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Ingles Markets complaints 93

Ingles Markets - Pharmacy / Hiawassee, Georgia

I went to the drop off window and stood for several minutes (only one there), another gentleman came up to the pickup window and was served immediately. The pharmacist (Kimberly), shouted hatefully...

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Ingles Markets - Riceworks

I bought these products and had not noticed a "warning" on backside... Since when does ingles make a dollar off consumer with such a product that states it contains a chemical (acrylamide) known to cause cancer. And knowingly (fda) has allowed since a certain amount is ok... That's like saying a little cyanide won't kill you the first time! Companies, distributors, importers, etc... Simply do not care what havoc they create for the "little" people if they make a dollar... And trust me, ingles makes that dollar! Since when does one box of honey grahams cost $4.98... But, if you buy one get another... That's a joke, one box does not cost $4.98... Trick advertising.

Desired outcome: quit carrying food items that have WARNINGS due to cancer causing chemicals!

Ingles Markets - Lack on registers open

I shop for my groceries exclusively at Ingles. When I was in high school, I worked as a bag boy, stock boy and cashier from [protected]. It helped me go to the University of Georgia where I graduated. I love and appreciate this company. However, customer service has left the building.
I shop in Toccoa where there are 6 checkout lanes. There are rarely more than two open. There are self checkout (2) which are sooo slow, especially if someone has alcohol. You will loose business with people standing around with ice cream melting. I am not exaggerating ! This happened yesterday.

Desired outcome: PLEASE put the customer service person on a register.


Ingles Markets - Starbucks

Again Ingles Starbucks in Burnsville NC has let coffee fans down. 4-16-21. Usually an every week or 2 occurrence. Espresso machine down!!! Is anybody listening, instead of putting more Starbucks in other Ingles, maybe give the stores you already have some equipment that works. Other stores have 2 machines that way if one years up then they would have at least 1 machine. This is why some many of the Starbucks employees leave.
Can you please fix this!
Crystal Whitson

Desired outcome: New machine and an additional one


Ingles Markets - Ingles employees making up their own rules regarding returns

Ingles employees making up their own rules regarding returns
Night supervisor at the ingles in Weaverville North Carolina basically told me they cannot except a return where a receipt was provided it was within the same day purchased and he said you have to take it to the store that you got it from with a smart attitude and a smirk on his face which I feel is completely unprofessional and I will never ever give that Ingles any type of business again That is so unprofessional he should not even be able to work in the public with an attitude and people skills that he has

Desired outcome: Somebody needs to take action in higher better employees who are professional not rude and racist

Ingles Markets - Starbucks

My friend is employed at Ingles #436 within starbucks. She is part time, but currently being forced to work 9 days straight with over 40 hours. The starbucks does not even have a manager currently. They're constantly out of product. She is over worked, under paid, and guilt tripped by what I believe may be the assistant manager (his name is Brady). She requested to be off to spend the day with her step daughter, he approved it, then scheduled her anyway while he made himself off that day. When she mentioned it, he was angry with her. They do not treat employees like humans. More like machines. She needs a raise and a couple days off. This is illegal as she is part time being forced to work full time with NO benefits!!! Fix this immediately!

Desired outcome: Fix this immediately

Ingles Markets - Managers wrongfully banning me

My boyfriend had bought a drink at ingles and told me to refill the drink so I didn't know there were no refills allowed the manager had come in the dining room at 8 to close up and told me I poured...

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Ingles Markets - Customer service - cashier rude / ingles card

I shopped at store #201 in Spartanburg, SC on March 24, 2021. I purchased quite a few items that were on sale and/ or BOGO with your Ingles card. I got in line and when Wanda asked if I had an Ingle...

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Ingles Markets - 3 Cheese Italian by Organic Valley

I bought a package of this cheese just an hour ago at Ingles in Knoxville, Tn (Karns location on Oak Ridge Highway). The cheese was moldy but I didn't notice until I dumped in on my lasagna. It ruined a pound of organic beef, a whole spaghetti squash, a jar of Mezzetta Italian Plum tomato sauce, a container of Laura Lynn ricotta cheese, and container of Laura Lynn shredded Parmesan along with the Italian Cheese being unusable. It was a lasagna so it was all layered together so I had to throw out the entire dish.

Desired outcome: Refund or Store Credit to remake this dish at a later date

Ingles Markets - Customer service manager. Nate James

I came to your store on 3/13/21, I purchased I would say $30.00 in gas, I dropped my card I then called the store they were able to transfer me to Ingles gas station. The lady that I spoke with told...

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Feb 27, 2021

Ingles Markets - produce

the produce, especially at the South Post Rd. location in Shelby is disgusting. It always looks old and I can always find mold on items. I have found outdated items on your shelves as well. Additionally your cashiers, especially at the self check out are always on their cell phones.

I will be happy to start snapping photos to send for proof.

This store never has a good selection of cheese and the deli department is lacking in Boars Head selections. I would just close the store or hire
a new management team.


Ingles Markets - Sales prices are not correct

In one week time I shopped at two different Ingles... Franklin NC store on Georgia Rd, and the one in Sylva NC... Numerous sales items were ringing up as regular price during my self checkout. All...

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Ingles Markets - Store manager Ellijay GA., rudeness

Mr. Hudgens, rudeness Went I go into the store if he knows you he acts like you don't exist. He will speak to other people around you but you or me. And if I speak to him all I get is a smart...

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Ingles Markets - Ingles shredded cheddar cheese

I have had so many issues with the OTeen ingles in east Asheville. People have forgot my groceries, charged me extra money, and just have been plain negligent to the store and the produce. Today, I...

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Ingles Markets - Store manager anger issues

The Ingles store on highway 24 in Anderson, South Carolina, with the store manager named Mike Sherman, is a concern to me as a customer. I just witnessed the manager rushing up on two female...

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Ingles Markets - Car wash/co-manager

I recently waited in the car wash line for 25 minutes and paid for my wash. When my turn came the car wash displayed a message on the payment box that the car wash was now closed. I then had to go...

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Ingles Markets - Cashier Anna

I was in Ingles yesterday 1/14/2020 with my daughter and grandchildren. My 2 year old grandson has autism and gets overwhelmed in crowds so he was crying and getting very upset. This Anna girl kept...

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Ingles Markets - Store policy

It frustrates me to no end the non enforcement of masks in your stores. The employees almost never have them on and no one even tries to enforce customers to wear masks. You have these up beat psa over the store radio and then don't enforce any of it. It is virtue signaling that Ingles cares while allowing irresponsible customers to endanger their employees and other customers.

And it irritates me to no end the “sheeple” mentality around these damn masks! You are so blind that no matter WHAT FACTS are shown to you that MASKS DO NOTHING your just a lost cause! Stupidity runs like wildfire in this area just a bunch of fearful sheep... shut the hell up or shop somewhere else... NOT WEARING A MASK is normal idiot! Shop from home if you afraid!

Aug 07, 2020

Ingles Markets - The store is horrible in everyway

This store is not clean, buggies not clean & broken. Also the workers that should be unpacking boxes are standing around talking bout there night. While us the customers are trying to get what we...

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Aug 03, 2020

Ingles Markets - False advertising

Rockmart GA Why does Ingles put signs up advertising a reduced sale price, 2 for 1, half price, etc &at check out it rings up full price😠😠😠. This happens to me all the time & when you tell them...

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