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rude behaviour of the immigration office

I went to Malaysia in a 3 days holiday from 12 to 15 December 2019. I arrived at Kuala Lumpur Airport on 12 December at 6:45 pm by Malaysian Airlines Flight MH122. I was accompanied by my wife, my 10 years old daughter and 7 month old son. We went to immigration counter at about 7:30 pm. The Immigration officer's name was Adam. We gave him 4 passports. He did immigration first of my daughter and wanted her to stand outside the immigration desk. I told her that we are a family and my daughter is only 10 years and if my immigration is done we can go together. The Immigration office started using rude behaviour and told me abusively that this is not your country. He informed that the law in Malaysia is to do immigration one by one. I told him that my daughter is a minor girl and I can't leave her alone but he wanted to take us in his office. After a long flight from Sydney with one kid and one infant we were too tired to go to his office and I agreed to do the immigration one by one leaving my daughter alone crossing the immigration desk and waiting alone. My daughter was so scared by the abusive behaviour that she was crying alone there. We spent a fair bit of time in the airport before going to hotel. My daughter was crying the whole time due to the incident. I was so upset that I decided that I will never come back to Malaysia again but during my three days holidays we met some wonderful people in Kuaa Lumpur that changed my perception and I would like to visit again.

My query is - is it a law that a minor girl of 10 years old to do immigration alone, not with Father or Mother? If yes, that could have been explained politely, not in a rude and abusive behaviour.
I do like that my complaint is reviewed by the relevant authority and the result of the review and any action is shared with me. My email is .
Kind Regards

custom officer name fadhilah

I wish to complaint against a very rude Custom officer name Fadhilah
Myself plus my 2 daughters, my son in law and my grandson was entering JB on 11 Nov 2019... and we were attended by the said officer. Me and one of my daughter was holding our handphone. She shouted out at us ... Eh handphone kau tu simpan eh!
Is it necessary for her to shout? So rude!

rude af officer at jb customs

Traumatic experience at JB immigration customs today which almost got me kicked back to Singapore.

After I gave the officer my passport, my mum sent me a text which I just glanced at before the officer told me not to use it. So listening to him, I off my phone and held it and waited for my passport to be returned.

Suddenly the officer raised his voice screaming damn loudly asking "DO YOU WANT TO GET YOUR PHONE CONFISCATED". My phone screen was black at that point since I wasn't even using it (but he assumed I was still using it because I was staring blankly while waiting) So I gave him a shocked and confused look saying 'Huh? But I'm not using my phone, you said don't use so I turned it off? ' Then he stood up and slammed his hands on the table, hit the glass shouting if I didn't listen to him he doesn't want to chop my passport and ask me go back to SG (all the while shouting, not once a nice proper conversation like a well bred man)

Then he forced me to follow him to a side door which leads to the way back to Singapore and ask me to get the hell out. At that point I felt so wronged so I explained again that since he asked me to not use my phone I didn't and turned it off and placed it in front of me on the counter. He then kept shouting and pointing his finger into my face saying that he doesn't like me to talk back to him (when all the while he was the one shouting and making a scene while I was just talking at a normal voice)

I was too traumatised to get his name but he was a young malay guy not tall (quite short) with side sleek combed hair. Looks friendly at first but looks are definitely deceiving.

the way we were treated by the immigration officer at penang int. airport

My wife and I arrived at Penang Int'l airport on 24th June 2019 on Air Asia flight AK1722 from Singapore which arrived at 1505hrs. We weren't happy with the mannerism of the Immigration officer in booth 13 or 14. She was a slim built Indian lady.
We were ushered forward by the officer by using her index finger (like a hook) as though we were kids who had done something wrong. Please note that we are both retired and in our sixties.
There was no verbal communication between us. She just pointed to the camera and also to the finger printing machine. We tried having a conversation but to no avail.
Please note that I studied in Alor Star back in the sixties till 1970. I can speak Malay, Tamil and English.
This isn't the way to treat a traveller who has flown from London to visit my friends and relatives in Malaysia.

We came back on the 8th of July after a short break in Malaysia, arrived at KL airport and the service there by the immigration officers were great.

We both were deeply offended and annoyed by the treatment we received at Penang International airport on our initial visit to Malaysia.

Mr & Mrs Tarumarajan

malaysia immigration

I had a bad experience with Malaysian immigration( malacca) who treat very bad with foreigners. There is all officers are some. They are abusing and beat the foreign. Even all bad officer known about this but onbady take action. The comp machap umboo is very bad it's too. If some one not feeling very they not give madition to us.. it's infections on baby

malaysia immigration

evisa for sri lankan passport

Hi I applied for an E-Visa with and was rejected without a reason. I have re-applied and was told that it would take 48 hours for my visa to be completed. My visa was directed to the Malaysian embassy in Nigeria on Monday 8th July at 2am. Today is Wednesday and it's 1300 hrs and still not heard anything from the immigration.
1. there was no reason for my visa to be denied as everything was present when applying.
2. the holiday is completely paid for and I am supposed to fly out tonight for a family re-union as family members from all over the world will attend.

Could some one please get in touch with me or help me as I am desperate. I am a lecturer and have taken a special leave to attend this family function. The services of the Malaysian Immigration have not to any one my emails

Please help

I am complaining about my visitor

Hi Sir,
This is Rahul varma, I am working in Malaysia from past 4 years. I have invited my relative to visit me, when he is applying for a evisa I gave him the invitation letter as well, they considered it and approved the visa, after his arrival immigration officer denied his entry into Malaysia without any enquiry. I am really feeling bad on this process. He is 23yrs old and his name is JUMPANA RAJA MANI TEJA.
He is an IT employee in India and this kind of treatment is very bad and I have a complete respect on Malaysia that they will do the perfect justice, it may be a small issue for you to put him in immigration room for two days without any contact, but we all our family are feeling pitty on this process which is never expeceted, when he applied for the visa, they asked for the letter and I gave a invitation letter that I will be shouldered all his responsibilities in his compete stay, without enquiring the inviter or without enquiring anything how these officers will take the decisone and deny him for the entry, I am working hard for the local malaysians for their digital improvements but I am facing these kind of issues for inviting my family.
He is already facing problem in KLIA2 with the immigration from (11/05/19)How come you all take decisions without any legal enquiries if you approve the Visa with my invitation letter.
Better go and catch the criminals, instead of blaming innocent people.

Looking forward for changes, I don have any chance now to resolve my issue.

Thank you.

Rahul Varma

(urgent) some problem system for immigration department of malaysia

I am a master of segi university, my passport is e11967513, my name is wu yuntao. I was applying phd course...

unable to retrieve lost camera - email subject "gts04035-03/2019/ah"

Hi Team,

Let me explain you the incident, We (Myself and spouse) boarded the flight from Melbourne to Bangalore routing KL international airport. We deboarded flight in KL on 30th March 2019 8:06 pm local time and took Skybus to gate 2 (G2) as per the schedule we reached G2 and placed our belongings in the tray and successfully completed the security check for our flight MH0192, "Here we picked our jackets, spouse shoes, two handbag" but we missed to pick up our camera Nikon DSLR (black bag). Please find the attached boarding pass of myself and spouse. If not at the security check we were waiting in the waiting area before boarding flight. And also flight attend promised me that she would assist the team to help to find my camera. I request you all to please go through the CCTV footage and try and find out the camera I had browed from my friend for the trip. Kindly treat this as a priority issue and do the needful.

Pramod BR

klia immigration clerks very rude behaviour

I was going home with my disabled sister and her husband today 19 JUL 2018 . on SV 835, my sister is on wheelchair and it was booked from reservation . We always travel to Malaysia this is the first time we have encountered such a poor attitude and very rude immigration staff .the wheelchair and the accompanied family should check through fast track counters too for humanitarian purposes obviously, it's know around the whole world.
so we and my sister was led by the wheelchair porter, to a fast track immig counter. so no salam alikum or hi, he just shouted only wheel chair, the other goes with the norm in meaning . or let me rephrase it in malay "kereta sorong saja, kalau macam tu semua orang tolak wheelchair je!" in a very rude angry voice, i respected that this is malaysia and i have to be a good tourists. and i believe that Malaysians are not like this. they are better than this, this kind of public officers should be shame on Malaysians.
so my poor sister had to wait for us finishing the long line for aporx. 45 min .
now you tell me is this right? what if she needed something and i am stuck in q.

notice : i hold the right to keep all documents and recordings for my usage against your officer and will be using it in a court of law if response not received.

Illegal stay & work of vietnamese girls

dear sir,

I would like to complain about some Vietnamese girls which holding fake student pass and fake document to work at PINK PUB which near Jalan Banda 17 at Kalau Lumpur Puchong. These girls stay at Unit A-9-2 Kinrara Condominium, Jalan Mas 1, Bandar Kinrara, 582000 Kalau Lumpur.

This house was rent by a man who named Hoh Leo Wai and one of the vietnamese girl named Ho Nhu Thuong. Total there's four Vietnamese girls and two Malaysian men. Suspect they taking drugs inside this house.

I have informed the owner of this house since earlier on but she didn't take any action. Please take note that the vietnamese girl named Ho Nhu Thuong will be going back to Vietnam soon and she will bring some other Vietnamese girls come back to Kalau Lumpur to work again. Hope the police & immigration of Kalau Lumpur will do something and take action as soon as possible.

Thanks with gratitude.

Illegal stay & work of vietnamese girls
Illegal stay & work of vietnamese girls
Illegal stay & work of vietnamese girls

  • Updated by Jaymus · May 13, 2017

    dear sir,

    I would like to complain about 2 Vietnamese girls which holding false student pass to work at Malaysia Kalau Lumpur now and prepare to come to Singapore work soon.

    Please take note that this vietnamese girl (left photo) her name is Ho Nhu Thuong and her passport will change if she intend to come here work. She came to work in Singapore about 8 times in the past few years and maybe she will apply for work permit to work for any pub.

    Hope the immigration of Singapore will take action if this girl come Singapore.

    Thanks with gratitude.

Is this correct

Confucian Private School
To CARL ROE Mar 27 at 2:21 PM
Dear Carl Allan Roe,

I have received the signed copy of the contract letter, which confirms your agreement to the terms and condition of this job offer. You may arrive here in Malaysia one week before your starting date.

Concerning your Malaysian complete working documents and flight ticket, contact the Malaysian Immigration Consultant office in Kuala Lumpur to process your two years working visa, Malaysian teaching certificate, National Id card, Insurance/Tax clearance and flight ticket.
Below is the Immigration office contact details; all your documents will be processed in Kuala Lumpur and the Immigration office will send it to you via courier delivery company.
Malaysian Immigration Consultant
Email: [protected]@
Mr. Mansur Jugal Kishore (Head of Immigration Office)
Do not hesitate to contact me if the Immigration office needs any information or document from our school.

We do not have dressing code, modest dress would be highly appreciated. Our School Management will provide all the materials and textbooks you need to teach our students. You will receive all the materials, textbooks and timetable when you arrive in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Is this correct

  • La
    Language Tutoring Jun 24, 2017

    It is fake, I got the same email after being accepted at a school but the school was named Sunny Hill. Below is the probably fake directors name

    Mr. Chu Sing Fatt
    Sunny Hill School
    3rd Mile Rock Road, Kuching, Sarawak 93250
    Telephone: 082-46501/+608063293665
    Fax: 082-236501

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Date problem

i am afrequent visitor to Malaysia;when I purchase bank certificate of profit on 9th of January;profit i...

&hallo, boy, auto gate!!&

I would like to complaint about immigration officer from Malaysia that unfriendly and discourteousness in...



ANDREW FAUZI: [protected]
DIDEROT NGUESSON DIFFO: [protected] - fake attorney

ttn Prospective Applicant; CONGRATULATIONS !!!

The Board of Directors/Management and Ad Hoc Recruitment Panel of SWISS GARDEN GOLF RESORT & SPA, PERAK, MALAYSIA, has approved your job application to join our renowned team of workers. Please do find attached of your appointment letter. Your offer letter gives you a brief summary of the terms guiding your appointment and should you accept this offer, and then do please proceed by immediately sending us an accepatance letter accordingly. You are also advice to immediately contact our resident immigration lawyer at the following e-mail address [protected] for immediate processing of your employment/work/resident permit approval with the Headquater Malaysia Immigration Department. Do not hesitate to call the undersigned for any further directives ...Failure to contact within 3 days will be taken as a rejection of the offer. -----------------------------

Mr Andrew Fauzi (H.R Dept), Ms Seng (Admin Dept)

Swiss Garden Golf Resort, Malaysia. +[protected].


GM from Swiss Garden replay:

Dear Ms...
I have been informed by my GM Secretary that you have accepted an offer from the unknown company and have bank in certain amount to Mr. Fauzi.

Just for your information, Mr. Fauzi is not from our Company and I can say that you have been conned or cheated by him.
What I need from you is to email me the offer letter so that I can take further action and to report to the Malaysian Authorities.
I cant do much only to report the case for further action by the Malaysian Authorities.

Please keep this as confidential so that we can take action ASAP.

Please send the offer letter for me to action


Yours sincerely,

Major (B) Mohd Azmin – Human Resources Manager |SWISS-GARDEN GOLF RESORT & SPA DAMAI LAUT

Persiaran Swiss-Garden, Jalan Damai Laut, Off Jalan Teluk Senangin, 32200 Lumut, Perak Darul Ridzuan, Malaysia

Telephone : (605) – 684 3333

Transferred work visa

I had two passport book attached, my old passport book that hold my Malaysia work visa - this visa valid...

Rude immigration officer

Hi, I would like to complain about a immigration officer at 2nd link who Is a corporal and named is hafiz...

Work permit fee

Hi everyone. Under no circumstance send any money to these people. I had exactly the same email from them...