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Consumer Safety Technology, LLC

PO Box 8773
Carol Stream
United States - 60197-8773​​

Customer Support Phone Numbers

+1 888 283 5899(Customer Service) 8 3
+1 877 327 9130(Service) 0 1
+1 877 734 1555(Automated calibration request) 0 0
+1 866 536 9436(​After hours support) 1 0
+1 515 331 9079 1 0
Service center support:

Corporate office:

+1 515 331 7643
Fax: +1 515 278 2820

Mail correspondence:
11035 Aurora Avenue

Intoxalock Complaints & Reviews

Intoxalock / unethical behavior

mcwooski on Aug 30, 2017
I have been sober for two years. I've had intoxalock on for six months. I never failed any tests or had any problems with the device. Five days before I'm supposed to get the device taken out, I get a letter in the mail (August 21st) saying that intoxalock has reported a violation to the...

Intoxalock / interlock

tracker7821 on Aug 23, 2017
Intoxalock told me over the phone the monthly charge would be prorated once the device was removed. This is NOT TRUE. They charge for the ENTIRE month, regardless of removal date. Customer service representative MARGARET initially told me on the phone the service would be prorated. Later in...

Intoxalock / ignition interlock- customer service

veri on Aug 9, 2017
BE VERY VERY WARY OF DOING BUSINESS WITH INTOXALOCK These people went from the pinnacle of customer service and support to the absolute depths within a matter of a few short weeks. BEFORE installation their customer service was outstanding. Ten days after the unit was installed, it failed. I...

Intoxalock / Money Scam All the way!!!

Heather Waisanen on Mar 20, 2017
My device was scheduled to be out on 3/23. Bill is due in full ($101) on the 21st. Regardless of the removal, they do not offer refunds, pro-rates, etc. They will charge you with everything they can...Overnight fees, rushed shipping, high monthly fees. On top of that you will be on hold...

Intoxalock / Interlock device

jpsjohndeere on Mar 2, 2017
On 2/26/17 my lease was ending. I contacted intoxalock for an appointment to have the interlock removed. The week prior I Made an appointed for removal of the device for 2/27/17, one day after the lease expired. The representative for intoxalock informed me that as long as I had they...

Intoxalock / Intoxalock fees & battery sucking

slip on Jan 28, 2017
The very first time i had my first calibration 1/7/17 i only have a permit on 1/21/17 my battery went dead they charged me 75 bucks plus tax 81 bucks the battery goes dead 1/23/17 2 days apart another 81 bucks who lets these blood suckin mother ##### #### suckin #### bags do this cause the...

Intoxalock / Customer service

Joan on Jan 19, 2017
Please save yourself the struggle, misinformation, ignorance and greediness associated with doing business with this company. I only wish I had read reviews before I contacted them. I intend to reach out to every outlet possible to stop their terrible business practices. There are so many...

Intoxalock / Interlock Ignition plus $80 fee

Anthony Walter on Dec 7, 2016
I was letting my car warmup not realizing the damn thing would beep at me even if I was not driving (I don't know why they cannot have a car warm-up setting that you can toggle on/off with a breathalyzer blow); anyway, I got back in the nick of time to blow in it, and right after I did I...

Intoxalock / Igniton interlock

kegratehouse on Oct 24, 2016
This company is fraudulent all the way around. Court ordered a portable to ignition device got the portable until I got a license for to driver installed the ignition. Both from Intoxalock. They wont allow the return of the portable despite the fact the original order said EITHER device...

Intoxalock / Intoxalock device

kathern scheublein on Oct 16, 2016
My situation was scary, shocking and life threatening.. Sunday, Oct 10, 2016, I was scheduled, for a recalibration. My contract started, 5/2016 and it ends, Nov, 2016. I blew into the device, my vehicle, starting smoking, furiously. Than, fire started, fast under the hood and under the...

Intoxalock / Interlock device

JMS1823 on Sep 30, 2016
The nature of having this device means someone got in trouble with their driver's license. I have a Drivers permit. The waiting list to take the Driver's test is 3 months long. So I require a licensed driver to be sitting next to me in order to legally drive the vehicle in the meantime. If I...

Intoxalock / Customer service

Joan Herring on Aug 29, 2016
This company has the worst customer service of any company I have ever dealt with. While they are quick to take money from you, when they make a mistake and promise reimbursement, it never arrives. Their reps appear to be very poorly trained and give many different answers to the same...

Intoxalock / Customer Service

Jherr4753 on Aug 26, 2016
After I filed a complaint, Intoxalock contacted me in an effort to quiet me and agreed to pay towing charges incurred because of misinformation from their customer service department. However, they now continue to make me jump through hoops to get the reimbursement they promised. I sent an...

Intoxalock / Customer Service is Useless

Jherr4753 on Aug 1, 2016
I had to laugh reading the complaints about not being permitted to speak with a manager. For over three weeks, I was told the manager or supervisor was not in yet, at lunch, or gone for the day. Instead, I am left to deal with some high school dropout advise me on the law. They had no idea...

Intoxalock / Automobile Interlock Device

Joe Antinucci on Jun 20, 2016
Firstly: DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!! They are a money grab! Rhode Island has new regulations as per the word of the Intoxalock rep. and I was asked to sign a new lease. The only way I was aware of this was that I had received a couple of calls from an unknown number that started with a...

Intoxalock / Explanation of service completely lie

denis kolenovic on Jun 7, 2016
My name is Denis Kolenovic, , , I call intoxalock to get some information for unit to install in my car because I had a DUI, , , , Spoke to Rob, , , Sales Rep, , , , He explained fee and what is going monthly charge...90 $ installation and 80.26 every 2 month 18$ for...

Intoxalock / Ignition interlock

Karis Huot on Apr 3, 2016
The customer service representative verbally abused me and refused to help. He told me I had poor reading comprehension and should blame myself for not reordering my calibration in time, since I had not due to an expired lease. My lease was supposed to be 12 months but expired after 11...

Intoxalock / Interlock device (legacy) 2016

Robert Sytsma on Feb 17, 2016
Date: Feb 17th 2016 Client#342346 Driving home from installation of product by interlock installer... Device had to be blown into to start, , then 5 minutes later rolling re=blow, then less than 10 minutes 2nd blow/exhale, then a 3rd one before coming home after only going 9 miles away...

Intoxalock / Intoxalock

Reviewer69544 on Jan 16, 2016
From the moment this device was installed My life has been in danger. It's definitely less dangerous to drink and drive than it is to use this device. However, if you try to have it taken out early, they tell you they will charge you for the whole year because it's in the contract. If you...

Intoxalock / Interlock device (NEVER USE)

Reviewer93387 on Jan 4, 2016
Worst Interlock device ever. First off, they had me install a camera, when my state never designated one. This included 3 hug wires hanging everywhere in my car, with a camera glued under your review mirror, along with the largest interlock device i've ever seen. This thing drains your...

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