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Worse Service EVER!!! Give your money to the other companies. Hopefully the other companies won't try and steal your money from you.
I have had a 1 year and 4 months already with no real big issues just minor inconveniences (which I figured I deserved because obviously I have Intoxalock) until today. I had a lock out due to NO FAULT of my own besides I blew in my breathalyzer and used my remote start to cool off my car (100 degrees and humid) well apparently it isn't supposed to start with remote start at all which I knew it wouldn't until I blew but figured if I blew and it said passed it didn't matter how I started my car But that's what caused my lockout. NOW I have spent well over an hour and a half on the phone to still have nothing resolved besides them saying you should just have to go into your service center and when I go their they say Interlock needs to Set it up and with my 2 phone calls already failed to do so. They didn't have a manager I could talk to. I pay every month, go in at the recommended times to have it calibrated, NEVER FAILED ONE TEST and they still are strong arming me for MORE MONEY. WHAT A JOKE! no matter what you do they will keep taking and taking. I wish would've read the reviews more before purchasing. Definitely STAY AWAY!!!

Questionable business practices

Misleading advertising regarding "free installation" & device protection $5.00 which is actually every 2 weeks so...$10.00 monthly various additional fees like set up fee & data processing fee as well as other charges not included like calibration & removal. Device will also not accept another person's usage which turns out to be a huge problem because I had it installed on a vehicle not registered to me & the sober owner could not get his alternate vehicle out of driveway without moving the vehicle with the device installed in it. That caused him to miss various appointments including lab work & a office visit to his Dr.

Device customer service

I called Intoxalock with a question regarding my device and it really floored me how rude the customer service rep was. I was amazed at the impatient and irritability that I was immediately greeted with. I so look forward to getting this bulky and awkward Intoxalock device out of my vehicle so that I never have to call or deal with Intoxalock again.

iid during covid-19

My complaint is regarding the Intoxalock device that drains power to my battery so quickly that I have to...


On November 18, 2019 My Device Malfunctioned. I am a security guard. I was guarding an orchard 15 miles out of my city from 6pm to 6am. My intoxalock is in the vehicle voluntarily. I need to keep the motor running due to the fact that there are no lights in the orchard so I use my headlights. I turned off my engine to conserve gas. When I attempted to restart the device would not turn on. I called your customer service agent and she was unable to help. Subsequently I was required to call a tow truck. Two days later your company sent me over the equipment to reconnect the device in my vehicle at the service center you have established in my area. I was assured that my tow would be reimbursed.

I first sent over the receipt which was denied due to the fact that the tow driver did not write paid on the receipt. I then called him to rectify this issue. On 12/ 12/10, 12/18/19, / 1/3/20 I sent over copies of the receipt marked PAID CASH $100. For some unknown reason your company has not acknowledged these e-mails and updated my account. I have sent each e-mail to the exact same e-mail address that you received the first receipt from, [protected]@intoxalock.com, the first receipt was denied, I e-mailed the other three to the same e-mail address, however you claim to have not received them. I am now under the impression that your agents are purposely not acknowledging my e-mails just so you don't have to give me my reimbursement that I was assured I would receive.

I am a reliable customer. As said this account is on a voluntary status and I have paid my fees on time every month. I would expect better treatment as such. I will move my business elsewhere if this issue is not resolved. I will also refer all individuals in my class to go to LifeSafer Ignition Interlock.

Maria Griesa

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product and service are the absolute worst

I had an Intoxalock put in at the end of October, 2019. This is 2 months later. I've had to put in 2 NEW batteries! AAA has had to jump start my car five different times, and once I needed to get a tow bc the the car died in traffic. I had the car running, tried to put it in park and get out to get the mail. Everytime I opened the car door the hood would start beeping! I did not have care issues before the device was put in. I've had my alternator checked, it's fine.
Intoxalock customer service is honestly the worst I've ever encountered! I've had to call nearly a dozen times, and never, never do I wait less then 35 minutes for someone to answer. I have not had any luck getting answers, or help. They "look up my account" and tell me it should be working just fine. On one phone call I was I my car unable to start it, so no heat. I was transferred to FIVE different ppl during the 57 minute call. One was a lady from an insurance company! Each time I had to tell the situation over, and each person said they didn't know what was happening. I was in my car, no heat. It was 26 degrees, which is pretty warm for winter in Minnesota.
Prior to having it installed, I was asking the rep on the phone some questions. She told me I would have to carry special car insurance while I was using an interlock. This she said was a state requirement. It is not. I was also told that I would have to have the device in my car for a full 12 months. I stated that I would be using my bike, and walking when the weather warmed up. She told me that I could have the device removed (for a few) but that I would have to put it back in and complete a full 12 months before I could get my license reinstated. This is not true, and when I told her that, she disagreed. She was in CA reading this info on her computer she said. I did not continue the conversation. I called back a few days later, and talked to someone else. He told me the same thing, that I have to have the device in my car for full 12 months. If I didn't drive the car it didn't matter. He said "yes" that I still have to pay for it and have it in my car even if the car sits in the garage. I asked how a person would get their license reinstated if they didn't have a car for some time? He told me that they would have to buy the car, have the device installed for 12 months, and then apply for a license!
Unfortunately, I have no choice, as Intoxalock is the only state approved dealer within 50 miles of me. I refuse to sign a contract though. I'm not able to drive! The battery is drained over night!
I was expressing my frustration while in a meeting with my corrections officer. She called, it rains twice, and someone answered! He told me that the device has to be able to receive a signal from Verizon. So I may have to put it in neutral and push it out if my garage! How crazy is that! What if there are no Verizon towers around? Explains why the battery wears down, if it's always searching for a signal. I live in Minnesota, I want my car in the garage! Unacceptable!
Big problems and NO customer service!

ignition interlock

Don't go with intoxalock! Since i've been with them the mn dmv has prolonged my ignition interlock...

bad customer service

Customer service is horrible. Nobody is willing to help. Can't get straight answers. They take money...

breathalyzer system for your vehicle for permission to drive after a dui

My Name is Dee Hill. I purchased an Intoxalock system from you on October 1, 2019. I was having a very difficult time with the courts in Lyndhurst, OH acquiring a system from someone other then the company they were forcing me to use. My conversation with the sales rep was, this court will not allow us to use anyone other than a company they partner with. Your sales rep said I will contact them and confirm because our system is State of Ohio certified and I will confirm would be ok. You contact me and you said "they said it would be ok". I asked if you were absolutely sure and you said "if I couldn't use your system you would refund my money". Not only did I have it installed and the court refused to give me my license to drive, you now say you don't have any conversation that you said that. We would never had the product installed without the guarantee through our conversation. It was installed for only 1 week and you made me pay a penalty for early termination. I am now out of over $450. for a system I could not use. Can you please provide with a transcript or a copy of the conversation for the purchase of this system. I would not have contacted 6 times if I know I was mistaken. Can you please contact me and help at [protected] or at [protected]@gmail.com


There is a 2 minute free restart, usually when you use it it makes you blow in to the Intoxalock anyway. You have to sit in your car for 2 minutes and wait for this 2 minute countdown to finish or the device may want you to blow again, $75 this will cost you.

Intoxalock will install the device and one week before your first calibration force you to sign a contract that you may not agree with. this contract is a scam. If you do not sign the contract you will be forced to change providers. This could cost over a thousand dollars, plus the hassle of dealing with the RMV.

The device is installed in an unprofessional way through the door jam, my weatherstriping definently will be ruined when this is all over.

People with DUI's have it hard enough, we really do not need to be taken advantage of in this way.


customer service is the worst

I do hope this is read by CEO Kimberly Williams!

My daughter has an intoxalock on her car. Because she is unable to drive it, court order, I am driving it. I took the car over because she was always close to a lock out because the battery wasnt charged enough due to the fact she couldnt drive it. One 1 day in May, we were charged for 4 lockouts due to the battery being dead and the car having to be jumped. On each lock out I had to call and of course wait on hold for 45 + minutes.
With each person I spoke to, never did they tell me that each time the car was jumped/locked out it was a $75.00 charge. Seriously!! Why the F wouldn't the "
excellent" customer Service Rep tell me. On the last time the car was jumped i spoke with someone and she told me ... " Well you should have told someone that you were having trouble with the battery" Um... Hello! I did! and was then informed that I could have been in repair mode and not be charged. Seriously???

Now i have to get the car repaired because someone backed into me. No one in the state I am living in wants to blow in the device so I would have to get it disconnected. Of course intoxalock is not in this state so I would be required to drive 4+ hours to diconnect then back again to connect it. I was able to find a mobile company able to help, but of course Intoxalock said NOPE. Of course... It's money out of their pocket... and mine too because i would have to pay for both events.

It is mind boggling to me how rude y'all are on the phone. How judgemental y'all are. Yet when I read you web page it states that you "have been there" so you can relate to the situation.

Have you been there? I doubt it! Kimberly Williams, I sure do hope that you are reading all of these complaints because they are a huge representation of you and your work ethic.

There are other breathalyzer companies out there and you can bet your ass that I will be passing that information on to the DWI lawyers and Counties.

Oh and Kimberly, you should remind your excellent customer service team who pays their salaries... WE DO... THE POOR SCHELPS placed on hold forever and then treated rudely!

I'd fire my team if i ever read a complaint like this... clearly this is not the only one! Open your eyes Kim!

intoxalock device

I have had device for not even 2 weeks yet. Got locked out still trying to find out reason why after work yesterday at 5:00 p.m. San Francisco. I was left on hold for over an hour with no resolution all shops were closed by 6:00 p.m. I had a leave my car overnight and not the best area. Finally got ahold of someone today got hung up on 3 times, my imformation was verified so I'm not understanding why I was in called back. I can't even fathom a year of this. They have a lot to figure out especially in unsafe situations!

  • Ih
    Ih8la Sep 02, 2019
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I had the same thing. 2 weeks in and start stopping working for no reason. Haven’t even used the car. On hold after some lady told me I locked myself out. Hold is now 45 min. Awful service

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My car will not start and a code appears that I have no idea what it means I couldn't even drive my car to work because of this. I called 5 times today on hold multiple time for hours kept getting transferred no one could tell me anything about why it was not starting I am pissed I want this piece of [censored] out of my car! They lie about 24/7 customer service you are on hold for over an hour just to be told they can't do anything. I hate this machine it's expensive and a rip off. The person you call to install the device acts so nice and give you his personal line to call anytime and he never answers or responds back to their email. I can't even get through to anyone I would never recommended this to anyone. Not to mention installation took over 12 hours they said intoxalock did not send them a calibrated device then I was told I would get 100$ back after purchase and I have yet to see that! I'm so fed up as if we aren't already going through enough this company is definitely not worth the additional headache!

  • Hu
    Hughbert Jul 03, 2019
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Hello can you contact me via email! I’m going to sue this company and want current customers that are having similar issues! Thank you. [email protected]

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  • Be
    beklandfarm16 Nov 03, 2019
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    @Hughbert Hi I am new customer. I paid 5 days ago they set appointment to put machine in. However they never sent the machine I called to ask what s happened they blamed it on UPS however they had no tracking number. I would join you an others my email [email protected]

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  • Hu
    Hughbert Jul 03, 2019
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    [email protected]

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  • Hu
    Hughbert Jul 03, 2019
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Weird not letting me put my email! We’ll text me 402-321-0786

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interlock device - device causing engine problems and terrible customer service

I have a 2007 Toyota Camry. Three mornings ago, I came out and my car wouldn't start, even though I was able to provide a breath sample. The battery light was on, as was a malfunction indicator light. I assumed the battery had died (a map light had been on for 3 days). The unit indicated that I was now in a lockout. I called Intoxalock and was told that they would be able to resolve the lockout once the battery was charged. I had to speak to two people, since the first had such a heavy Indian accent that I could not understand him and he had no idea how to help me.

I charged the battery overnight. The Intoxalock still would not work (no signals at all), nor would my car start. By this time, I had "enjoyed" three telephone calls with customer service with three different individuals. Their consensus was that the battery had caused the Intoxalock to malfunction, but that as soon as I had a working battery, they would be able to connect to it to clear the lockout. I was also told that, if I held the button down on the unit for 5 beeps, it would tell me the level of charge the battery had. This was not true - no beeps and no display.

I then replaced the battery with a brand new one. Nothing. The Intoxalock would not work and the car would not start. During a 5th call to Intoxalock, I was told that I had to take my car to the business that had installed the unit. That would have meant a tow charge to a place that was 30 miles away. Plus, I was worried that there was something wrong with the car itself because of the malfunction indicator light that meant (according to the manual) I was supposed to take it to a Toyota dealer.

I had the car towed to my mechanic which was only 10 miles away. That was $80.00 on top of the $154.00 for the new battery. I called Intoxalock and was told by a very snotty, impatient rep that "I had done the wrong thing" - should have taken it to the device installer. I was so angry at this point that she agreed to talk to my mechanic personally.

The next morning I got a call from my mechanic to say that there was nothing wrong with the car. The problem was being caused by the Intoxalock. Their rep told my mechanic how to get the car started so that I could drive it to the unit installer, Car Toys.

Car Toys then told me that, in their experience, the unit may have caused the problem because sometimes they malfunction, but that for now they would just do a re-calibration. I got the re-calibration this morning and I can start my car, but now there is something wrong with the VSC / ABS systems.

My car was fine before I got the Intoxalock. So was my mental health.

I also had a previous lockout problem (and was charged a $75.00 fee) that I believe was unjustified. I passed the breath test and began to start my car, but realized I had left my electronic key in the house. I went in to get it and was back out in less than a minute. The unit was counting down. It would display a time, then say "start car." Then it would display another time, and say "start car." Since it said "start car," I did so. This caused a lockout for an "unauthorized start."

I want the $75.00 fee for the first lockout refunded. I also want the $75.00 fee for this lockout refunded. And I want to be credited the $80.00 for my towing charge into my mechanic. It was their unit that made that necessary. I'll suck up the $154.00 for the new battery, although I think that purchase was probably unnecessary, but can't prove it at this time.

Pamela Clark

ignition interlock device

I had a DUI and my court order said that I could not drive without an IID. I called intoxalock in June 2017 to schedule an installation and at first they were very easy to get ahold of. They told me that they'd contact the MAU & call me when we could go forward with the appointment. They called back within a day and we scheduled the appt the first week of July with a shop that they recommended. When I got the device installed, the shop owner said that he was waiting on one more form and that he'd send it to the dmv. I had a 5 month lease with them. When the lease was almost up in December 2018 I contacted the MAU to make sure that I could get the device removed. They told me they had no record of my being required to have an iid. I explained that it was court ordered and that I'd been paying for the devices. The MAU told me to go ahead and get it removed. I called intoxalock and told them exactly what the MAU told me and attempted to schedule the device removal. The intoxalock rep told me that if I broke the lease early I would be fined. So I still had to pay for the last calibration even though my lease was up the following week. In April 2019 I received a letter from the DMV stating that I was required to get the IID. I thought this was an easy fix as I had completed this the year before. Upon speaking to the DMV, I was told that I never provided a DL-920. This was the first time I'd ever heard of it. When I applied for the court ordered restricted drivers license I had taken a Certificate of IID Installation that intoxalock provided. I was never advised by the company to make sure I obtained a DL-920. When I called Intoxalock to work out what I was sure had been a mistake, the representative told me (for the first time) that I had not been eligible to have the device installed. I asked why the company went forward with making the appointment ( they called 6/28/18 and still made an allotment for 7/7/17) and the rep rudely told me that people voluntarily get this device in their car. I asked why I wasn't informed that I had been determined ineligible and she said that it was my responsibility to call the MAU myself to confirm. I called intoxalock the next day and spoke to a customer service specialist. I asked him why I wasn't informed of ineligibility and he said that I was given a packet upon installation that contained a letter stating that the MAU said I was not eligible. I never received this packet. The shop owner seemed to be under the impression that intoxalock would be sending him a form. Why would this company wait until after they've had me sign a lease and pay for installation to supposedly inform me that I wasn't eligible? So I would have to break the lease and pay an extra fine? Why didn't intoxalock inform me that I was never eligible when I questioned them before getting the device removed?

I would like to add that I had to get a new battery after having this installed for a month. I also had to replace my starter because my car would no longer start after having the IID removed. Every representative I spoke to has been unhelpful and borderline rude. This company cannot be trusted.

retaliation using recal device, after a customer complaint call.

I have been attempting to get a ignition device removed. Multiple calls, emails, chats, finally got Tyrel on the line 5/6/19. Was told not eligible because of a rolling missed blow, I was never notified of. I was upset voiced my displeasure regarding how difficult it was to obtain this info, I hung up on Tyrel. Within 24 hrs, a recal notice within 6 days showed up on my device. I just had the device recalibrated on 4/19. Called and talked to a man named Cathy, to be told the laws in my state changed. It's now every 30. And it's a repeat in 6 days because of how many days in the month. Asked to speak to supervisor Vernon, got answering machine. Tried again no response. This is a direct retaliation for my consumer complaint, using a state regulated system. I will continue to file complaints daily till this is fixed.


I have another lockout, this is my second one, the first one was because I sprayed perfume. Had to pay the 80$! Since I have had this machine, it almost always tells me to stop blowing each time it retests me. I am not even blowing in it. It does this until I pull over and shut off the car and then restart the car. This causes me to be late for many things such as work. I've called and asked someone about it and they say it should stop when I get my machine calibrated. Well it still happens. I got to work today at 7am and didn't leave till 7pm and somehow in that time I got a lockout. What the heck! Now I have to pay another 80$?

consumer service and faulty equipment they want me to pay for

This is hands down the worse company when it comes to customer service. Numerous times i called and these people seems like they have 3rd grade mentally and a college degree in being obnoxious. This was the icing on the cake. On April 8, 2018 i spoke with a person name Nate from Collection and it seems that this person was in a very bad mood and unleashed out on me. After the fact that i ask for a supervisor and he told me "No" and hung up on me. I have the recording of our conversation and will be releasing it on social media. I called back April 12, 2019 got the same person Nate and he was rude again. After i ask to speak to a supv he told me no and hung up again. These actions should not be tolerated in a workplace and this company should have a class on how to talk to customers.
They faulty equipment is the reason why my car got towed but that's another story

ignition interlock device/crooks

I received a notice for installation from these Jerks after getting a DUI and they made it look official so I called.My DUI ticket was from 12/03/18, my court date set for 04/02/19 and my dmv hearing 03/14/19 and I made this call on JANUARY 23rd 2019.They told me that I needed to get this thing installed right away, I gave them the dates I have with dmv and court they said I had to do it as soon as possible(LIE) so I made an appointment and had to change it not knowing that they were charging me even another $40, so then I show at the appointment they installed it(piece of crap).Installer tells me to take the Certificate to the dmv, I head home first set up an account and find out about all there hidden fees, then I find more complaints about them that I could possibly read them all and to top it off these creeps wanted me to sign an agreement that would last a whole year(who made that decision for me)and I have an incredibly hard time trying to work this piece of junk.So as of now I want this thing out of my car and see what the judge says and I still have NOT signed the agreement nor have I taken the certificate to dmv, tried to contact them through their help center(no reply)and I e-mail them(no reply)and have tried calling the DMV Mandatory Actions Unit with no luck.Someone please contact me if you have any advice this thing has to go!!

  • Updated by ticketydo · Mar 21, 2019

    Oh and I've darn near blown my brains out trying to use it, a rolling check nearly made me wreck and so I haven't been driving it!

breathylyzer malfunction and misinstalled

I just installed an interlock device. It had a camera and gps device installed with in. I never agreed to...