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I totally agree with the person that wrote about someone being killed due to a "Rolling Blow" There were many times that I merged into traffic while blowing into it. It is even worse when you're driving in the snow & it does a "Rolling Blow" I would go into a panic mode :( When I was sick I could hardly breathe into it...I almost had to call the cops they could give me a breathalizer so that I could go to work. I had to call the company and explain that I had a chest cold & could not hardly breathe...I had to wait 15min. then I could drive. I would go into panic mode because I didn't know If I would be able to breathe into it after work. These people give you the run around ...DO NOT LET THEM TAKE ADVANTAGE OF YOU!!! i wish I would have wrote on all their paperwork "REFUSE TO SIGN" this is how they trap you...because you signed the contract!!! The device tells you when to get a recallabration but when your time is up does not. IF ANYONE WHO NEEDS SOMEONE TO TALK TO IN REGARDS TO THE DEVICE...JUST EMAIL ME... Put "INTOXALOCK" in the box


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    denis kolenovic Jun 07, 2016

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    Wearepissed Jul 05, 2018

    I got their device installed after my DUI because the paper work I was given upon release from jail said I had to to use one for 90 days in order to maintain my driving privilege... I went with Intoxalock because they were the only provider in town. I should've shopped around- now I'd gladly drive the extra 60 miles to deal with a reputable company.
    I was able to have the device installed and maintained for 2 months and 3 weeks before I had any problems. Due to the way they schedule the recalibrations, they ensure you pay extra because you can't go the full month without having it done. Anyway, to make sure I'm complying with the 90 day maintenence of the device, I go in to have it recalibrated for the last time. There's a problem at the shop and they tell me I have to call Intoxalock. When I get them on the horn they tell me they can't send the work order because I haven't mailed them my signed lease agreement contract. I ask them to reconsider because I am about to be locked out of driving my car, and they still insist I need to sign a 6 month lease. I refuse to do so because there is no court order against me to even have this inatalled in the first place. I then call up my state's dept of revenue and learn that I've essentially been throwing my money away. Money I don't have, by the way, since I lost my CDL and subsequently my job after my arrest.
    I call Intoxalock back to schedule removal of the device(yes, you actually have to do this). I get a time set and then I'm told I owe them for a final calibration and an "early termination fee." More than another $300 just to be done with it! I am not liable for either of these things. I dont need it to be recalibrated, i don't need any info sent to the DOR because they told me I didnt need to have the device! I don't owe for "early termination" because that would imply there was a "termination" of a lease set forth in a contract that doesn't exist! I never signed anything, I never verbally agreed that the term would be 6 months or any length of time for that matter. How can they try to pull this shit on me?! I just want this damned thing out of my car, so I can sell my car to pay my legal fees.
    I've read reviews of this fraudulent company online, and while I did see many others with valid complaints that are clearly the signs of a crooked company with no oversight taking advantage of its customers, I didn't see my situation described- clearly this company is up to new tricks, trying to exploit us from every angle to make a buck. I haven't been so disgusted with a company EVER. I can't fathom how they have not been shut down already. Maybe lawmakers see them as a necessary evil, but we who have gotten DUIs are still citizens and consumers with the same protected rights.

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