department located at 8890 Pines Boulevard, where I had bought my vehicle. Little did I know that I was in for a series of problems with the service rendered to me on that day.
Now I had made an online appointment to do the oil change. However, I wound up waiting for an hour and a half before the oil change was completed and my vehicle delivered to me.
So here is what I have learned about making appointments with this location: Appointments make no difference because you will be served just as you would if you had not made an appointment. So don't waste your time making appointments to have your vehicle serviced at this location.
Secondly there is an advertised price of 45.95 at the Nissan's website for an oil change. However, when I presented my advisor Mr. Bradley, the customer care consultant, with the printed advertised online price, Mr. Bradley stated that that price of $45.95 was a mistake and that the actual price was $49.95. So I have learned that this is nothing more than false advertising.
Thirdly, the choice of oil. When Mr. Bradley presented me with the charge for the oil change, I noticed that it was nothing near what the advertised price on the internet was. Mr. Bradley explained that a vehicle like mine will require synthetic oil. I then asked Mr. Bradley if regular oil will hurt my vehicle's engine. Mr. Bradley responded by saying yes that regular oil, will in fact, hurt the engine. So I settled for the synthetic oil anyway even though I knew that regular oil will do no harm to the vehicle. At this point I am thinking; am I being scarred into spending more on an oil change. Perhaps I was.
Fourthly - soiled seat. When the vehicle was delivered to me, I noticed that the driver seat was soiled with a black oil-like substance. Fortunately, I had taken pictures of the vehicle's interior as well as the exterior just prior to taking the vehicle in for the oil change. Frustrated and upset, I pointed out the soiled seat to Mr. Bradley, who then took the vehicle over to the detailing department to have the seat cleaned. Shortly thereafter, I proceeded over to the detailing department to see what was going on with my vehicle. I noted that someone, not sure if it was Mr. Bradley had left the vehicle's AC running on high; apparently to dry the seat after the cleaning solution was applied. I took issue with the fact that my vehicle's AC had to be used to correct a problem that they had created in the first place. Moments later an associate from the detailing department came over to look at the seat. I mentioned to him that I did not approve of the fact that the vehicle's AC was being used to dry the wet seat. The associate explained that they do not use the vehicle's AC for that purpose but that they use another method, which is pressurized air, provided by the department to dry the seat.
Now while I am not accusing Mr. Bradley of using the vehicle's AC unit to dry the seat, I am inclined to think that he might have been the one who did so. I have concluded that these people really do not consider their customers' perspective when it comes to issues like these. I then decided to bring the matter to a manager, Mr. Patrick Villedrouin, who was quite understanding and even offered to cancel the charge for the oil change - an offer I vehemently denied.
This experience has taught me what I think is fundamentally true about the service at this location, at least in my case and that is that they did not take care of my vehicle the way they were supposed to. For example, if they had placed the protective plastic over the driver's seat, the seat would not have been soiled. It makes me wonder what else they may have failed to do. The fact is, as customers, when we take our vehicles in for service at these places, we really don't know how well the service is being performed on our vehicle. We hand the keys over to the technician and trust that they would take care of things while we wait. I must also state that what was really appalling about this experience is the fact that no one had the courtesy to apologize for what had happened. Imagine a company failing to do what's basic and professional - to say we're sorry. What a shame. I am not sure if these businesses realize it, but as customers, we have choices, and on that day I chose Nissan over all others, and this is what I got - a Horrible Experience. This was my first and certainly will be my last visit to this location.

Nissan Motor Companypromised wood wrap over chrome at sale

My wife and I purchased a Nissan Murano while on vacation in St George. The Dealership seemed ok and the Salesman, Cyrus Winget, made promises we thought he would keep. The one deal breaker was my wife did not like the Crome accent in the car the salesman promised he could get to covered by a local shop then due to time he promised he would get it set in Pocatello Idaho where we live. It seemed like a minor item for any person to maintain a high customer satisfaction ranking. We did have some communication on texts which we have but a shop was not contracted and he played it until the we owe you part of the contract ran out. Ok we got screwed so get on with life.
My current problem we purchased the extended warranty I do not have the detailed pages for it. Mr Winget sent something we could not open with our computer. We tried the warranty company and they will not give us the details they said to request it from the Dealership. I tried again threw me Winget now that I have sold my truck and am looking for a new truck, he did have two salesmen call but I have yet to see the truck i described.
All I want is 6 pages or how to close this extended warranty I'll buy it elsewhere.
It's sad to see behavior that goes with the old days of misrepresentation to get a sale. Our first Altima a great car and I sold it to my Daughter after driving All of the other makes my wife picked this Platinum Murano for a birthday present and now the kids have moved on we can treat us with the new vehicles we want. You might ask why buy a car from one in southern Utah I now ask it myself but I'll retire soon and plan to relocate to St George.
Thank you for your consideration I will ask the Utah State Attorney general and the Better Business Bureau for help on July 15th.