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If I could give a 0/5 I would. I placed an order from Price Chopper on 3/13/20 at 7:40pm for pick up...

Slingerlands Online Shopping

co-worker bullying and treat them fair

If shift supervisor and another teammate is talking about cashier they should not do it where the person can hear it. They should have talked to her face to face. No one should feel like they are not good enough when they are. Especially a minor.
The cashier was doing them a favor my staying two extra hours. Cashier felt like it was a set up so the co-worker can get her in trouble. Trying to say the cashier who had someone to bag for them. Let a customer walk out the door without scanning things on bottom of cart. It never happened. The bagger and the cashier said it wasn't true. If the co-worker notice why did she say something at the moment instead of letting the customer continue walk out the door with it.
There lot favoritism that goes on there. Manager daughter who is a minor get more hours then anyone else especially the people who been two years. The one cashier who minor has help on escan was told she wasn't allowed. But the manager daughter can. If your cashier and ur not in the group then you are not talk to and made to feel uncomfortable
There employee that does way more then then they should for there grade. This company dont believe giving rise to people that deserves it.
I don't see how any of it is right. Talking about the back stay rude things treat unfairly. Not every once in a while it's every day thing. I use to love coming there and now I hate it coming.
Why does manager daughter get treated way better then everyone else.? If family going to work together should be in different dept


I won't go to Price Chopper. The Syracuse Erie Blvd. E. store is a combat zone. The store personnel are almost all great but enough of the customers are racist thugs it just isn't worth it. They use handicap spaces without placards and the electric shopping carts like carnival rides so disabled people can't get them as needed. If anyone objects they become the target of racially based verbal abuse and even assault. Another indication of how bad things have gotten is that an ad for bail bonds is on the bench outside the entrance. Panhandlers menace customers in the parking lot. The customer service representative couldn't care less about this.

Things like this very rarely happen at Wegman's.

This isn't about black people; my late wife of 26 years was black. It's about thugs and low-lifes driving away customers. Price Chopper claims they're helpless to protect customers. What they really mean is that they're afraid of the thugs and too cheap to hire security.

overcharged on item

Yesturday, Friday, February 1, 2019, I have purchased 2 packages of Quilted Northern toilet paper at Price Chopper in Chatham, N.Y.
The shelf sticker price was $3.99 each. After checking my receipt, I noticed that it was rang up at $4.49 each. I went to the office to get my 2 packages of toilet paper FREE and a $2 off coupon on my next shopping order. I always got my items free whenever there was an overcharge. I was told that the company is not doing that anymore. Since when?
After my groceries purchase, I always step aside and check my receipt.
There were times when I got home, checked my receipt and had to drive back to Price Chopper because I was overcharged on an item. One time, as I recall, I bought package of beef that was over $8.00. I got charged for it twice. WOW, that was over $8.
What exactly is the company's policy on OVERCHARGE. I believe, that I should get my 2packages of toilet paper for FREE. I should not have to stand on the side and check my receipt every time I do my grocery shopping.
Also, why am I being told that there is an extra charge to have my meat ground. Is that also a store policy? The butchers at Shop Rite are very helpful and are willing to do it for free. Waiting to hear from you. Helen Koziol

  • Be
    BEnchboy Feb 02, 2019

    Instead of begging for freebies why not get a job so you can afford to buy toilet paper.

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turkey order

I ordered a fresh Plainville turkey breast from Price Chopper in Oneida NY approx. 3 weeks before...

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job threat

I've been working in this company for about 2 years on and off. And I've had no problems until just recently...

deli service

my son his girlfriend and I were in your 218 Delhi price chopper and wanted to get subs . we asked employee...

cake mix

August 5, 2018 I asked customer service if they could order Duncan Hines Perfect Size Lemon Bliss cake mix...


So on may 30 I was waiting to cash my check for about 35 min so I notice the frustration on the cashier face...

pics, fresh frozen peas & carrots

I was eating my dinner after it was cooked, and I went to throw a spoon full of veggies in my mouth when I...

special newspaper coupons /not included in weekly flyer

On Monday, August 17th, 2015, I did my weekly grocery shopping at the new Market Bistro in Clifton Park, NY. I spent $180.00. My mom also shopped that day spending $125.00. Two days later I'm reading the Gazette and see a three coupons, $5.00 off if you spend $40.00, and two coupons that would double any mfr. coupon you may have. They had exp. dates of 8/22/15. I called the store and placed the complaint that these coupons should be included in the weekly flyer and I felt it's deceitful to the customer like myself who spent approx. $200 weekly that I have to come upon a random coupon in a newspaper. The store did give me the $5.00 back as well as my Mom but I shouldn't have had to make a second trip back. My complaint is all coupons should be made available to all customers in the weekly flyers. It's deceitful otherwise to all shoppers. Not everyone gets a newspaper.

  • Dr
    drqangel5 Aug 20, 2015


    Apparently you had access to the coupon you just found it too late, such is life. Not everyone gets the weekly either. Do you plan on paying for the additional cost of printing way more coupons than is necessary, many of which will not be used? I suggest looking on the internet, and checking the paper before your next shopping trip for more coupons than what you can find in the weekly and stop complaining about what others should be doing for you. You have to shop somewhere, maybe go somewhere that doesn't offer coupons.

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I purchased a roaster chicken yesterday and went to wash and prepare for supper today. Unfortunately I spent...

3 comments Pawlet Food

being lied and ignored

Trying to buy flowers at price chopper in Bristol Ct, because of broken liquid soap on the floor I fall and couldnt breathe from pain, none of the "associates" tried to help me get up. ThankS to some costumers after 15 min I pulled myself together and filled out a report as the procedure goes, they send it to the headquarters and told me to wait. I recived a letter from them that wanted more details and the hospital report, that i had to go because my whole spine moved from me falling on my bottom, and i stayed two weeks on painkillers, lond story short, after six months of waiting and the hospital wanted me to pay the bill, i called price chopper and they had the guts to tell me that the floor wasnt dirty, no one witnessed the fall although the store's shift manager was there, and the store is not reliable for what happened, they don't want to release the report and told me that do whatever you want, we dont care. no security cameras can be released and no report, store policy. . . i have never felt more insulted and abused from such people (Chris Mara) . i am not trying to sue and make money, i just wanted them to pay the hospital bill, because i have no insurance and i am stuck with 1500 $ to pay. . . Shame on Price chopper. . and the who represent them. . . ! shame shame shame

recieved not one thank you...

I held a position at Glenmont store #196 for several years as a seafood clerk. While there I was made aware...

Glenmont Other

12 pack-tastes like tin and smells like tin

My family and I have been shopping at the l/placid store from the time it opened!! Met many golubs on opening...

Lake Placid Food


I waited at the Deli Counter for almost 1/2 hour. When it was finally my turn I ordered 1 lb sharp chedder cheese. she started to slice it on the same slicer she just used for Ham. I asked if she could use a different slicer. She said no they were clsoing at that was the only clean slicing machine. That is disgusting. I walked away.

  • La
    latic s anthony Oct 21, 2011

    My name is Latic. S Anthony. I live on Delaware. Ave I lost money I was giving names and number's. To call l fill so helpless I am happy I can complain on the computer and might do it often

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  • Sp
    spi8ders Apr 04, 2012

    Why is it the over night team can stand right at door to smoke. Move 20feet away give some respect to people please

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use of advantage card

I was shopping in Williamstown, MA, Wed, 052511, I wanted to put the items I purchased, on another advantage card. When I went to pay, the computer said the check and card did not match!! I gave the teller the card, and wanted credit to go to that card. I was not allowed to do that. I can understand the security checks for use of cards, I was not trying to missuse the card or do anything illegal, I believe this check on use of the card is bogus!!! I showed her my ID, advantage card, and was still not able to use the other card!! I spend about $1500.00 a mounth at price chopper, and have for 37 years!!! I might have to shop at Wall mart, and Hannaford now!! VERY UNHAPPY!!! James A. Higby II Saratoga, NY. [protected]

pricing and specials

I was in the West Lebanon store yesterday. First of all I brought my coupon with me to purchase the coke...

2 comments Lebanon Food

deceptive marketing

I was at Price Chopper this past weekend. When you walk in the door (next to the floral department) they have that big wall of sale items. This day they had cereal, 4 boxes for $5. Great deal, right. There were 6 different kinds there to choose from so I picked out 4 boxes and continued on. My daughter decided to get some as well so she went to the wall. She, being sharper than I, read the fine print on the sale sign. Out of the 6 different kinds of cereal displayed only 4 of them were on sale. I thought this can't be true, why would they display the kind that wasn't on sale with the sale brands. So, I went to the customer service desk to verify that my daughter was being illogical. The girl behind the counter wasn't sure so she paged someone. As we were waiting for a return call the store manager walked by so she asked him. To my surprise, he said that, in fact, only 4 of the brands were on sale. I asked why he would display the others with the sale items if they weren't on sale. His exact reply was "because that's the way our marketing department told us to do it." Hmm. Really? Sounds like deceptive advertising to me? Blatant deception! This is not the first time this has happened at Price Chopper. I have noticed it many times in the past but I always gave them the benefit of the doubt. I grabbed the wrong item, they were stocked incorrectly, things like that. But, this day, I was flat out told that they purposely display the items in a way that, in my opinion, is deceitful. They are expecting shoppers to do exactly what I did, assume that an item is on sale because it is mixed in with the sale items. Most of the time I never even look at my receipt. I assume, again, that they are being honest. That was my mistake. But it's one mistake that I will not repeat. Not only will I NEVER shop at Price Chopper again, but I am also reporting this, along with the photos I took, to the Attorney General, the Better Business Bureau, Consumer Affairs, and any other organization I can find that might be able to put an end to this deceptive practice. Of course, this is only MY OPINION.


I will never shop at the Price Chopper that just opened up in Warwick, NY on Rt 94"EVER AGAIN"!!! I stopped...